✅BEST Way How To Buy Bitcoin With Paypal OR Debit Card 2020

best way to buy Bitcoin anonymously with

a credit card in 2019 so let's mine away

hello gays truth you today we're

going to talk about how to buy Bitcoin

anonymously with your credit card

without actually giving out your

identity or passports or anything you're

just buying Bitcoin as another user on

the internet where they're using you

know your credit cards via PayPal

perfect money Skrill Western Union

anything so we're going to show you how

okay with some ways and some of them are

the best some of them are you know a bit

you know limiting and some of them are

just you know limitless so well let's

start into it okay now some people might

think why would you buy Bitcoin

anonymously you know the reason why you

would buy Bitcoin anonymously some

people would think it's like some dude

sitting you know behind the computer

he's like some hacker you know he stole

some people or no criminals or but you

know most cases are most more innocent

than that okay you know co-workers

employers supervisors some people try to

keep you know their identity secret okay

from those people because let's say

you're a bank employee okay a bank

employee if you say yeah you're you know

dealing with Bitcoin you know you will

get fired or you will get you know

nothing in return or you will get some

problems because you know some you know

works or some jobs in general and our

society actually limit you to what you

know activities you can do so that's one

of the main things that most people try

to avoid second thing is certain friends

no not every friend is your real friend

some of your friends or just or your

dear friends or some friends are really

malicious and try to get into your

pocket as much as they can so certain

friends keep trying to keep your Bitcoin

you know anonymity also family members

some family members are going you know

to be suspicious there is a multitude of

reasons you know it's just you know you

cannot count it okay they're a political

prisoner you know I don't want to get

into politics really you know but you

know some people are just banned from

you know having free rights or something

so what they do okay most of the time

they try to buy Bitcoin anonymously

which is their right okay it's you know

it's everyone right to buy Bitcoin but

because of these institutions and you

know regulation it actual limits most

people an hour

Society and also another reason is for

people inside countries that ban Bitcoin

so let's say you're in Africa so most

countries don't have you know any

Bitcoin policies or you know anything

related to cryptocurrencies maybe you're

underage or had some multitude of cases

where people would come into Commons

thirteen twelve year olds okay which is

weird a bit that would tell me that you

know how to buy Bitcoin anonymously you

know this this website does not allow me

to buy Bitcoin you know and for these

people okay we're going to show you

today have to buy because it's a right

for everyone whether from which race

country or whatever status in society

you are you are entitled to own one

Bitcoin or refractions of Bitcoin you

know no problems here so the first in a

way is by six so by zyc is you know an

open source peer-to-peer application now

what's best about Weissach it's actually

it's unique in a sense because you have

to download the software and it's safe

there were it's not like anything

malicious so you're not going to get any

problems with your firewalls or anything

and the good thing about this is that no

kyc like literally you open the

application like not even like putting

your email you know just putting your

funding source okay showing what

currencies for example let's say the

Great British Pound or the US dollar the

Canadian dollar can trade in all that

okay or you know the Japanese yen okay

and the good thing about this is that

it's connected with tor so it's like a

dark thing on the dark web or something

I'm not that professional and that that

stuff you know but of course you know

you don't have to download tor browsers

on it or anything now the good thing

it's actually accepts WeChat pay which

is the Chinese application also to

accepts Western Union and lt now it does

not accept paypal for some reason but i

believe it can connect paypal to ali pay

i'm not sure i have to research this

after this video but there's something

in particular I would actually warn you

about WeChat of course if you're a

Chinese citizen watching this video okay

which I would be surprised because in

China you have the Great Firewall I hope

you are watching this video but if

you're in China pay for whatever reason

if you use WeChat paid might give out

your identity

or you might get deported from China so

it's not the safest option because it's

monitored used Western Union instead so

the second way to use is the ver box now

where box has been for a you know a

while it's been like before 2017 or

something but they accept paypal visa

you know MasterCard Skrill okay they

also accept Bitcoin for some reason so

like selling your Bitcoin so you have

buy Bitcoin but selling you're not sure

and you know they have 15% fees which is

you know you know a big give up you know

I would not buy from ver box like 50%

like for example every hundred dollars

of my money fifteen dollars we go to ver

box or whoever made the transaction I

just don't believe you like every person

has a price okay for something like some

people would consider 15% like nothing

okay depending on your situation really

okay my situation does not put me in a

place where I have to buy with 15

percent but if you are really desperate

today you know you want to make profit

with the cryptocurrencies that the

problem is you know this is the biggest

thing I want to tell you if you're

buying cryptocurrencies like this okay

with 15% and 20% fees how are you going

to make any profit in the Bitcoin market

now let's say Bitcoin goes up the next

week about 15% well you did not make any

profit because in the first place you

lost 15% in fees

I hope Bitcoin goes higher than the fees

so you can make some money but still

still guys okay but there have been some

reviews recently about and not recently

also negative reviews about verlox and

how they're a scam and you know I could

not withdraw now most of the people say

that virwox is good and some fraction of

society says it's bad and one star and a

half review you know to be honest okay

I'm just I never used the word walks but

this is what people recommending to me

so I'm not sure I never used it but to

me it seems that it's actually safe

because there have been a multitude of

youtubers that have been covering this

so I don't think this is the worst one

okay they're even worse maybe something

that has no coverage but overall this

