Top 5 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges To Buy Bitcoin and Altcoins in 2020 | ULTIMATE GUIDE

all right welcome back everybody my

name's austin

what is the best cryptocurrency exchange

in 2020

which has the best fees which has the

best volume and liquidity

what are the pros what are the cons what

should you know

and whether you are a beginner or an

expert whether you're focused on

altcoins or just bitcoin what is the

best exchange

in 2020 today we compare some of the top

cryptocurrency exchanges in the space

and we're going to cover everything

we're even gonna get into best welcome


some freebies if you want your first ten

dollars in bitcoin for free

other freebie offers the goal is to make

this video the ultimate

guide so like always let's jump in first


coinbase after much research coinbase

has some of the highest

fees in existence out of any exchange

anywhere between 1.5 to 4

per purchase for bitcoin chain link

ethereum whatever and

obviously this sucks i mean this channel

will tell it to you straight

fees are horrible but fees alone if

something has low fees

it doesn't automatically make something

a good exchange and high fees

doesn't automatically make something a

bad exchange there's many

other factors first off volume and


very high very high coinbase and

coinbase pro we're actually going to

lump these two together

ones for more beginners ones for more

experienced raiders

but they're some of the oldest exchanges

in the game so for fees specifically

for coinbase pro they're actually pretty

good they're 0.5 percent to as much as 0

and it's all based on individual trading

volume so if you trade in higher amounts

you get lower fees and you're going to

find that's true for all the exchanges

we talk about today

so before i get to cons let's first talk

about things that i like

volume and liquidity it's a very

important metric because

when a stock or coin is highly liquid

it's easier to enter and exit positions

while having less impact on the stock's

price so it's significant

and you can always check these metrics

on your own by going to coin market

spot exchanges you can also double check

any of this information if you don't

trust coinmarketcap

coincodex go to exchanges all of these


are pretty much the same but if we look

at volume we can see that coinbase pro

comes in third it has some of the most

volume if we go to liquidity

coinbase is number six any of these near

the top is what you want to look for

but that's something that coinbase pro

does very well i would say the three

other pros are they have a great ui it

is simple

it is clean very easy for beginners

getting into cryptocurrency

to come in and not be scared off it is

heavily regulated

and that's a pro legally in terms of

licenses and insurance

it pretty much operates just like a bank

and while i don't personally recommend

keeping your coins on an exchange

heavily regulated means it is one of the

most secure it is one of the safest

if you want to do so again we're

comparing a lot today

and the last pro i'll mention which is


is something called coinbase earn as

well as their 10

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earn is the other big one you can earn

up to 115

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50 and 50 in eos and stellar lumens

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so those are the things i like now me

