Brazilian Currency & Exchange Rate


have you ever wondered what Brazilian

guys look like I probably haven't

thought about that but I'm gonna show

you just for fun

okay so here we have hey eyes all right

this is the to the smallest bill

it has a turtle on the back the five the

stork all right pretty money ten parrot

the 20 and monkey 50 remembered let's be

cool actually for the winner coolest

ones and the hundred fish Vega

100 is the largest I have ever seen not

sure if they do have larger and then

their change there's a 2 2 4 5 10

determine 20s and a 50 they do not have

one so a lot of times when you're buying

something they round up or round down

and you just kind of get whatever back

okay so let's talk about currency

exchange right now it's at 3.5 so our

money is worth almost four times as much

as the payout so yeah right now is a

really good time to be in Brazil this is

in covent almost of like 200 hey guys

now if you're wondering like what does

that mean how much does stuff cost well

things are expensive here more or less

because of taxes so like a decent pair

of shoes a hundred hey eyes if you're

talking about gas that is insane it's

extremely expensive 10 liters of gas the

other day was 244 hey eyes Brazil just

had their presidential election which

they have to actually go into

re-election crazy politics anyway so we

should see the Brazilian okay I go up in

value which is worse for me but better

for the people so anyway

tourism is good springtime here is

ending so that means a lot of people be

on vacation and the dishes will be fall

if you have any questions go ahead and

comment i'm all

willing to only seek out the answer if I

don't know it I don't know everything

I'm still learning a lot of things

thanks for watching