Value of Mandela R5 other coins

I've been asked a lot of questions about

how much these ones over and people have

asked me where they can sell these

Queens now what I always say is if you

cut your queen in circulation if you got

it in your pocket change

then your coin is worth five and it's

worth face value these coins are very

common they were struck in the millions


many you know you can you can get these

coins quite easy in circulation

I myself every D cotton I think about a

toast these coins in my pocket change

since lost yeah this coin yeah the

presidential inauguration Quinet was

struck in 1994 also as I'm and teach I'm

just using the screen as an example I

think between five and ten million of

these coins were struck

so these coins are by no means skis you

know they if you got them in your pocket

change they are worth the face value

they are commemorative concert to

commemorate something like this

commemorates Nelson Mandela's centenary

of his birth the swan commemorates is

presidential inauguration when he was

inaugurated as the first Democratic

president of South Africa and they are

piece of history but you they are only

worth what the collector will pay for

him and because these coins everybody

has them all the collectors held him

they are not skis they're only worth 5


this something like this on the other

hand that is graded you can see it sits

in a plastic holder if this is a solver

Protea rain these are this is a

collector coin it's sterling silver

it's it commemorates conservation in

South Africa it was struck in 1994 and

only I think about 4000 of these coins

were struck in silver this was sent off

to a grading company like sangs you can

see sayings of African numismatic

writing service and they they inspected

the coin and I give it a like a better

grade of Proof 66 so this is a high

grade coin

it's a collector coin it has a low

mantich it's sterling silver so this is

a valuable coin nickel-plated brass and

this is I think this is aluminum and

bronze these are not precious metals

even though they do have a commemoration

on it these are normal circulation coins

something like that you won't find in

circulation because that is a

collector's Queen so that is the

difference between your normal pocket

change and you know collectors queens

that are made from precious metals and I

hope that clears up and you shouldn't be

discouraged it doesn't mean because your

coin is not worth 50 and 100 range then

you should be discouraged these coins

you can pass on to your children one day

you can pass them on to your

grandchildren and say you were around

when Nelson Mandela was alive

and you can let some pretty nice hobby

to collect Queens and you can do it very

cheaply you don't need to spend a lot of

money because you can keep Queens from

your pocket change