personally because of the fees

because there are better options out

there after i get a coinbase account

i'm immediately going to just switch to

coinbase pro to do that you just go to

the main website

go to products and then you'll just

click pro switch it over

one of the major cons for coinbase

besides the high fees

i would say it's horrible to cash out

for example one user says

why does coinbase hold btc for two weeks

before allowing me to send it to another


waiting on coinbase so while you get

more security

and liquidity there are trade-offs

this is our control group i would say

some exchanges are worse

some exchanges are better let's keep

going before we get to binance and

robin hood let's go to squares cash app

i would say the fees are medium high

it's 1.75 per purchase

so again in terms of fees there are

better options

but what is squares cash app great for

is it great

if you just want bitcoin if you want old

coins there's other options

the pros and who is this good for this

is good if you want something that has

reoccurring buys

super easy to use again a great ui and

safe this is very secure this is great

for beginners

and it should be noted that this is just

an app it's not even really an exchange

this is sort of equivalent to a venmo or

a robin hood

because with the cash app you can get

into stocks you can buy stocks

and it is one of the fastest ways to

convert dollars to bitcoin

now why do i say that this is best for


well because we're seeing it more people

than ever are buying their first bitcoin

author square

and why is this because it's simple it's

right on your phone

simple user interface in my experience

there are better options out there

if you're more advanced in crypto but

this is more equivalent to like a venmo

where you can

send cash instantly or robinhood where

you can invest in stocks and bitcoin

now we will get to robinhood in my

opinion people should avoid this at all

cost for bitcoin

specifically i think the cash app is

objectively better

i will tell you why we will talk about

it but just to finish up on cash app

especially if you're in the us i would

take advantage of the five dollar

signup bonus again link down below in

the description

okay before we get to binance let's talk


this is kucoin's exchange right here as

their website claims

one out of every four crypto holders


have used kucoin while squares cash app

is great for bitcoin

kucoin i would say is great for those

random alts

in terms of fees they actually have some

of the lowest fees not the lowest

but they're pretty good 0.1 of trades

that's pretty low coinbase pro and

kucoin are winning so far

but there are trade-offs before cons how

is their volume slash liquidity

well it's good while binance huobi


kraken are in the top four kucoin

number 16. again there's over 300 so 16

it's good

it's decent so they're winning on fees

they're winning on more options more


i would say the cons are they have a

lower reputation

and they're not quite as secure in terms

of the regulation

the u.s exchanges have to go through

that's why they're allowed to list more

random altcoins

but what do i mean by lower reputation

well the lack of kyc procedures gives

many people the impression

that kucoin is desperate for users on

its exchange

thus lowering its reputation among

crypto exchange platforms

so way less procedure way less


while it's not as secure you can dip

into those random alts

it's all about the level of risk you are

willing to take on

for yourself well how does this compare

to binance

first let's get to gemini and kraken and

by the way

us talking about these exchanges today

is not a cosign

on these exchanges do your own research

this is just a jumping off point

and if you're saying austin you're

you're overloading me with a little too

much information

which one's the best one at the very end

i'll give you

my opinion on what works best for me but

let's keep going

gemini how does gemiini compare a reason

you would use gemini

is because you want something like

coinbase that's heavily regulated it's a

us exchange

it is one of the most secure it has some

of the most licenses

so that's a pro how is volume and

liquidity it's pretty good

i mean you can look it up yourself but i

would say it's definitely good enough

as we reported on this channel the other

day barstool sports ceo

he uses gemiini to buy chain link to buy


so it is good for us customers what are

the fees

well they are volume based and they

range anywhere from one percent

to zero percent if you trade enough if

you trade in high volumes

so that ranking is one percent that's

all right

zero percent that's great if you want to


check any of this stuff it's all online

the cons of which i would say to any us


is there's a limited coins which again

could be a blessing

because you're only going to get sort of

the safest ones because of the heavy


there is a 10 sign up bonus link in the

description if you want to check it out

but in general if i had to describe

gemini in one word

i would say reliable safe and reliable

good for u.s residents how about kraken

well i would say kraken differentiates

themselves the most

because while they don't have the best


the best interface it's pretty good i

mean this is it right here it's clean

it's simple it's sharp in comparison to

coinbase or the cash app

this one would be a little more basic

well coinbase maybe would be a little

bit more fun

for new people but i would say kraken is

definitely who's good for

more experienced traders especially in

europe and the us

let me share with you why on today's

list they rank as the lowest fees

between point six of a percent to zero


again based on trading volume so the

lowest on this list

they're one of the older dogs in the

space so their volume liquidity is good

pretty decent and i will say one of the

bigger differentiators

for kraken is staking and obviously

