what's going on guys this is Mike here

with lunch break lunch today's video

I'll be showing you guys some very cool

sites to get rid of exchange or caching

gift cards and you may be asking what

are some of the best sites that you can

sell your gift cards for and this is

what this video is gonna be about and

now the reason that you want to keep

these sites in your back pocket

especially if you have washes any other

videos because there's a lot of survey

sites online that pay in gift cards they

don't pay in cash things like they pay

on gift cards but a lot of people they

don't want to gift cards you want cash

you want money that you can put in your

bank account to buy what you want with

let me show you these sites that way

when you get these gift cards you can go

to these sites exchange them or cash

them in for hard earned cash or in this

example it's your birthday or Christmas

comes around and you get a gift card to

some store that you don't want you can

go in here and exchange those to some

other store that you do want of equal or

closer value okay let's check this out

now the very first one I'm going to show

you guys is something called clip card

now clip card is it's these five that

I'm showing you they're all gonna work

the same some are gonna be better some

are gonna be worse but you can check

them out on your own time but I'm just

introducing you guys so you know they're

here now this is where you can go and

you can sign up for these accounts

they're free to sign up and you can

actually sell your gift cards or buy

gift cards so if you have gift cards you

get an example let me show you something

over here something called survey junkie

right survey pays out in gift cards okay

they pay out and Amazon they pay out and

target sometimes you can get PayPal gift

cards but let's say you do get an Amazon

gift card and you need cash right now

because you need gas you can't buy gas

with a you know an Amazon gift card

you're gonna come over to this site that

I was just showing you right here and

you were going to go in here and sell

this gift card okay and you'll be able

to go in here you know add your PayPal

account and that way you can get your

money and because if you don't have a

PayPal debit card are ready to make sure

you go to PayPal right now stop what

you're doing go over to PayPal calm and

then get a PayPal debit call because as

long as you have that PayPal gift card

it looks just like this this is what

it's gonna look like it's absolutely

free they'll send it in the mail to you

you go to any ATM where you can just use

this this is a MasterCard so all these

other gift cards that you're gonna be

you know receiving from doing these

surveys you can cash them in and sell

them on these sites and then when you

sell them you're gonna be shipping those

out or there'll be digital numbers that

they're gonna need you will send that to

the seller then you're gonna get that

money directly deposited to your PayPal

account and then you can go to the ATM

you can go get gas you can do whatever

you want this is just like your normal

debit card and you can get money or you

know swipe it so let's jump into these

other ones because sometimes you will

get more money on different sites so you

want to look around and see how much

they are selling for this site is called

clip card the next site that you can go

to is something called race race has

been around a lot longer than the other

ones but you can exchange these gift

cards that you got here as well you can

buy gift cards for yourself and save

every day

because they do not sell for face value

normally the example if you have a $20

gift card they're gonna sell for like

eighteen dollars okay the example I

looked up a few of these here's when I

looked on this card cash over here let's

say you have a you know a twenty five

dollar Target cart on average you're

gonna get twenty dollars and fifty four

cents for this one deposited into your

actual PayPal account twenty twenty

dollars fifty four cents on average for

a twenty five dollar card so you are

gonna lose a little bit of money

exchanging it for cash because people

aren't gonna pay the face value of a you

know a card they're trying to get a deal

and that's what these sites are here and

designed to do so this is the second

lingo - it's called card cash the first

one was clip card and this one here's

the raise okay raise works just like

this as well and you can actually take

these cards buy them and sell them okay

either way sell your gift cards and then

the other one that you go to is called

card kangaroo you can actually go here

to see what it's actually worth you can

exchange them you can see down here on

Trustpilot it has four thousand one

hundred fifty two five star reviews

great deals on cards and fast shipping

you can go ahead sell your gift card you

can trade it so an example let's say you

get a gift card - I don't know say

target again right but you want an Xbox

gift card to buy for tonight stuff with

you can go over here and trade those in

for an Xbox gift card of equal or closer

value here on card kangaroo and the very

last one is called card pull carpool is

an exchange you know you can actually

give car to your exchanges so that way

you can see right here there's no fees

no expiration date you're gonna actually

