How To Get Cash Off A Visa Gift Card | How To Get Cash Out Of A Visa Debit Gift Card

hey guys welcome back so now you got a

Visa gift card maybe we did a focus

group or the online survey or something

like that maybe somebody bought it for

you maybe it was a Christmas gift but

you want the cash you don't want to go

shopping you don't want to pay a bill

you want the cash you want to decide how

you spend the money I'm going to show

you how to do it hang around hit that

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what's going on guys argue off the dough

Media Group welcome back so now let's

say you've got a handy dandy little Visa

gift card for whatever reason if you did

a survey maybe you did a focus group

maybe had a client that faced you paid

your Visa gift card or what have you

however you have no way to actively get

the cash off of the car there's no pin

number you can't take it to a ATM and do

it withdrawal the cars most of these

recent gift cards will not allow you to

go to a bank and do a cash advance two

things that make these will be the most

common ways that you will pull money off

of off of a car however they don't allow

you to do that in most instances would

you get the cars they'll have all these

terms and conditions and how you can and

what you can and can't do with it for

all practical purposes that what we're

talking about again you will not be able

to pull cash off of it you can't

reauthorize it to pay a Netflix bill or

anything like that when it's handed to

you generally speaking what they're

looking for you to do within the Power

empowering or enabling you to do with

basically swipe the card like it's a car

and then just swipe it into until the

cash is done however most of us would

like control of the cash and I'm going

to show you how to how to get control of

the caster's on this car it's quite

simple what you need is a PayPal

business account then that difficult

don't freak out on me then that

difficult to give you basically you just

have to apply there's plenty I'm not

going to go through the process of how

you do it but again it's not difficult

to do you basically just need I think

you can do it with a social security


you obviously you can do it with the EIN

number employee identification of what

you submit your information to fade out

and set it up and you will have a PayPal

business account now the reason a PayPal

business account now I don't know there

may be other ways that you can do it

with PayPal I don't know but this is

what works for me

there's I'm sure they're more than one

ways to do it they're putting videos out

there that are saying PayPal you know

what respect to giving cash and so forth

but this way users a lot utilizes the

PayPal business account and the reason I

like it is because it's simple what you

do is this once you have a PayPal

business account established and you

will need to me email addresses for this

obviously the email address that you

registered with your PayPal account and

in a separate email because you can't

sign this but at the same time sign in

to your PayPal business account create

an invoice and that's the different one

of the major differences between PayPal

personal regular PayPal account in

businesses and you have the ability now

that other differences and so forth but

for our purposes the major difference is

the ability to send and import now what

you're going to do is create an invoice

online through PayPal as you can do it

you can do it through the app on your

phone you can do it online you're going

to create an invoice for yourself in the

amount of the of the car so if you have

$125 Visa gift card you're going to

create a employees to yourself to your

other email address or your second email

address in the amount of $125 and send

it to yourself

now with a lot of the Visa gift cards

you'll need to register because when

they set them up they set them up if

again I'm speaking more specifically

about focus groups and surveys when they

register these cards they register with

their company name and their company

address generally speaking you'll have

the website information that you go to

for the car and you'll need to go in

there make sure you can basically change

billing information from the company to

you with your address real simple so

anyone once you do that you send

yourself the email now what you can

do when you get the the email with the

invoice that you sent yourself you're

gonna pay that invoice with your Visa

gift card okay I'm going to say that

again you're sending yourself an email

with an invoice through PayPal business

you're going to invoice yourself for the

cost of the car pretty simple

pay that employees with the Visa gift


now Pay Pal depends on the cost of the

the employees that depend on the cost of

the card they're going out of course

they're gonna take a transaction fee

however is pretty close to what it would

be if you had 80 if you had a pen and

you could you know you do a cash

withdrawal so you're gonna have to pay

somewhere if it had a 18 if you can do

it you still you pay that atm whatever

the case may be so there will be a fee

so if there's 125 for example I think it

may be four bucks or something that goes

the paper so anyway point being is this

you pay the employees with the Visa gift

card the money gets transferred from the

gift card to your PayPal account at that

point you will have if you've already

established your PayPal business account

you will have a PayPal Visa debit card

now all you need to do is simply either

pay your bill do what you need to do

online however you will do it or goes to

the net go to an ATM and pull the cash

out I hear some of you saying okay

you're with you're paying two teams

you're 10 feet to PayPal initially you

need an defeat to the 18 for the ATM

withdrawal yes you are but you're

getting access to your money whereas

we've had no access to this other than

swiping it and using the desert avatar

so anyway any questions any comments

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