coinbase is good for staking you can do

a cardano

tezos some of these others you can stake

as well but kraken i would say one of

the better places to stake

because you can earn rewards kraken

right here by staking coins

or fiat check this out tezos you can

earn up to six percent yearly

by staking bitcoin 25 of a percent

the euro or the dollar two percent or

1.5 percent

cosmos and dash are coming but generally

speaking the people that would use

kraken are somebody that wants


and lower fees and i do say specifically

europe and the us

because kraken at one point three four

years ago and obviously there's way more

competition now

but was the largest bitcoin exchange

for europe volume with the euro which

was available around the globe

if you use kraken let me know you think

down below in the comments

again i'll give you the summation of my

opinion after we get through the final


before binance i want to tell you why

robin hood for me

is a non-starter if you're going to

invest in bitcoin on robinhood

i think cash app is a way better option

if you're going to app route

with robinhood you are not actually

investing in bitcoin

because you can't really withdraw

bitcoin from robinhood

so you can currently trade bitcoin

ethereum litecoin and bitcoin cash

on robinhood so in that way it's better

some would say

than the cash app but unfortunately


does not let you manage your wallet

addresses which means

that you can't send or receive bitcoin

from another wallet

you have to convert any crypto you

supposedly invest in

converted to fiat then cash out at least


every other option out there you can see

your public wallet address and transfer

to your own personal wallet anytime

so for me i personally would never use

robinhood you do not actually own the


and there are better options so let's

keep going let's get to a big one

finance and binance u.s binance

in my opinion is one of the best

exchanges for altcoins

if you're outside of the us binance u.s

is a watered-down version of binance

it's still okay

but let's talk about the differences

first off with fees

finance is great it is 0.1 percent fees

low which i like also i will say another

thing they do well

is volume is very high we can go to coin

codex just to be sure

if we skip past the sponsored ones

binance number one it is one of the most


most traded options out there so this

is good good as far as centralized

exchanges go

which is all of these except we'll get

to unit swap in a sec

but how about binance u.s this is it

right here binance u.s

and even here you will find slightly

better options more

coins coming out of the east where is it

ontology for example

as well as v chain for example there are

slightly different options on finance us

than the coin bases than the gemini's so

in my opinion

in terms of fees liquidity trading pairs

slash options

finance one of the best i would say cons

are obviously it is less regulated less


less licenses than the us exchanges

definitely better than exchanges you've

never heard of but it's all about

how much risk are you willing to take on

for yourself

oh yeah one more thing in terms of best

welcome bonuses

finance i just learned this you can get

10 to 20

off all trades just by using a referral


so i just got this so make sure you do

your own research

but finance referral code ids you get a

lifetime 20

discount so my id is down below in the


check it out if you're getting into some

of those altcoins and if you're outside

the us and

final two to go

and uniswap which is a dex decentralized


and then i'll give you my overall

opinion so is an

app and a wallet first but it also is an

exchange before we get to these perks

let me just give you my concerns it is a

very new exchange

in fact if you want to take part of the

exchange it's not even for u.s

investors at the moment so i've not even

experienced it but because it's so new

they're desperately trying

to get users on the platform as any

exchange would

so to do that they're giving out tons of

perks you can get fifty dollars in

crypto now

if you use my referral link down below

in terms of fees well there's actually

zero trading fees

for the first 90 days again because

they're trying to introduce people to

their exchange

and also the biggest thing with people always talk about the


they're offering some of the best rates

i'll let you look at the website

on your own or if you're really

interested and you just want to deep

dive about two and a half weeks ago

we did a dedicated video on


link down below in the description check

it out well what are the cons

besides that it's very new while it is

insured it's not as regulated as the

coin bases or the gemini's

but again you might be able to take

advantage of more of the perks

if you're willing to take on a little

bit more risk so it's out there

and the last one we'll go over is unit


0.25 fees so very good it is a dex

if you're asking for the volume and

liquidity very high

actually extremely high as far as taxes


and right here uniswap is the most

popular one so who is this for

great for people that want erc20 tokens

specifically because that's the only


you can get with uniswap it's part of

the ethereum ecosystem

and i guess a con is fees are also


on how congested ethereum is at any

given moment so if ethereum's congested

you will pay more fees that is the list

let me know what you think what one you

like down below in the comments

which exchanges do i use right now i use

coinbase specifically coinbase pro

because it is lower fees

i also do like coinbase earn i also have

a gemini account but besides that

squares cash app and binance are

three or four that i use honestly kraken

to me seems like

if you're more experienced one of the

better options but it all depends on


you value the most if you got value give

it a like

it encourages me it lets me know that

you like this type of content

see you tomorrow