Which Is The Real Citronella Plant? Does It Repel Mosquitos?


good afternoon are these plants that

they're selling in the big box stores

marketed as mosquito repelling plants

called citronella the real deal or not

stick around and we'll let you know this

point behind me is number of the

geranium family and it smells beautiful

smells very citrusy it is marketed and I

purchased it at a local big-box store as

a mosquito repelling plant oh I can tell

you I'm sitting right next to it it does


mosquitoes are still attacking me this

plant is not what they extract the real

citronella from real took citronella oil

comes from the lemongrass family it's a

grass I believe it also comes from an

African geranium plant and those do work

I have here in my pocket

a bottle with two ounces of water and 60

drops of citronella essential oil in I

spray this on my skin this works like a

charm if you want a mosquito repellent

this is beautiful it does work very well

this plant however and I got fooled I

got to tell you this plant does not

repel mosquitoes at all it may recall

some other bugs and do some other

beneficial things for a garden but

repelling mosquitoes is not one of them

this plant and I'm going to have to read

it here because I butcher the Latin


pelargonium Sutro 'some is not a

mosquito plant a mosquito plant

essentially the real citronella is Congo

Hogan citrate tests

say that 10 times fast my pronunciation

is terrible forgive me but if you

purchase this plant in your big-box

store put it in your garden and notice

that they're still mosquitoes everywhere

that is why this plant is not the deal

not the real deal unfortunately it's

very prolific actually I bought it as a

plant about this big and look at it it's

only a couple months and it's going like

gangbusters I think it's got a little

bit of blight here but it's so prolific

it really doesn't doesn't matter so

anyway don't be fooled do not buy this

plant at the store unless you like it

it's a pretty looking plant and it's

both nice I mean it's very aromatic

especially when you rub it and break it

off but I can acknowledge this candy

here without even even doing that but if

you want to repel mosquitoes you're

going to have to get the lemongrass now

the lemongrass is not cold hardy even

though it's a perennial it will you know

come back in most well I'm not going to

say which zones

southern zones higher zones nine eight

you have to go and do your research on

that but it's not cold hardy so it's

going to die back during a frost and may

or may not come back for you but if you

want to repel mosquitoes around your

house that is what you need to get

alright appreciate it found this

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really really appreciate that thank you

for joining us and we'll see you next



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