DIY E004 - Exchanging Dollar/Euros for Argentine Pesos on Black Market in Buenos Aires (Dolar Blue)

this week we're going to show you how to

get the best exchange rate for argentine





hello is it truly like guys of money no

Charles it's not true I like guys who

know how to travel smart and being

intelligent with your money exchange

definitely playing the part in that I

think I pick up these goodies I travel a

lot and I got rich off traveling like

from 20 billion dollars on Zimbabwe 20

billion dollars from Zimbabwe you know

that that's probably completely

worthless right and it's not even

exchangeable here most likely so many

currencies have money exchange

restrictions on them such as the

Argentine peso since the Argentine peso

was deep pegged from the dollar

following the financial crisis of 2001

Argentina has experienced annual

inflation of around 25 to 30 percent

resulting in steadily rising prices and

many people converting their savings

into US dollars to prevent this at the

end of 2011 the government imposed a

restriction on the amount of foreign

currency Argentine citizen confide or

travel or savings essentially banning

the perch on u.s. dollars and euros

there is only a limited amount of

foreign currency each Argentine can buy

at the official exchange rates as we

film this video the official rate is $1

us to about 894 pesos however in the

unofficial black market the rate is more

like $1 to 12 74 pesos whoa that's a big

gap Heather that's different between

taking you out on date for a Big Mac

combo versus cheaper happy meal

please Charles I prefer a steak and a

nice glass of wine and for that you're

going to have to get a much better

exchange rate on your dollars but how I

do that Wow

do not change your currency at the

airport you'll end up getting an

unfavorable official rate that includes

additional fees

we'll provide the link below for you to

check both the official and unofficial

rates always bring physical US dollars

or Euros exchanging Argentina if you try

to wedge our pesos from ATM or use your

credit card you'll end up with a higher

rate we should mention that you should

always bring your bank card for

emergencies if you need to get your

money immediately

but Charles you still haven't explained

how we're going to actually exchanged

the pesos what if I've arrived from the

airport and I'm hungry for that big

juicy steak without any money

oh don't worry Heather we meant to be

with each other but before things get

too serious let me explain how we can

protect ourselves

calm down Charles we're not going to be

taking that route anytime soon I've been

protecting yourself while exchanging

money on the black market you look a

much better ray - but is little risky

first even though Authority turn a blind

eye to this type of transaction it is

technically still illegal you may be

fine if you are really unlucky secondly

be sure to always check the latest

exchange rates and compare it to

different can do meaning money change in

Spanish and for safety and to avoid

being robbed always bring a friend or a

girlfriend only exchange money a

physical shop such as new Stan many

places such as hotels and stores will do

this for you which will help you avoid

the high fees that way you won't have to

worry about anyone running off down the

street with your money or giving you

counterfeit bills since you can't really


illegal activity to the police can you

let go of me now without being said step

one you need to get to Florida and Laval

street many hostels located in downtown

Buenos Aires offer free airport shuttle

to this area you do not stay in while

these then dress up nice before leaving

the airport and find a hot girl with a

car he's joking but there is a shuttle

service that will take you right

downtown to Flora street that you can

book in advance for about $10 u.s. what

he's not joking about is that he's

definitely not getting anywhere near my

car tonight second one she gets a for

that and Laval Street it won't be long

before you see people call cameo cameo

cambio and you see a lot of these new

stands this is where you can start

researching current rates and

negotiating third we recommend that you

ignore people on the streets and shop

around at newsstands or stores looking

for the best rates and remember only

exchange amount pesos you need well

there is no problem exchanging dollars

for pesos changing it back is another

story and I think I'm stuck with these

I'll take those

and yes most hotels in major cities do

accept US dollars at a very good rate

and with even exchange it for you so we

hope you found this video useful and be

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and by the way thanks for watching and

have a wonderful trip hey can we go for

that date yet Roger happy meal and eat

the toy that's a big gap Heather does it

different between taking a yard okay

good grouper what a firefight from the

airport and I'm hungry for that big

juicy steak

Oh God oh I was so good why'd you screw

that up

that's B when I do get you to okay don't

worry we meant to be with each other

what he's not joking about oh I

threw that up okay all right well that'd

be sad