The Quickest Method of Splitting and Selling BSV (Bitcoin Satoshi's Vision)

so there was a lot of talk from Bitcoin

SV Cultus prior to the hard fork that

actually the Bitcoin dot-com wallet is

insecure so right now I'm going to show

you me moving my funds from the Bitcoin

comm wallet and I haven't moved anything

from there during the hard fork and I'll

be demonstrating how you can split your

Bitcoin cash from Bitcoin sv and then

dump it on the exchange straight away so

first of all you get your Bitcoin comm

wallet and you also need to have an

account on the coin X exchange so you

just go to coin X and you want to go and

deposit some Bitcoin cash so you just go

to the Bitcoin cash here hit deposit and

then you grab the wallet address Chuck

it into the Bitcoin comm wallet and you

want to send the max amount so you can

just dump every last bit of it and now

I'm sending it to the exchange


so now after depositing Bitcoin cash to

the bch deposit on coin X I've had the

BCH turn up here and it's confirmed and

completed the deposit and shortly after

the BC HSV or bsv will appear in the

deposit records as well and once that is

not the required amount of confirmations

you can then proceed to the main coin X

front page where under the bch market it

has the bc h sv trading pair and you

select that once in here we've got a

small chart and then the trading panel

and the order book on the right hand

side so in the trading panel you can

choose to do limit orders and by setting

a limit order you are then picking a set

price on the audible where you want to

sell that trader so for example right

now the current will the last traded

rate was 0.196

if you wanted to sell it more up here in

this area you just choose by clicking

here or you could input it manually and

now I've got 0.2 there and then you

choose however much you want to sell you

can easily do 100% of it by clicking

here and then sell bch sv and that's as

easy as it is you can hopefully

accumulate more PCH by doing this method

and happy trading