Learn Thai Baht Currency Denominations (฿1 to ฿1,000)

hey how you doing it's Julie now here in

Bangkok Thailand and today I'm going to

go through the currencies of the Thai

Baht and I'm going to move these

currencies over to the side and we're

gonna start with the smallest currency

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the first currency is the very lowest

denomination and that's the Thais tongue

and so each one of these little coins is

25 stung and it takes two of these to

equal one of these so this is basically

25 stun plus 25 stung equals 250 stung

25 stung plus 25 stung equals 50 stop so

if we look at this right here

so we got 100 stung and 100 stung so

each one of these are 25 25 25 stung and

then 50 stung 50 stung which equals 1 1

baht so basically we got 25 stung 25

stung 25 stung 25 stung equals 1 baht

and we got 50 stung 50 stock equal to 1

baht so now moving over now we have 1

baht here so this is 2 baht right here

and two baht equals this coin which is

also two BOTS so one but one bot equals

to 2 baht so these are all the same and

now let's bring over the 5 baht coin so

this one we can start to use some

different combinations so we can do

let's say two two of these and one of

these so it'd be - bot - bot 1 baht

equal to a 5 baht coin so you know it's

kind of interesting we can do a bunch of

different combinations I'm gonna move

these over now and we can also do

basically 5 baht so 1 2 3 4 5 baht

equals to this 5 baht coin over here so

I'm going to move over all of this stuff

and let's get into the last of the

currency of the coins and so this is the

5 baht coin 5 baht coin which equals the

same as this one 10 baht coin so it's a


this is the biggest coin that there is

available right now and we're gonna

start to move into the dollar currencies

now so this is very exciting so I'm

gonna move these guys over and so this

is 20 baht right here and this brings us

over to the first bill that we will see

and this is the 20 baht bill so 10 baht

plus 10 baht equals to this 20 baht bill

and 20 but at this moment in time is

about 63 cents so just just know that if

your most of my viewers are from the

United States so 20 baht is equivalent

to about 63 cents so now let's move over

to the I'm going to move these coins out

of the way now so now let's move over to

the $50 50 baht bill so this is the 50

baht bill this is the front oh yeah let

me let me show you the back of this too

it's kind of cool and they're very the

time money is very beautiful

so there's the 50 out of the 20 by bill

and the 50 baht bill the 50 Thai Baht

bill is approximately $1 and 58 cents

and this is the back here so just keep

that look look how pretty the I mean

they're just so beautiful these these

bills so now moving on to the next bill

is the 100 baht bill and 100 baht is

approximately three dollars and

seventeen cents at current exchange

rates the current exchange rate is one

u.s. dollar is approximately 31 point

five nine baht and if you want me to

talk about a you know some of the kind

of hacks that I found in order to you

know get the most out of your money so

you're not paying so much in fees leave

let me know in the comments below and

I'll make a video about that because

I've been living out in Thailand for a

while now and there's definitely some

tricks and tips that I have in order for

you to you know withdraw larger amounts

of money without paying so much in fees

so here's the hundred baht and now we're

going to move over to the 500 baht so

here's the 500 baht bill and

this 500 baht bill is about $15 and 83

cents and you could definitely buy a lot

of stuff here in Thailand with a 500

baht bill I mean this can last you if

you're smart with your money you can

probably have about maybe 10 Street soup

bowls so you can have about like maybe

10 different meals because I used to eat

there used to be this food food

restaurant near my condo and I think one

bowl of noodles was only like 30 baht or

you could either get a small bowl of

noodles for 30 baht a medium-sized bowl

of noodles for 40 baht or a large bowl

of noodles for 50 baht and I usually

just got the one large bowl of noodles

for 50 baht so this this $500 500 baht

bill could last me about 10 days if I

wanted to eat that every single day and

so the last bill that we're going to

talk about and this is the largest baht

denomination and that is the 1000 baht

bill and this bill is approximately

thirty one dollars and 86 cents

oh sorry thirty one dollars and sixty

six cents this is the front which is a

this is a brand-new bill I got this from

the bank just a couple days ago and then

this is the this is the back of it so

I'm very impressed with the tie the tie

money it's very beautiful I'm not saying

that the American money is not beautiful

either but I mean this is almost like a

almost like a work of art you know and

I've been able to see currencies from

pretty much around the world so it's

kind of it's got cool to see so starting

from the top to the bottom so this is

the 1000 baht bill this is the 500 baht

bill the 100 baht bill the 50 baht bill

and the 20 baht bill and then we got the

the 10 baht coin

we got the 5 baht coin we got the two

baht coin the 1 baht coin the 50 stung

coin I know sorry now that's the another

two baht coin we got the 50/50 style

coin and then the smallest denomination

which is the 25 Stang coin and yeah so I

hope this video was educational for you

for the most part you know there you can

take any of these denominations and just

you know multiply it by 30 1.59 so one

u.s. dollar

multiply that by a 30 1.59 and then

you'll be able to figure out the

currencies so thank you so much for

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