Horse Soldier Bourbon Review! Breaking the seal Ep #68

okay all right John no no and he's just

jumping protocol here oh yeah we should

have like an actual layout I feel like a

good idea

mm-hmm tonight welcome back

they already said that we're the Brits

all staying in rhythm her already said

that too tonight we review actually one

of the most requested things when I put

out a YouTube poll yeah one of the most

requested things and one said emphasize

horse soldier cat strength boom there's

a horse on that's why I make that noise

see the actual horse


so yeah oh I'm waiting the whiskey oh is

that what it was

wake up it's time to drink I think what

is this like 50 something percent

this is horse soldier cast rank okay

what's the cash train

it's from what what's the proof yeah

there's a lot of whiskey on my hand

there's a lot of whiskey a 57.1% which

is a k114 through its gonna tell you to

wake up horse soldier Reserve bourbon

whiskey legendary men legendary spirits

for didn't fire yeah uncut there's a lot

of words in front a sometime about it

whole old psyche is so much dude alright

listen this is uh from American freedom

distillery have you ever heard a more

yeah I've never felt more free than just

pull you like bald eagles should just be

screaming every time there should be

something in the bottom of pork that

every time instead of the fork pop it

like it gets air and when it gets air

makes it Eagle noise that'd be cool we

do we have a lot of Technology these

days I feel like it's possible okay so

here's the okay you're not gonna guess

anything that I'm about to say I was I

wouldn't have guessed that based on what

I smell this Bell has been open for two


this bottle we didn't even do the thing

oh this this rock tea this bottle has

been submitted slash donated Mort

donators of word I was looking for

yeah but it wasn't really came out yeah

it's been donated by David Hatton so


David Hatton sent us this bottle he

asked if we wanted to buy it and we just

bought cornerstone and like eight other

expensive things and I'm like dude I've

been counting stores yeah and so it was

like dude ruff-ruff Montebourg listen if

we didn't just buy it

all this whiskey alright I'd be in and

he goes you know what I'm sending it

anyway dude thank you sir thank you so

much this whiskey does not come to me I

don't know anything about this American

freedom salary is from Florida the

seller is what they did was now they may

this whiskey or this whiskey is made for

them this is the part I'm a little

unsure of but it's it's made in Ohio

okay this is a wieder okay holy [ __ ] I

was gonna say something like oh so you

just kept rambling and I didn't have it

there's no ride at all okay it's porn

hi corn 70 something some we if you look

back in the video you might watch my

eyes go mmm

and I thought it was like that musty

weed it smells like red apples and

caramel and I think the must is almost

like a hey yeah

look a biga maltiness to it it's not

quite there so it's just supposedly

eight years old okay that's the part

that surprised me and I smelt it I

actually like the note like it really

caramel it's different it's definitely

different it doesn't smell super floral

but there is that like no not super it's

that like antique it smells just like

anything it's not even close they're

even closer to seven yeah so alright so

um so here's the thing horse soldier is

named after after 9/11 and I don't know

that this is true I'm assuming it's true

based on their story okay I'm making

this mate I'm trusting you guys so there

were some Green Berets after 9/11 that

went out into the Middle East on horses

to deal with some [ __ ] if you don't know

just read a little bit of freedom

alrighty they're trying to spread

freedom so that that is what this is

based that's nice name horse soldier

okay because they got the nickname horse

soldier because in today's day and age

you don't go on horses those guys went

you don't hold our brains freedom for

everybody freedom just more freedom dude

that's what they did I'm a bum so here's

the thing this is that's why I like

there's a horse with the guy on the

front it is very cool

a very very cool like the bottle shape I

like the arrow with the machete slash

axe thing on the top you try it

I'm it's kind of opening up its getting

a little more floral really I think it's

a little it is floral floral then this

must be a wieder thing I don't know why

it's got that fresh smell of like like

cut flowers but it doesn't actually it's

not floral in that aspect I think that's

that greener note we're going off of

like it's a freshman no oh

freshly delicious in my mouth okay so

it's this handmade and bottled by

American freedom distillery in Columbus

Ohio and the whiskey comes from Columbus

even though they're in Florida so it

sounds like they have I'm they have to

match bills in Ohio I think they share a

distillery in Ohio or like a waging

warehouse or something that's

interesting to save the very leaf do you

think you like this is I don't be very

interesting to get into well are

foolproof yeah with this big this um I

feel like that is it translates from

nose to palate extremely well like a lot

of the exact same flavors I'm getting

out of the nose just come through and

shine on the palate I'm only living

family like it suit caramel smack the

hell out of you yeah you're like Dave I

feel like there's a little bit of a like

I don't know if it's an off note no but

it sound like the middle of my tongue

and it almost feels like a prude bird

but it's not that it's like spicy but

