How to Buy and Sell Bitcoins Using Paypal

In this new world of crypto, how do we integrate a worldwide convenient online payment system with another?

In today's episode, we'll tell you how to buy and sell bitcoins with Paypal

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Whether you have Bitcoin and want to use it to get some Paypal credits or the other way around,

we're breaking down some of the ways you can make that happen

The first option is using online digital currency exchanges

With sites like Exmo, Coinbase, and Wirex, all you need to do is to sync your Paypal account and voila!

You now have the ability to change your credits into Bitcoin and back

Just be wary, it may come with relatively high fees because of how convenient it is

Another option you might want to consider is an online peer-to-peer market place

sites like LBC and of course,


Allows you to buy directly from real people all over the world who are just like you

By exploring the dashboard and choosing from the many trade offers, you can make purchases for as low as $5!

There's also the option of exploring Bitcoin websites that offers social trading, where you can load up and cash out

what you trade using your PayPal account

Etoro is a good example of this, but it's only for non-us countries

All in all there are a growing number of sites that allow PayPal to Bitcoin purchases

We hope that you continue to do your own research about the industry

and be careful with handling your finances

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The sites we've mentioned have been around for a long time, tried and tested by users across the globe

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