Kuru Quantum Mesh Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis And Heel Pain Review


hey everybody hope you having a great

day and today I am doing a review on the

Guru quantum shoe I look forward to

getting into the shoe first just wanted

to talk about the company of you've

never heard of kuru the way I found

about kuru I thought I saw it a while

ago on the internet but I have plantar

fasciitis heel pain not only on my right

foot but then it got to my left foot and

it's been going on all year so

frustrated I'm getting orthotics for my

shoes but really really been struggling

to find a shoe that I could get

comfortable with and you know anytime

you order on the internet it's never a

fun experience because you don't know if

that products gonna fit so what's great

about kuru is one they have excellent

service been great but - they have a

great policy where you could send the

back you try them where around on carpet

keep them in new condition and then they

just don't work for you you could send

them back they also have quite a variety

of styles and also widths now I went

with the wide version on these I wear

two II and I'll talk about the fit and

everything here as we go along I want to

talk a little bit about the company just

to give you a little bit of knowledge

about the company and then I'll talk

about the shoes so as I said I am

getting orthotics with shoes so they're

helping me a good bit but hopefully with

the addition of the orthotics will help

they do have some nice insoles and I'll

I'll explain that as we go into the

innovation of the product so first of

all let me just share with you about the

company and kuru why we believe in them

in the power of dreams change lives

they're based in Salt Lake City and

they're independently owned and web

driven so they try and cut out the

middleman to save us money by the way if

you click on the link in the link it's a

special link that

we'll save you and give you a $10

in-store credit how would you like to

have $10 savings on your order so that's

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benefits you it also benefit me on a

