Why I Bought Two New 30 lb. Propane Cylinders

hey folks ray from lovey RV calm here

again today I have another propane

related video last week I changed out

the propane detector that had expired

now I'm changing out my 230 pound tanks

in the rig I just went and picked these

up from from an RV parts place they're

brand new Worthington tanks 30 pounders

and why am i replacing them well these

old ones have to be after 10 years they

have to be wreak walla fide or some

people call it recertified or places

won't fill them so on the tank you'll

find a date code this one says oh 109 so

that was 2009 January I bought the rig

in 2011 I figured wall was made in 2010

I probably have another year or two but

recently I was getting it filled in the

hostile ad what the the date was and she

said oh it's a January you have to get

it recertified now finding a place to

recertify it's kind of hassle for for me

where I was there's easier just to go

get new ones and recertification costs

they can vary

maybe someone people can answer in the

comments what it is in their area but

some places will charge you know ten or

fifteen dollars other places as high as

forty dollars to have the tank

recertified and sometimes all they're

doing is visually inspecting it other

times they're checking the valve or

maybe replacing something in there so

but these tanks I use them a lot and

they've been filled up a lot so I

thought for the price I'd rather get new

tanks they last ten years then I get all

new hardware on them inside is a safety

valve that the tanks have so that's all

brand new so I just thought if you worth

the cost I ended up getting these

they're usually between sixty seventy

dollars I paid 70 apiece for these then

they'll be good for 410

years well not totally ten years because

I noticed they only had two left

this one says 11 2018 as its manufacture

date this one says go for 18 and so on

but they should be good for 10 years

there used to be 12 maybe some places it

is still 12 but here in Arizona where I

got them and in Canada and even on this

tank it says 10 years until you need

recertified the other thing about the

recertification a lot of times it's only

I've read it's only good for 5 years

then you have to go get it redone again

I think you can get it done 3 times but

I say it varies from from state to state

and promise to province you have to

check on that but I decided to go with

new tanks as far as the these are

portable tanks think they call it a do T

tank and Department of Transportation

there's do T up there the tanks that are

on motorhomes you know the ones that

that you see underneath the motorhomes

they're a different type of tank they're

much thicker heavier tank and I I

believe they're good you don't have to

get them recertified as far as I know

don't take my word on it but that's what

I've heard and they also though need to

be checked periodically you know make

sure they're not we had a we had a

camper van that had one in nine membre

it was getting a little rusty so I

pulled it off and and sanded and

repainted it will probably do these

before I put them on just get some my

leak solution there and put all over

there make sure I'm I just thought I'd

let folks know in case you don't know

especially if you've bought a used

camper maybe you want to check your

tanks just look for that date code

somewhere it's usually going up on the

handle here somewhere you'll find the

code and it's funny most people you know

a lot of a lot of people are you go into

gas stations and stuff and people don't

know what they're doing and they'll just

fill anything you bring in

any rusty old tank but it would be a

would be a pain if you were if you're

out somewhere and you really needed to

get your tank filled you know you run

out of propane and you got it the only

places that was around we would look at

and go sorry I can't fill this thing

it's not the proper date anyway until

next time ray from love you are be calm

cheers everyone

stay safe out there