How to save money in Buenos Aires

visit lopaka the most famous

neighborhood in buenos aires and one

where you can walk when it scored

streets and check out the free tangle

shows this neighborhood is where you'll

find a much photographs pride houses

along the pedestrianized street known as

la caminito visit museum national de

Bellas are here on Avenida deliberate a

tour which is one of the country's top

art museum and is free opened on

Christmas Day in 1896 it is home to

works of both urgent team and

international artists visit la recoleta

cemetery in the neighborhood of the same

name which is home to some breathtaking

graves the most famous belonging to the

celebrated eva peron better known as a

vita relax for a few errors and one of

the many parks in the palermo district

when you want to get away from all the

hustle and bustle they are the perfect

place to go palermo is where you will

also find one as our engines japanese

gardens which aren't free like the parks

but are worth the small admission fee

if you want to go shopping but you

really want to pick up a bargain the

best place to go is avenida de Cordoba

between 4000 5000 and in particular

around 4600 which is where i am now

because here as you can see it's just

outside after i left after angler and

these all sell discounted goods another

great way to save money in Buenos Aires

is by staying in hostels no hotels such

as hostile sweets Florida here on

Koshchei Florida in the middle of 10 10

buenos aires and to book this hostels

and many more log onto