Booker's Bourbon + Horse Soldier Bourbon


go was it coming in for a landing

to those people oh I'm Daniel Rex

Booker's Booker's we have to have done

Booker's I like bait but well remember

this is a cool thing I think okay so

there are companies like barrel bourbon

by the way this is from Harry Falkenberg

everybody wanna give us it no no no no

no he's patron saint



and bookers is not getting as much

credit as I think they deserve which is

ironic to say about a really famous

well-known brand but essentially what's

happening is they have started to do

what companies like barrel bourbon and

where they hand select single releases

and special editions and just release

with a slight variance in flavor

profiles each time yeah yeah so barrels

winning all these awards

well Booker's have started to do this

where they're releasing editions of

Booker's that are each chosen according

to the preferred preferences of one of

the people in the company okay and it's

always going to be in the the character

of Booker's but it might be a slight

variation and I think that's a really

cool thing to do never a large brand I'm

getting more of a caramel and vanilla on

this nose than I was expecting

yeah yeah this one is for Theresa would

immerse she worked in the lab in quality

control and blended batches of bourbon

with Paterno and then continued to help

with his son Fred oh so she works in the

lab yeah she just the last train today

hey come over here let's do a little

sauce doing that you like yeah all right

they need more credit for that six years

three months in one day old 77 corn 13

ride 10% malted barley Oh see I think

Booker's is one of the most there's a

lot they're underrated big brand so you

got the Booker's the Baker's the basil

Hayden and enough basil Hayden enough

and I think of those behaviors is

probably the least recognized and it was

kind of we I think we liked it yeah well

way back in the day I think we did some

side by side between those four yeah I

like the big but I think that Booker's

while really well known and sought-after

is is not getting enough credit for

creating interesting variation yes deep

colored that's yeah it's just a good

version and is that cash strength again

yes is this CEOs sixty two point nine

five percent what this smells like it

smells like the spice section and a

Cracker Barrel and the gift shop I know

what you say yeah

right all right like you can smell the

food being cooked and pancakes but they

have this case like the crafty

knick-knack yeah like old southern type

of tchotchke stuff yeah so you get the

wood floors the baked goods being cooked

for breakfast next door and then all of

the the whole thing John tried to do the

Cracker Barrel over there in Buda

yeah that's nonsense it's two bits busy

like it's really crowded it's always

crowded it's like the crowded barrel see

what I do uh-huh I just led you down

that one are you doing here all week

okay so add a little water to this

because it is no it's it's 62 point it

is a very high proof whiskey but you're

not overwhelmed by the hall the alcohols

its present and it shows up for real any

a little more wanted but it's not

kicking your ass so much just a little

that's good the sweetness subsided a

little bit and the grain came out oh

yeah with a little water that's it's a

lot more rounded and rich than that

perfumey heavy-handed kind of flavor

profile it does kind of melt those

flavors together yeah it's beautiful

melts them together the oak shows up

very nicely it doesn't go too far with

it too far with the lid eNOS by the way

a Harry get those Harry sent us this

bottle in one of those Chinese puzzle

containers right that has like a lot

wood blocks on it and then rope and ball

and things and you have to undo the

puzzle to get to the bottle right I

figured out how to do the puzzle huh you

know how puzzles are hard I think Harry

vastly overestimates the amount of time

we have more patience anyway to dick

around with the body now he thinks more

highly of us than we deserve he they'll

figure it out yeah

with a knife okay so this straight out

of the Rubicon man well once I get it


straight ahead of the Rubicon this is

like brother John with Sinskey John get

you magnificent this is horse soldier

bourbon it's named s oh it's a company

called American freedom okay distillery

I think they are on eclis from Singapore

yeah started in Florida if I remember


well so what it was was it was a group

of some of the first men to be dropped

into Afghanistan on horseback they jump

in a movie about him part of that group

founded this distillery now they did a

really cool thing which was they wanted

to create their own whiskey but while

they were building up their own

distillery right instead of just

sourcing they went to Middle West

spirits okay right which is in Columbus

Ohio and had Middle West spirits crafted

their whiskey four of them okay

according to what they wanted to create

yeah and then stay set on it so this is

two years old

whoa but it's actually a craft made

whiskey not not a just a source from

like we did from MGP a lot more

developed in just two years right I'm

getting a really nice candied walnut and

vanilla yeah I I agree completely on

those things and I really like the

walnut note to this yeah slight kind of

wax Enis

I'd already 3.5% I don't often get the

candied walnut but when I do I enjoy it

oh I like that there's a bitterness to

it that's not bad there's a bitterness

to it like like it like zesty or yeah so

I'm thinking of it like this when

something is pleasantly sour like a sour

candy yeah and you're looking for sour

because you want that to be part of the

experience right this is that kind of

salary there's a that's a barrel grain

sourness to it that's not like it's gone

off it's like it's a part of the

experience I agree that's interesting

fairly little proof of 43.5%

but it's enough to

some layers in there it's interesting a

lot very high right

they already percent right I'm gonna

reverse where the that Tang is coming

from I try a little bit of water in this

even though it's low just to see what

happens and then some honey and sweet

tea sweet tea with honey mixed in there

mmm yeah I like this it's nice

we got citrate be true on my journey of

miniatures to explore any whiskey I

tried my first peated I think I'm a con

con Maura that was the photo that the

lizard that you stepped on was I think

I'm a converse I think I'm a convert to

Pete there you go so here's the thing I

forgot about miniatures yeah we've never

really brought it up and we recommend

trying out things we always say go to a

bar that has a good whiskey slip in some

is just so hard to find miniatures with

a good selection it is

so here's the thing locally it specs all

the mentors are things like coconut rum

and tequila Jim Beam right so if you can

find a local store that has a decent

miniature selection of real whiskey

expense and I think us included more

craft distilleries should be focused on

miniatures right because it gives people

a chance to buy introduction especially

at Christmas you know like stocking

stuffers for your kids yeah you know

it'll be a good Christmas yeah

anyway I love that idea so good on you I

think if you live in an area where you

can get a selection of miniatures that's

a great way to try new whiskey before

committing to four bottles and then we

got the do you want a maker

I've got underwear older than that

whiskey now I only put that in there

because I just love that idea I love the

idea that anybody would be confident

responding to somebody else's post with

I've got older than that whiskey and he

commented on that on our post of

Macallan 18 you have like it's time to

buy a new underwear man I don't care how

clean I'm imagining this you know Swiss

cheese this users just tissue paper or

it's just hanging in like lucify eggs

from an elastic band

like there's not even the connective

pieces anymore have fun where you have

just like it a tattered hobo kilt it's

like a grass skirt but made from cotton

strips from underwear remnants all right

so these made me laugh the the horse

soldier from surprisingly I really

enjoyed and I didn't wet sure the walnut

shows up a little less on the taste than

it does the nose but it's still there

enough I like the bottle look what they

did on the cork I just wanted you to saw

yes you've been wanting to do this in

what year the exacting how did they do

the thing we're gonna have to call him

if I call him the hell up because they

did a thing we like it ah did I knock it

over oh okay good I'm going back to the

hookers though cuz here er here's to

fighting stealing and drinking you fight

me a fight for a French deal may use do

you a little over sorry and if you drink

may you drink with us hey thanks for

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