Pesos Mexican Money History of the Peso

hi folks its coffee time but it's not

morning coffee this is afternoon coffee

and this afternoon I want to talk to you

about the money

there are a lot of YouTube videos about

money there's how to make it how to

spend it how to save it how to invest it

how to figure out if you have gotten

enough of it

to retire or whatever else you want to

do but that's not what I want to talk to

you about today today I want to talk to

you about Mexican money I got a comment

a question how long did it take me after

moving to Mexico years ago before I got

comfortable with pesos instead of

thinking in US dollars and my answer was

that I still think even after all these

years in terms of dollars we're always

checking the exchange rate and mentally

calculating how many dollars does 500

pesos equal for instance 500 pesos at an

exchange rate of 20 pesos to one dollar

would be 25 dollars for the 500 pesos

and the reason that we do that is

because our income is still in dollars

anyway I thought I'd talk to you today

about the the colorful Mexican money and

some of the coins too and give you some

of the history of the people who are

pictured on the money please enjoy my

stories or whatever ails you

today I'm going to zoom in for you so

that you can get a good look at these

but I wanted to show you that from the

1000 peso note down to the 20 peso note

each one gets progressively smaller the

thousand pace of note is exactly the

same size as a US dollar the 500 there's

a new one out and it's boom anyway like

the bills the coins gets smaller and

smaller ten five to one and be smaller

ones here and we'll talk about those

individually but let's talk about the

bills first the one thousand five

hundred two hundred pesos 100 pesos 50

pesos and 20 pesos on the 20 peso note

is Benito Juarez and he was Mexico's

only indigenous president there's a

quote on the bill there by him it says

may the people and the government

respect the rights of all between

individuals as between nations peace

means respect for the rights of others

and moving up to the 50 we have Jose

Maria Morales and he was a Catholic

priest who joined Miguel Hidalgo in the

Mexican Revolution

and after Hidalgo was executed about a

year after they got the revolution going

Morales picked up the torch and carried

it on there's a quote on the bill from


slavery shall be forever forbidden as

shall cast distinctions leaving everyone

equal one American shall be

distinguished from another only by his

vices and his virtues and after living

in Mexico for twenty years I have to

tell you that that kind of describes how

Mexicans have treated me moving up to

the hundred this is Nexus net so hopeful

I'm gonna go with that

try saying that real fast three times

with your English speaking tongue net

Sawako was the Aztec king of what is now

Mexico City before the Spanish came and

there's a quote from him on the bill I

love the song of the Mockingbird the

bird of 400 voices I love the color of

the jade stone and the intoxicating

scent of flowers but more than all of

those I love the most my brother man

next we have a lady Senora Juana inés de

la Cruz she was a nun who lived during

Mexico's colonial period she was a

prolific writer and poet and it's said

that when she passed her writings and

her poetry rose from the ashes of

religious condemnation so she is known

today as the Mexican Phoenix

she wrote foolish men who accuse women

without reason without seeing that you

create the very faults that you identify

the 500 peso note has two pictures on it

on the front is Diego Rivera and on the

back Frida Kahlo

and they were two of Mexico's most

celebrated artists and personalities and

if you want to know more about the two

of them and their tempestuous marriage

watch the movie Frida it's one of Lin's

favorite movies Diego wrote it has been

said that the revolution did not need

art but that art needs the revolution

this is not true the revolution needs

revolutionary art and finally we have

the 1000 peso note you probably won't

run into one of these in Mexico they're

not widely circulated I had to go to the

bank and ask for this one and they gave

it to me well they didn't give it to me

I had to trade two of those Frida Kahlo

Diego Rivera notes for it Miguel Hidalgo

is probably Mexico's most celebrated

historical figure he's the father of

mexican independence and as a Catholic

priest he launched the country's

movement for independence by ringing the

bells of his church and delivering a

speech called the Greedo day and an NC

a-- it was a cry for independence and he

did this in 1810 that was a revolution

that reclaimed the

the rule of Mexico from the Spanish that

algo was captured and executed in 1811

about a year after he started the

movement but the revolution continued

the thousand pesos note features a line

from a doll goes famous grito he wrote

without our homeland and freedom we will

always be a long way from true happiness

well there's a lot to know about the

coins this is ten pesos and at today's

exchange rate that's like between 50 and

60 cents that ten to one it would be a

dollar but the exchange rate is real

good on the Mexican pesos right now the

five peso coin is about the size of a

quarter and worth only slightly more

than a quarter at today's exchange rate

the two peso and a little bit bigger

than a US dime and one peso and then you

have all these some table owes ten

centavos twenty fifty you don't use

these a lot a lot of businesses just

rounded off to the nearest peso and the

only thing I can tell you in general

about Mexican coins is that they

accumulate in your pocket until your

pants are so heavy you need a new build

I probably invested more money in this

video than any other video I've made

well that might not be true I guess the

one that I named new ride new plan when

I bought my 40-foot Monaco diesel pusher

Motorhome yeah that was a little more

invested in

that video and that was dollars so oh I

hope that would help some of you who are

thinking about visiting Mexico and you

might have a little heads-up on how the

money works it's been a while since I

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