website seems safe to me because

has been since a long time and a lot of

people know it so I think this is a

really good website anyways let's go to

the third way it's packed full packed

with you know anonymous ways to buy

Bitcoin anyways now some ways actually

put you in you know to buy with ID okay

which is bad now with PayPal you have to

have ID required which is not the whole

identity of this video now we're talking

about Amazon gift cards and gift cards

now gift cards you can get Amazon gift

card for what fifteen hundred dollars so

I think it could buy them not sure what

you know things but to keep this not

click baiting and misleading okay you

can buy with a credit card some gift

cards so I don't think that's misleading

when the end of the day okay when you

sign up I think you can actually talk to

people okay maybe in the United States

you can get gift cards wherever you want

for example let's say you're in the

United States go to Walmart and just buy

a bunch of gift cards and start selling

okay and you get such an interface where

you talk to a person okay you tell them

I have for example an Amazon gift card

send them the image of course packs full

the third party that is dealing with

this transaction will make sure that

everything goes securely and correctly

so no problems no scamming and even if

it's like the whole scam you know I

don't think it's worth like 25 US

dollars like they're nothing let's say

fifteen hundred dollars oh yeah you

won't need to follow them so yeah so the

fourth and last way this way is one of

the best ways I can actually put how

much fees I want I can sell at any

market price I want or buy I can buy

with anymore you know way I want with no

you know anything no barrier no third

parties no nothing it is peer-to-peer

miners now I can buy with PayPal perfect

money Western Union or anything now how

does this work is out to going to

cryptocurrency communities in the first

place okay let's say discord has some

cryptocurrency communities and you know

joining this cryptocurrency community is

knowing people I'm going to show you

just a detailed walkthrough in a bit

okay knowing people you know for example

miner community is equal the hair for

example to mining rigs you know small

mining forum you know they're mining

Bitcoin I mean cryptocurrencies every

single you know we

and no making some money and you can

actually make some money that way now of

course you're going to come you know

upon some toxic people for example

people people that are trying to scam

you people that are scared off you in

the first place because maybe they have

trust issues maybe they think you're a

scammer because if you use PayPal in

particular because people has some

problems with eBay for example most eBay

sellers are scammed okay using PayPal

because PayPal has a weird refund policy

that sometimes works and sometimes is

broken so good luck with actually trying

to use PayPal but you can use other

alternatives perfect money you have also

Skrill so how does this work okay

basically you go to actually a discord

community let's say any cryptocurrency

community this isn't this these are not

cryptocurrency communities but it's just

a discord dashboard you have like these

voice channels for example you have like

three people or so you join in you talk

with people you you know you talk and

you're exchanging information tips and

tricks about cryptocurrency and it can

do about mining it can do about anything

and you can talk you know for hours and

you know days I would suggest after a

couple months okay from knowing a person

from the community personally okay when

you're talking in voice I suggest a

voice because you get to know a person

better okay because chat is the worst

way to build a personal relationship

with anyone okay with voice and then

knowing them and you know exchanging

tips after a couple months you start

actually buying Bitcoin for example for

twenty dollars okay you know a price

that even if you lost those twenty

dollars you wouldn't feel that bad or

not sleep in the night or try to follow

them all your life so twenty dollars and

if they pay you okay because they're

miners you know I didn't if the day they

want to sell some of them are really

kind ok personally from my experience

thanks for everyone that have been you

know selling me some cryptocurrencies

thanks for everyone you know I used to

buy Bitcoin you weekly okay twenty fifty

hundred dollars things for all the

viewers they have been selling me some

Bitcoin anyways you know and you deal

with them after a couple months for

example every week

twenty dollars

depending on your income and after that

you know you start for example with $50

and slowly with $100 you know you build

a relationship but you don't you never

go to the thousand dollar status Kate's

not that big or that small you know you

need to start step by step need to help

the people personally now you don't need

to see their faces okay it's not you

know important okay you don't need to

submit any information just your voice

get for example microphone for well you

don't even need to get a microphone you

have a phone I have like an iPhone 6

over here okay that can have like a

voice chat okay on this cord so it's all

free you know you can buy Bitcoin you

could set you know the fee yourself you

can actually give them some tips

okay make them a valuable ally so you

can actually have some friends you know

and that's how you actually buy Bitcoin

the best way okay with no third party

they won't freeze your account nothing

you're just buying peer-to-peer okay and

I suggest you stay away from the crypto

currency traders communities for example

communities that has nothing to do with

miners because miners personally or one

of the best people you can find the

community because they're kind enough

the exchange tips they're always helpful

trading communities are more like these

communities that only care about money

and just you know that sole purpose

money and that's also the chance of

getting scammed and but you know I've

joined some of them for the sole purpose

just to like see what they exchange

information in and you know just the

environment okay of people talking you

know and it's just all about you know

certain cryptocurrencies shillings you

know fights so I'll stay away from those

join the cryptocurrency mining

communities and don't be spammy okay so

you can actually gain some friends

that's you know will be the best thing

you'll ever do so anyways thank you for

watching and whether you buying Bitcoin

you know anonymously and care for your

security or you just buy Bitcoin from

coinbase and don't take care of your you

know the whole idea thing I implore you

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guys on the next video