Where to exchange bitcoin for cash will be available soon

what is going on guys J crypto here once

again with another crypto currency video

for you now guys I've been getting a lot

of people contacting me saying hey J you

know I really appreciate all the crypto

currency advice and everything but once

I have all this Bitcoin how am I

supposed to then turn that into cash how

am I supposed to turn this Bitcoin into

US dollars so in this video I'm gonna be

showing you a few different methods you

can use to exchange your Bitcoin into

cash or US dollars or really any fiat

currency you want now keep in mind guys

these are not the only methods to do

this but these are definitely the

simplest and the fastest methods so guys

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ado let's get into the video so guys I'm

gonna be showing you step-by-step 2

different message to sell your

cryptocurrency into cash the number one

method is coinbase calm and the number 2

method is local bitcoins calm I'm gonna

start with coinbase calm now coinbase

I'm sure most of you are familiar with

coinbase most of us when we first got

into Bitcoin when we first got into

cryptocurrency someone told us hey going

make an account with coinbase you can

buy your first bitcoin and take it from


if any of you are not familiar with

coinbase coin base is an exchange where

you can purchase bitcoin aetherium and

litecoin with US dollars and then you

can also sell your bitcoin aetherium and

litecoin for US dollars so in order to

sell your bitcoin on coin based you're

gonna have to first put your Bitcoin

into your coin base account and the way

you're going to do that is when you log

in to your dashboard you're going to

click the accounts button and you're

going to these are your accounts right

here and I'm just gonna be using Bitcoin

as an example but everything I'm going

to show you will also apply to e theorem

and litecoin so in order to send Bitcoin

to your client base account so you can

sell it for cash you're gonna click the

receive button

next to your Bitcoin wallet and what

you're gonna do is wherever you keep

your Bitcoin whether it be in your

Exodus wallet whether it be on

blockchain info whether it be on your

trays or whether it be on another

exchange you're gonna send that Bitcoin

to this address once you send it to this

address it will be in your account and

then what you're going to do is you're

going to click this buy sell tab right

up here this is the area where you're

actually going to sell your

cryptocurrency in exchange for cash so

we're not going to be buying so I'm

gonna click the sell tab right here

and then we have two different windows

right here the first is the sell from

window you're gonna select the

cryptocurrency wallet that you want to

sell from in my case I'll be selling

from my Bitcoin wallet and then the

second window here is the deposit tube

window okay we have a few different

options here you can either deposit your

US dollars into your US dollar wallet

and what the US dollar wallet is guys is

this is a coin base US dollar wallet so

if you put your US dollars in here

you're keeping your dollars in the coin

based platform you cannot actually go to

the bank and withdraw this money for

physical cash the reason you would want

to put your US dollars here is in case

you think that the price of Bitcoin is

going to drop so you want to get out but

you want to keep your dollars in the

coin based platform so that you can

quickly and easily buy back in when the

price goes down now I'm gonna be showing

you how you can sell your Bitcoin in

exchange for US dollars and have that go

directly into your bank account so you

can drive down the street to the bank

and withdraw the physical cash so what

you're gonna do is you're gonna set up

your coin basic council it links to your

bank account right here I have my Wells

Fargo checking account linked to my coin

base account I'm not gonna show you how

to link it up in this video you can

actually go to the coin base website

they'll show you how to do it

step-by-step it's actually very simple

and very self-explanatory you need to

provide your ID and a whole bunch of

information because coinbase is a US

company it's very safe it's very secure

there's no need to be concerned about

somebody hacking your bank

so I'm gonna go ahead and click deposit

to Wells Fargo checking account and then

what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put how

much Bitcoin I want to sell and I'm

gonna sell five dollars worth of Bitcoin

which is point zero zero zero two six

six seven three bitcoins okay then what

I'm gonna do is I'm gonna click sell


once I click sell Bitcoin I'm going to

review everything I'm selling point 0:03

Bitcoin I'm gonna withdraw from my

Bitcoin wallet I'm gonna deposit into my

Wells Fargo checking account and it says

the funds will be available December

22nd 2017 today is currently December 18

2017 so they stay able to take about

four days and just for your information

guys I've actually sold Bitcoin on


and seeing the money in my bank account

sooner than four days so I'm assuming

that this is just the latest date that I

will be in my bank account that's just

for your information either way it will

end up in your bank account by at least

in at least four days so I'm gonna click

confirm sell and that's it that's all

you have to do my cell was successful my

Bitcoin is now going to be sold in two

US dollars which will appear in my bank