it's like tingly I think there's

something think they use like winter

wheat or something like that I read

winter I do know put on screen it's one

of those it's a week and I and I know it

has a name

I don't know which one it is thank you

yeah welcome now there you go no here's

the thing it's all on their site their

site all their bottles on their site

very transparent all the mass girls are


dual it's specific whatever looks like

seventies 2% corn maybe and then it says

like X kind of corn yeah and then it's

like this must we this

trying to be ever putting it out it's

definitely a wiener which is super

interesting it doesn't taste overly

complex it just tastes really good it's

nice and like it's kind of it is semi

floral I will give you this the more I

have had of it now like it's starting to

build up a little bit more but really

really strong flavors up front the proof

feels perfect on this like I do like I'm

not again overwhelmed with proof I agree

with that but it is full on three nice

and warm

it doesn't feel it feels a little short

it's okay it's not like a super strong

finish I feel like it's a delicate it

kind of fades out you're like and I feel

like the finishes on this I feel like

the finish is the simplest part of the

whole thing

yeah the POW is way more compliant

you're going to get a toasted caramel

hear me out on this go ahead this I'm

starting to understand this wheat world

right okay it's I mean in the last

minute you get a PhD and I'm starting to

understand what we doesn't whiskey we

gives things because I'm now that I'm

experiencing more wheat wheat gives

things it's a smooth spice which sounds

killer intuitive like a subtle it's like

it's like a soft massaging velvety spice

it's not like rye spice is more like

like peppery spicy maybe sometimes Cinna

minions up yeah but this is more like

it's like this gentle soft massaging

spice so I'll give you sitting the

massage chair at the mall right like

this and then when you're singing the

massage chair somebody just lays it all

that on your face and rub with it but

you probably took one or two mollies we

go to different moles I'm a real real

real big thing of that I what sprays on


I sold online 475 I think David paid 60


I'm these are thoughts I know I saw 475

online okay

online prices are so low this is one of

their first products that's really good

that's crazy so here's the thing the

theory is they went with their first

because there are other maskull's a

high-rise okay I believe what am i right

i it's not we 30 I think it's like a 22

37 think you I know that I saw I don't

remember so but I know that it's Araya

believe it's high right here's the thing

it's interesting they put this out first

okay instead of the right because their

first initial products a wieder that's

free well I feel like it's kind of like

going follow the bomb first it seems

like no leaders are more temperamental

it doesn't see when people do that often

what are we gonna say Raymond we're

gonna say 70 dead center between 1600

I'm like I said I probably said it like

nine times no but I'm a super big fan of

this should put a little counter up yeah

I think I've heard 37 that okay the more

I drink it the more I like red fruit on

the palate yeah that goes into that

velvet soft subtle spice I'm talking

about and just kind of fades off for you

and I do the proof is really on point

yeah like with the lamb I this was lower

proof I feel like this would be

disgusting so he messaged me and he goes

which one do you guys want if you were

gonna get one okay Casper not cat and

I'm like dude we would probably go cat

yeah but now that we went cask I feel

like you cut it down you're going

special reserve territory yeah my name I

think the cut ones like $40 or something

okay they would probably be yeah that's

a very very good comparison for me 107

is probably one my favorite ever

I love you auntie home special reserve

this is getting better than we're

drinking it's getting more caramel II

yeah I think that car I almost think I

get a little peach a little tiny piece

one region dude did you see the court it

says American freedom and it has an

eagle on it that's amazing

this bottle the bottle a boss if you

live in America this is your mama what's

your great my grade for this whiskey

everybody's on the edge of their seat

cut to commercial

we're back alright so my grades are

commercial uh-huh I don't have a grade

yet this is my problem I feel like I'm

forcing one out b-plus at 70 people on

that feels fair well here's the thing I

really like a boss trying to come up

with something wrong with you know

what's wrong with it my palate is not

made for readers if I'm a waiter guy if

I listen if I really like antique Allah

what do you give I'm giving this yeah

applause okay I'm gonna be more I'm

gonna stay with people

what's the problem with it nothing pure

profile judgment at this point pure

palate that's it this is a nice I think

this is far more interesting than

antique one seven B+ what's wrong with

it literally I don't have a complaint I

if it was fifty get an A I guess I don't

if I love the leaders I can give it an A

for all right there we go thank you yeah

I was gonna go hit the camera I need a

little bourbon junkies I'm Dan he's Sean

thank you for watching like comment


yeah let's uh we appreciate that a lot

about your talk makes very thing cup a

try like that I always like to say

comment but it's not actually need to

script on that title

yeah good title on the car okay some

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