Gift Card Confidential: Turn Them in for Cash

it is the season of giving so there's a

good chance you'll buy or get a gift

card but how often do they sit in a

drawer and never get used tonight the

secrets to turning them into cash and

even into making a profit here's ABC's

Linsey Janice it's the present that

almost everyone gets a gift card I love

receiving gift cards they're so popular

130 billion dollars are expected to be

loaded onto them this year they can be

used to purchase anything from a meal to

clothing one company even allowing you

to give the gift of stock in major

corporations but what if the card you

get doesn't suit you

probably regifter you may not know it

but you can turn it into cash websites

like and will

buy your unwanted gift cards and give

you cash though usually not for the

entire amount that sounds like a

fantastic idea and some malls and

grocery stores have machines like this

one making that swap for cash even

easier whether you keep your card or

trade it in consumer experts Lauren

Lyons Cole says do it soon the gift card

won't expire until five years from the

date of purchase so you do have plenty

of time to use it but you might get hit

with inactivity fees or you might lose

the gift card in fact so many of us

misplace or waste gift cards according

to one study 715 million dollars went

unredeemed last year and Tom that's why

our expert says the most popular gift

card of all is a bank card it's like a

prepaid credit card and can be used

almost anywhere Tom some great tips

tonight ok Lindsay thank you