account I can drive down the street to

the ATM take out the cash and be on my

merry way that's all you have to do guys

you can view your dashboard now and of

course your five dollars short of

Bitcoin now the second method I'm going

to show you to sell your Bitcoin for US

dollars or any fiat currency is local

bitcoins calm now the great thing about

local bitcoins calm is it's available in

every single country as you can see here

you can sell your Bitcoin for pretty

much any fiat currency in the world as

you can see right here these are all

different currencies and another great

thing about it is you can find people in

your local area let's say you're not

comfortable exchanging money over the

internet you can actually search for

people who will meet in person and pay

cash you can pay with PayPal you can pay

with cash by mail cash deposit Amazon

gift card code MoneyGram serve to serve

Western Union the list goes on and on

guys there are so many options available

to sell your Bitcoin for US dollars so

before you actually sell your Bitcoin

again you're gonna have to put your

Bitcoin into your local bitcoins calm

account in order to do that you're gonna

click on your wallet here and you're

gonna click receive Bitcoin and just

like you did in coinbase guys wherever

you hold your Bitcoin whether it be your

Exodus wallet your trays our blockchain

info you're going to send your Bitcoin

to this address and once your Bitcoin is

here on local bitcoins calm then you'll

be able to sell them so what you're

gonna do after your Bitcoin is on your

account you're gonna click sell bitcoins

and you can use these little windows

here to fill out your specifications

about how you want to sell so how much

Bitcoin do you want to sell I'll say I

want to sell a thousand dollars worth of

Bitcoin what currency do I want to sell

it for you can choose any currency of

course I'm gonna select US dollars I do

live in the United States what country

am I in the United States and how do I

want to make this transaction I'm just

gonna click PayPal as an example guys

you can really use any method that you

want and then I'm gonna go ahead and

click search and this will bring up all

the people in the United States who are

buying Bitcoin and who want to buy at

least $1,000 worth of Bitcoin now just

so you guys know these little sections

here on this table you have the trader

this is the name of the trader right

here the payment method of course I

selected PayPal so these are all going

to be using PayPal price per Bitcoin

this is the price that Bitcoin was when

they posted this advertisement so

actually this is pretty cool you might

actually be able to sell your Bitcoin

for more money than it's currently worth

on coin market cap or even coin base and

then the limits this is how much they're

willing to pay this person here will pay

as little as $50 to buy $50 worth of

Bitcoin and as much as $5,000 to buy

$5,000 worth of Bitcoin and

were in between so I'm selling $1,000

worth of Bitcoin so all these people are

buying $1,000 worth of Bitcoin so when I

choose my seller you can click the name

of the seller to get more information

about them some helpful information the

number of confirmed trades that they've

done their feedback score real name

verification when they first created

their account their email is verified

their phone numbers verified their ideas

verified you know make sure they're a

safe seller and then once you find

somebody that you want to sell your

Bitcoin to you're gonna click the sell

button and this person is going to

require identification hang on here we


now once you click sell you can then you

know how much bitcoins I wish to sell I

wish to sell $1,000 a Bitcoin and then I

type in my paypal email address and then

I simply just click send trade requests

now you may be wondering how do I know

I'm not going to get ripped off here

well local bitcoins calm uses something

called escrow and escrow is a legal

concept in which an asset in this case

Bitcoin is held by a third party on

behalf of two other parties that are in

the process of completing a transaction

the asset is held by the escrow agent

until it receives the appropriate

instructions or predetermined

contractual obligations have been been


so essentially guys on local bitcoins

calm when a trade is started local

bitcoins will hold the Bitcoin from the

trader and keep it stored safe in the

escrow account until the trade is

completed there's no risk of losing your

Bitcoin just a quick note guys when

you're selling your Bitcoin always make

sure to wait until you receive the money

before releasing the Bitcoin don't

settle for a screenshot of somebody

saying look I sent the funds duh don't

settle for anything other than actually

receiving the money because a lot of

people have gotten scammed by releasing

their Bitcoin too soon by trusting

somebody when they should have just been

a little bit more patient and waited

until they had the money so guys I don't

actually have any bitcoins to sell

my local bitcoins calm account but once

you click send trade request then the

whole process will be started and this

is a great easy way to sell your Bitcoin

especially if you don't want to deal

with a company like coin base which is

the US company alright guys so I hope

you found this video helpful if you

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Krypto and I will see all of you next


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