come down with free music on your iPhone

let's talk about that what is up guys

and welcome to my channel technology and

I'm gonna be making a video today on how

to download free song on your iPhone it

can be any song anything you know but

you can see that on iTunes songs cost a

lot and a lot of people a lot of

youtubers especially are using this

method and there are tons of videos on

this method but a lot of guys a lot of

you guys requested me to make a video on

it so here it is and I'm still making

video but why all the other youtubers

have released a video I'm sorry for

being late so basically I'm gonna be

showing you how to download free songs

on your iPhone so basically all that be

doing for that is you have to go to your

App Store first and you have a search

for I file organizer I repeat I file

organizer all right I fi le o RG a and I

SPR oh my god my camera is going to fold

alright so you can see this the iPhone

organizer oh I still have to download

this app on your iPhone as you can see I

have installed this app already so you

know I cannot take a race to you for the

time and you can see that this app is

green and colors to make sure it should

be iPhone organizer not the other apps

and tap an open once installed and you

can see this app is open now now it will

redirect you to sources and happen plus

and over here web fill pop up so you

have to tap on web but I have already

you know selected Feb so yeah select web

and then once you download the app now

you can see there are only three steps

of downloading free songs on your iPhone

now once you have downloaded my photo

organizer you have to go to your YouTube

and let me just go back alright and

search for any music you can download it

means like anything you can download

anything it can also download mp4 but

I'm gonna

taking a separate video on that you can

also download MP you how to download mp3

in today's video so as you can see there

are a lot of songs I'm just gonna be

picking a random one it's Ellen Walker's

fade it got to fifty to seventy million

views alright so let me just

all right side you can see now over here

you can see that there are light dislike

and share a select share and you can see

a lot of things will pop up like copy

link whatsapp Gmail and Google+ and

everything like that but you only have

to tap on copy link

I don't you copy link you can see there

is a copied symbol now there is no work

for YouTube you know you now you have to

go to back to your iPhone organizer as

you can see it sounds like it's a very

lengthy process but no it's only of

three steps very simple

the best method which I can find out now

you have research for let me just cancel

this up alright so it's for YouTube con

water okay so it's for Google search

okay alright once you search for YouTube

converter you can see there are a lot of

um tons of you two converters out there

you can see you have to select the first

one out the first one is recommended by

Google so it's the best one youtube

converter and download so yeah now once

you go to your YouTube it's the final

step so yeah don't panic you know

alright so you can see there are pasted

link and format now you can select a lot

of formats a lot of quality sound raping

and videos but I'm gonna be slick in mp3

as today's videos about mp3 so as you

can see the format is mp3 now and it

just have to select for paste a link

right over here let me space link okay

so paste select paste and you can see

your headset will start so I'm gonna be

timed upstairs start because there it

takes on like 50 seconds to load

sub you right back once a time that to

this video

so as you can see now once it converts

to video you have to tap on download

simply down it up and download okay so

as you can see now once you download it

up there will be of three things popping

up and download now simply and you can

change the name if you want to change

but you can just tap on ok and wants it

to happen okay you can let me just I

have downloaded a lot of songs you know

now you can see it's downloading it

Ellen Walker fade everybody back once

it's downloaded all right

and as you guys can see that it's

finally downloaded it and it stopped on

the you know so and as you can see that

this song is not downloaded and you can

also select the speed and you can do

several stuff with the player and you

can see this wasn't simplest method only

three steps first of all go to your

YouTube's share the file then second of

all go to youtube converter and convert

the video and the third step is

downloaded it it's that simple

so thanks so much guys for watching my

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one until then take knowledge and peace