How to get a New 20lb Propane tank for FREE.

all right good morning there YouTube I'm

gonna share a little luck tip that

probably most of you know but I'm

willing to bet some do not obviously

what you're looking at here is a loo

Rhino 20-pound propane tank which like

goes over here to my gas grill that I

use every single night of the week

because I love doing it and there's

another propane tank

I've got about eight of them I'd like to

have about six to eight 20-pound tanks

filled at all times just because they

don't do a damn bit of good empty

however they do get out of date and

there's a number of ways you can fix

that you can go to your local gas store

like we have here in town they so oxygen

acetylene propane all that type of

industrial gases they can recertify them

I think they charge fifteen bucks you

can buy a brand new tank which runs

about forty six dollars and then you

have to fill it or you can do what I do

with my tanks are out of date and I

don't want to mess around a little

yesterday for instance I went down to

Walmart I had to uh out-of-date tanks

and then the cheapest price in town

it's fourteen dollars I make forty eight

cents with this tank exchange and then

over here on the side this the

manufacture date which I tried to fill

it with a magic marker and did a crappy

job but it's Oh for of 2016 so this

tanks got another 11 years on it the new

ones are fairly easy to tell to get a

nice shiny valve on them because they're

usually painted pretty nice so what I do

is my tanks I'll go on a date the

cheapest thing to do is just go down

here and get picked up to know once the

people there don't care I just ask them

to open up the the little prison so

these guys are in and I look around for

them well they're shiny valves and you

generally get a fairly new tank and they

don't care what you give them they just

go back to the gas company the downside

of this is for

18:48 I think I think it was you only

get 15 pounds of propane

so propane weighs approximately 4.2

pounds per gallon so that was about two

roughly 20 pounds so you're getting

about one gallon less propane than you

would if you took this down to like

tractor supply where they do check the

tanks for the dates but they will give

you a full fill on your 20 pound tank

for a roughly twelve dollars depending

on where you are in Texas of course and

they will sell you a brand new propane

tank filled for forty six dollars and

forty eight cents so let's break it down

I got a brand new propane tank for

$14.48 filled I exchanged my worn-out

out-of-date tank which I got on the side

of the road for free so I got a brand

new tank for $14 and change when this

tank gets empty I'll take it to track to

supply probably for the next 11 years if

I live that long and get a fill for 12

bucks apiece and as my other propane

tanks go out a date I do the same thing

so that's just a little tip I hope you

find it interesting or at least amusing

and it's a very economical way to get

free tanks and these companies don't

care they get tanks they get so many

tanks they're tripping over so my point

is why say 40 bucks 46 dollars for a new

tank well you can take your old tank

down here and just exchange it find

yourself a nice shiny top piece brand

new valve and that's an indication that

you got a fairly new tank and again the

dates I stamped right on them and you'll

see some of the other tanks when they're

who repainted and recertified somewhere

else on them they'll have new markings

on them where they stamp the tank and

they just simply recertified and again

as I said your gas company if you have

like Praxair I think that's what we have

out here you can bring the tanks in and

drop them off and when they get around

to it they'll check and recertify them

and stamp them for $15 buck again for

1448 you go down the wally world and get


filled with propane so there's always

options but I just thought it would show

that's a cheap way to get new 20-pound

propane cylinders and like I said I like

to have six to eight propane cylinders

filled at all times and I've got another

40 pounds over here in the hobo and over

here in my type toy hauler I got another

60 pounds up front to 30 pound bottles

full you just can't have too much fuel I

don't believe especially down here in

hurricane land okay so I hope you

enjoyed that that's a quick tip in a day

I'm up thanks for watching