Kuru Shoes Review 2021

hey everyone welcome back to another

video for those of you that are new here

i'm sarah the foot nurse helping you

prevent foot

and lower limb complications and today

we're going to review

two casual shoes from kuru


now before we get started i have to

start off by telling you that this video

is not sponsored

nor is this a paid review i decided to

buy these shoes because my patients have

been raving about how good these shoes


in supporting their feet so some of my


either have specific health conditions

or specific

foot issues and they found these shoes

help them so

i decided to go online order a pair and

try these shoes out for myself

i bought these two casual pairs to wear

to work and to go walking in so i could

test them out for myself to see if they

are as good as my patients are saying

that they are

and also to review them for you guys so

that it might help you make an informed


i chose kivy and grace because i get

back pain from being on my feet all day


let's face it i'm a bit of a shoe-aholic

and lord knows

i don't need another pair of shoes but

they were pretty cute so i bought these


now for those of you that don't know

about kuru kuru is an american shoe

company for men and women

that has designed their shoes to help

your feet keep its natural cushion

so when we walk we naturally flatten out

the fat pad found in our heels and

these insoles along with the shoe is

designed to help cushion our feet to

help keep them

healthy so i've tried out both of these


to see how they would hold up while

working and i've actually used them

to go walking in so i have my own

thoughts about these shoes and i'm so

excited to share them with you guys so

let's first start off with the price

okay so grace retails for 140 and tv

retails for 108 usd

so grace is a ballerina flat and it

comes in beige

bronze and jet black which is nice for a


because you can pair this shoe with a

lot of casual outfits

i've actually just worn it with my

nursing uniforms and it's super cute

ballerina flats just about go with

anything anyway

kivy is a casual slip-on it only comes

in jet black unfortunately

but that's okay because black goes with


and it is pretty versatile shoe so i've

worn it with jeans

adidas sweatpants and actually my

nursing uniforms

so let's now talk about comfort level

we'll start with grace

okay so i'm not gonna lie uh when i

first put on these shoes

they were not comfortable at all right

across the top of my left foot it felt

very tight but the other shoe felt fine

on my other foot

i walked around in these shoes and wore

them for a while maybe about an hour or

so and then the

left foot felt okay and the right side

started to feel uncomfortable

now when i first put my foot into these


the arch support really felt weird to me

um i guess because i'm not used to

wearing a shoe that has

our support especially a ballerina flat

so it really pushed

my foot up that it i could feel it along

this edge and that's where it did feel

sort of weird um after a while it

started to feel better but

yeah i guess for me it was the arch

support that did it great arch support

but it just

felt weird for me to get used to now

kuru sends you a welcome to the family

email reminding you of the importance of

allowing your body time to adapt to

their insoles

and to be honest i just took the insult

out of this

just to see if it would feel better and

it didn't the shoes actually felt

loose and floppy on my feet and there

was a ton of room in the back of the


without the insole it felt pretty weird

their insole in the shoes definitely

made a difference um

i think i just needed time to break the

shoes in and in their welcome email they

do state to allow a proper break-in


they suggest to wear the shoes for two

to three hours at a time in your home

for about two to three weeks

kefi on the other hand was super super

comfortable as soon as i slipped my foot

inside of it

it didn't have any issues at all um it

wasn't bulky

with socks i had a lot of toe room i

could feel the arch support but it was

not as noticeable like the insole in the

grace ballerina flat both of these shoes

fit me true to size

i'm a seven and a half and i found they

fit me very well

now let's talk about fit

tv comes in a wide fit but grace does


what i found useful about these shoes

and perhaps worth buying

is the heel support and the heat

moldable insole in each

shoe as well as the many conditions it


i was literally able to go walking

wearing kiwi

and i don't think this is really a

walking shoe but i

like i said it was super super

comfortable i walked pretty far

at a steady pace and when i was done my

feet didn't hurt at all

i didn't have leg pain i didn't have

developed blisters from breaking in

new shoes they didn't feel stiff and my

back didn't hurt

now you may not want to purchase from

this shoe brand if you have narrow feet


they don't offer their shoes in a narrow

fit and they don't offer their shoes

in a double wide width or beyond either

so cool brand starts at a b plus wide


which is their standard shoe width for

women these shoes i've purchased are a


width now for men their shoes start at a


width which is also a standard shoe

width for a man's foot

they go to they go up to a c plus for

women and a d

plus for men so this shoe would be great

for anyone with foot issues such as

heel spurs neuropathy flat feet plantar

fasciitis bunions

hammer toes heel pain or morton's


and i would recommend these shoes to

anyone who has diabetes

fibromyalgia back pain hip pain

and knee pain so overall i can see why

my patients love these shoes and why

they feel it supports their specific

foot and health conditions but hey don't

just take my word for it check out the

links to these shoes

in the description box down below you

can read the reviews about these shoes

on your own

now i hope this video has helped you out

in some way if it did and you got value

out of it please help me out by giving

it a thumbs up

thank you so much for watching guys i

can't wait to see you in the next video

but in the meantime remember to protect

your legs and feet

because they are the only pair you're

going to get