be straight-up swapping your cards so if

you can find someone else that wants a

gift card for what you have and you're

wanting to switch them like I said a

minute ago let's say you do have an

example here you got a home depot gift

card for Christmas and or you got on one

of these sites

that where they're offering this as a

deal you got it you can exchange that

for let's say a cold or an itunes

giftcard you take the itunes good card

and exchange that however you want to do

it you can do that on all these sites

now let me show you why you want to keep

these sites in your back pocket and

you're gonna need to at least bookmark

all of these I'll put them in the

description below this video so you guys

can get to all of them because let me

show you we're gonna be doing you're

gonna be going over to sites like survey

junkie so the survey junkie com you can

go and you can actually take surveys

you're gonna earn rewards for and then

you get paid and you're gonna get paid

out and PayPal and gift cards I can say

those gift cards if you PayPal is not

available and you can exchange those

gift cards for money if you need them

next up is something called inbox

dollars inbox dollars will give you a

five dollar sign on bonus to begin with

but they also pay out in PayPal gift

cards so definitely check them out as

well and I'll give you a few more of

these so if you guys want to go get

these gift cards you can go ahead and

start working on those today you can go

to swag bucks they have a $5 sign-on

bonus as well they've paid out three

over three out of fifty eight million

dollars to you know people that have

taken the surveys you're gonna join free

here five you can earn between three

five and twenty five dollar gift cards

let's see they're giving you gift cards

but we want cash these are the gift

cards you will get you'll get Target

Walmart Amazon Best Buy and so many more

now do you see why you need those sites

that I showed you guys because this site

alone which is one of the most popular

ones on the internet gives out gift

cards to those places because those

advertisers they are banking on you

getting those gift cards going in and

spinning in the excess of those gift

cards so they are the ones that actually

paying those gift cards that you're see

you're getting they're being paid for by

those people so they say an example Home

Depot is giving like a five dollar gift

card right they're betting that you're

gonna go in and spend way more than five

dollars it's a free way to get you in

the door they don't mind losing five

dollars to get you in the door if you're

going to spend thirty and forty but you

don't want the gift cards we want cash

so remember that remember those slides I

just showed you that's we're gonna

change exchange them for same way over

here something called my points you get

five dollars when you take five surveys

you're gonna get gift cards look Walmart

Amazon Starbucks again what do we want

we want cash we don't want these gift

cards and that's where you're gonna get

all these gift cards that you're gonna

cash in that way you can get that money

on this paypal card this is important

make sure you go to PayPal right now and

get this card you need it I use this

almost daily because I keep getting like

five and ten dollars deposit here when I

take those gift cards that I do get and


for this second which is all the money I

want money I don't want gift cards and

the last ones cat cat cash karma it's on

this is the desktop you can download

cash karma and you can actually go and

get more gift cards from here as well so

check out Cash Karma check out

featurepoints and one more that's one of

my absolute favorites I'm gonna show you

I'm on my way that I actually do this

check this out

under featurepoints comm I want to make

sure I had this one here because this

last one's my favorite

see like this I'm a 60% away from my

next five dollar PayPal gift card they

have all kinds of other gift cards but

one of the reasons I like this is

because of the Pay Pal gift cards but I

can get other gift cards as well but the

thing about the other gift cards is you

can get them a lot faster a lot of the

times because they're paid for by those

advertisers but like you said you can't

get the cash they're gonna give you like

a $5 gift card to Home Depot or Walmart

or Target and they're betting on you to

exceed that $5 limit when you go to

purchase something and they're gonna

actually make money off you just by

giving away that free $5 gift card so

just make sure you do that makes you you

know check in the description below this

video I'll put the link so you can

change all those gift cards you can

exchange them in to cash because that's

what you're really wanting to do and

then make sure you go and get this it's

not hard to get flipped it upside down

who cares this is free guys this is

calls nothing with your PayPal account

and they're gonna send this to you

especially in the United States a place

like that you actually be able to take

this you're gonna you know use this card

and you are going to you know go to the

ATM cash it and get actual money with

your PayPal card so that's very very

cool if you guys have any questions

about any of these sites I'll put every

single one I'm in the description below

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