future purchase so make sure to click on

the link I'll put the code in case you

need that and then once you click on it

you have to register as well so just to

let you know about that all right so it

started from a childhood dream developed

in the birth of kuru and the launch of

our direct consumer model in 2009 since

then thousands have experienced unique

style superior support unimaginable

comfort in kuru we continued to find

Footwear should we feel relentless focus

on innovation and commitment to endless

comfort so there's more information I

don't want to bore you too much on the

video but very very cool they've got a

lot of you know cool technology that's

within the shoes and I'll go into that

after I want to give more into the shoes

so I know that's probably why you came

here to learn more about the the shoes

now this is the quantum and it does come

in a number of different colors in fact

let me tell you the the colors that it

comes in so this color that I have here

this is the this one is called the

cobalt cobalt blue and charcoal lime

they also have plaque let's see the one

that I got is the black here this is the

black and slate but they also have say

so they have one two three four five six

total of six colors so you can click on

the link and then once you go to men

shops then you can learn more about the

different colors so first of all it's

you know it's wearing them the other day

my friend goes Wow the heel is very high

I don't know what the heel the heel

millimeter height is it doesn't really

have it listed on the website it does

say true to size so if you are not a

wide foot if you don't have a wide foot

then I would say go with the standard

width if you do have like a tule then I

would say go with the two

shoo so as far as the shoe it's not

terribly heavy I don't know if it has

the weight on it but let me let me read

the description to you on the quantum so

Fitness is about getting stronger and

longer going longer we made the quantum

tumult your foots unique contours giving

you a natural fit that lets you find a

whole new level of mobility with the

light breathable material an excellent

shock absorption for max comfort the

quantum is the best trainer for walking

the gym or any other fitness activity by

helping you do more and go more the

quantum lets you connect with your best

friends to take fitness to new level so

again their breathable moisture wicking

lining and breathable mesh uppers they

have the visible Kula Sol the Allegro

midsole chat chases promises

unprecedented support for athletic shoe

good grip lightweight good good grip yet

lightweight high grade lightweight

rubber outsole delivers excellent

traction they're designed to develop in

the USA so I'll do a close-up here in a

moment and we'll talk more about the the

magic and the other the other technology

and a little bit about the shoe so first

of all the shoe is comfortable to wear

it is a wide the one area that I do have

an issue a little bit is my foot rubs

just slightly a little bit in this area

here on the shoe otherwise it does have

some flexibility to it it is a

comfortable shoe but I did find what was

interesting and I had to change the

insoles out with another insole that

provided a little bit better support

that I found I was having some more pain

even with the shoes with these insoles

once I change them with these other

temporaries that I'm using it's worked

well but I found that these insoles

absorb sweat very quickly and I was just

really amazed when I took them out and I

saw how how much sweat was on the bottom

of the insole as well as on the bottom

of the shoe

the bottom of the shoe has got like a

rubber rubberized material and again I

will zoom in to show you the shoes on a

close-up but it's got like a rubber

material and I could almost feel like

moisture underneath it so I would pull

these insoles out to let you know let

them breathe and dry out but I was

surprised about that so to me then it

seemed like they weren't as breathable

but I haven't found that my feet are

getting that hot and sweaty with the

other insoles in it so I'm not really

sure the reason for it but I did notice

that it's got a nice soft material the

the arch support especially in the arch

area here it's got a nice cushion so

these are kind of nice insoles that are

put in the shoes the other thing that

one thing which I'm not that crazy about

but it's not a game changer is this is

the length of the shoelaces this is just

I mean that's kind of a little bit

ridiculous I think that they need to

shorten them a little bit by the way

there they seem like they're just like a

nylon type of shoelace there's no

stretch to it but let me see how long

they go so I have to double knot for

some people they like to double knot but

the length

it's almost from the shoe to the top of

the shoelaces it's a little bit more

than 15 inches so that's really long

just to show you here let me actually

put the measuring tape this way so yep

it's almost 15 inches there you know

between 15 and 16 so keep that in mind

you're gonna have very long shoelace I

do like how every latch of the shoelaces

it's got the the piece in the middle to

help with the tongue although the tongue

shifts a little bit but not really an

issue I've been wearing them every day

Friday I was out walking at the outlet

store and I was doing great for a while

it was a

you know we were doing non stop walking

for probably a good hour and a half or

so and then got in the car and then when

I got out of the car my heels are really

bothering me so while they haven't

completely eliminated the pain and again

maybe with the addition of the orthotics

it will really help and perhaps

injections in my heels but they've

helped reduce some pain in the the heel

that is a by the way I was just looking

at the sole that is very thick but it's

got a lot of nice cushioning for that

impact when you're walking and it does

have a good grip on the sole so overall

I am pleased

compared to other shoes that I've worn

this is definitely been a plus the toe

box by the way it's kind of a square toe

box does have good room but again on the

side here I'm having a little bit of an

issue but all-in-all a nice shoe they to

me they don't look terribly funny I know

there's other kinds of shoes that might

help people with feet issues but I think

they're actually cool-looking and they

have a number of different colors and of

course they have a ton of different shoe

styles but let me go ahead and zoom in a

little bit just to show you close up of

the shoes and we'll talk a little bit

about the technology but again don't

forget to click on the link in the

description which would say which would

give you a $10 in-store credit all right

let's go ahead and zoom on in all right

so here is a real close-up of the shoe

so that's this side toe box and we'll

get more into the technology this is as

I shared earlier it's almost like a

square toe box you got this rubberized

insole material and we'll talk more

about the technology that is a thick so

and then the bottom there as well so

let's go ahead and dive in so the

patented improving kueh saw works with

one with nature to create the world's

most comfortable shoe so it says imagine

a shoe

like your feet to keep the natural fat

pad under your your foot healthy

promising improved positioning for a

longer more fulfilled life some of the

best minds help combine proven orthotic

support with the latest space-age

materials what resulted exceeded even

our expectations so the cutting-edge COO

is so hugs your heel it hugs your heel

in here unlike anything else that keeps

your a fat pad exactly where a nature

intended it's no wonder that by working

with nature Caruso helps you better line

it helps you feel better line and

balance for a healthier happier life so

that's that and let me share as well

with the on the shoe the insole what

they use is space-age foams that are

biometrically shaped allowing your

natural body heat to multi-or feet and

form a true custom fit and maybe that's

why I'm feeling sweat underneath and

Singh sweat underneath and then moisture

and why I'm feeling the moisture running

along the bottom of the sole so that's

what I'm thinking I'm not sure I did we

call the company they said they hadn't

heard about the issue before but again

this is what I experienced with the shoe

the cool cloud let me fly by super light

midsole foam uses advanced polymers

improved heel strike angles and uniquely

rock sole design for a smooth ride and

love your feet the heart of our cooler

sole platform this key component to the

feel good effect of kuru hugs your heel

and keeps your feet happy so there you

go this is the quantum shoe again click

on the link be sure to click on that and

then register and you'll get a $10

credit where you can order these in

other shoes so I hope this video is of

help please let me know if you have any

questions and I hope kuru makes your

experience with your plantar fasciitis

and heel pain reduced alright see you

next video thanks for watching have a

great day