Windows 10 iPerf3 (Network Speed Test Software) Install and Demonstration

Welcome in this video. I'm going to talk about installing

Iperf 3 on Windows 10. So iperf 3 is a network testing tool and I have a couple other videos

I have a video on installing iperf 3 on a Mac and

installing iperf 3 on Synology NAS or a network attached storage

The first thing we need to do is download iperf 3

So I'll open a web browser and I'll type iperf 3 in the search bar

And you

want this iperf dot FR and

then we'll go to the download iperf binaries link and

If we scroll down I'm using window windows 10, so I'm using windows 64-bit and I want iperf

3.1.3 and I'll just click on that and

the last thing if I want to save or open it and I'll say save and

Then I'll say open the folder

So we have this compressed archive I'll right-click on that and say extract all and I'll extract it in the directory

It tells me ok. So now I have iperf 3 on my computer

I'll type in the Windows key R and

It'll open up run menu, and I'll type CMD to open a command prompt and then I will type CD space

Downloads and you can just start typing and hit tab

So if I type down and hit tab it'll finish saying downloads and then I can type in

Dir, and it'll show me everything in the directory and I'll keep traversing through these directories. So I'll type CD space I

3 and I hit tab and that'll complete it and I'll hit enter again and

Then I'll go looks like I have to do it one more time CD space I per tab. I

Type LS there because I'm a Mac and Linux guy not as used to the Windows

Terminology, but so I Traverse the directories until I got into this directory with iperf 3 exe soil type iperf

3 dot exe if I hit enter it'll bring up the help page here. I have a

Copy of this running on my Synology, NAS

Which is like a server and and I want to do a speed test to that now

so I'll type iperf3.exe space -c and then the IP address of the

Synology NAS so that's and I'll hit enter and now it will run the speed test

So it's showing I have a bandwidth here of looks like around

370 megabits per second. So I'm using a very cheap

PC it's a Lenovo laptop. And it's very slow. I'm kind of surprised

The network is a little bit faster on it, but that's the network speed

I'm getting when I do this on my Mac. I get nine hundred and some you know, nearly a gigabit

So if you want to use this you'll need a server and a client

So this Windows is acting as the client. What I'll do is I'll hit

Windows R again and open up another command window and

I'll traverse into that directory

Okay, so I have iperf open here

what I'll do is I'll open up a server here by typing iperf3.exe -s

and I'll hit enter and now Windows Defender is

Bringing up a screen here. I'll say I want to allow access. I guess that's a good thing

And if I go back over to my screen that I was running a client

I'll push the up arrow and I'll

Replace the IP address with localhost which will be so this will do a speed test from itself to itself

So if we look on the server

You see it's almost doing the same thing the clients doing and we're getting you know about 1.6

Looks like here. It says it's a 2.1 - gigabits per second

so what you can do is if you want to test your network speed you could have one computer plugged into your

Your switch like say you had one PC plugged into your switch and you could run a server on it and then you could run

Your laptop with the client and you could test your network speed and then you can do this over wireless - to see how fast

Your internal wireless is you really wouldn't want to test with two machines on wireless

Unless you were testing the speed they could communicate directly with each other

But you'd probably want one plugged in if you just so you can isolate one computer on the wireless network. This was the basics of

You know installing and running iperf3 on Windows 10 If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments

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