How To Convert Your Bitcoin To Cash FAST Using Coinbase and PayPal

hello Krypto Robert here and welcome to

my latest video in today's video I'm

going to show you just how incredibly

easy it is to convert your Bitcoin in

coinbase to cash and send it right back

to you via PayPal that's right you can


eglee send your Bitcoin back to you in

PayPal let's see how we can do that

right now okay here I am logged into my

coinbase account I have a hundred and

seventy nine dollars and twenty nine

cents worth of Bitcoin in my portfolio

so how can I quickly get this amount of

Bitcoin out of coinbase

and into fiat currency in this case

United States currency well it's a

couple of ways you can click the buy and

sell button and you could I can

certainly send it back to my bank

account so if I click on the sell button

here click on my BTC wallet which

contains the Bitcoin and then click on

my Chase Bank lit link click sell the

maximum amount I could certainly do that

and click the sell button I'm not going

to do that why because if you look over

here people take literally an entire

week to get my money so today is

Wednesday November the 8th and it would

take me till Tuesday November 14th to

get my money I don't want to wait that

long why should I wait that long

click on the PayPal link again just

click on the maximum amount again

because it's gonna readjust because

you're not getting the full amount

because you're paying a seven dollar and

eleven cent fee as opposed to the $2.99

so those fees are imposed by PayPal

they're a little bit higher so my total

payout will be from that one seventy

nine thirteen will be a hundred and

seventy one dollars and twelve cents and

says that my money will be available

tomorrow because today is Wednesday in

the past it's actually happened a lot

quicker where I've gotten my money


a couple of hours so what I'm gonna do

right now is I'm actually gonna click on

sell Bitcoin okay click on the confirm

sell button and now it says my set $179

and 49 cents will be deposit to my

PayPal account on Thursday the 9th and

we go back to my dashboard so even

though coinbase indicated that my money

would be available the next day actually

that's not true because the money is

there right now how do I know well I

just checked my PayPal account two

minutes after sending the money over

from coinbase to PayPal and lo and

behold there's a hundred and seventy

dollars and 49 cents from coinbase

Incorporated so why did when they say it

would take a day I am not sure maybe

there may be in some maybe with some

PayPal accounts it will take a day to go

from a coin base to PayPal but think

about this this is very very powerful

folks that you can literally take your

Bitcoin from an investment platform

maybe it's bit connect chain group or

whatever send it to your coin base

account and then quickly send it to your

PayPal account and then withdraw to your

bank account this can all happen within

less than 24 hours because I'm gonna

actually withdraw and transfer this

money this hundreds and $70.49 to my

bank account

170 and 49 cents now take note here the

process time is one day yes it will take

about one business day to send your

money from PayPal to your bank account

so and on the weekend if you do this on

the weekend it will take an extra day or

two so if I kick click continue

and it's already late in the afternoon

they may or may not have that money by

tomorrow morning but in most cases I'll

have that money within 24 hours transfer

that going to my chase account and

that's that well that's all I have for

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