Recycling cans and bottles for money in one day

so I want to run an experiment I wanted

to know what are the best spots to

collect cans and bottles and how much

people actually make recycling well I

challenged myself to do this for a whole

day as much as I could and see how much

money I made recycling so welcome to

style money season 2 episode 1

collecting cans and bottles for 11 hours

you can click right here to check out

season 1 Mets

and with the homie Kane's giving my

camera person there's let me show you

what time it is can tell you know so

they know just like the hustle bro you

know that we don't play all that we

don't play over here in the morning

we're gonna go or we're gonna stay right

here well actually this is the game plan

but I just make my way around it look

okay let me tell you something I've done

this before have you seen it and I got a

lot of people say you were using your

car the whole time so you know we're

gonna do this thinkin what's that

i'ma watch the whole day now look I'm

not saying to go out and collect cans if

you don't have to what I am saying if

you don't have a job and you need money

you gotta do what you gotta do to make

sure you bringing in money and then I

did get supply I got some trash bags $3

no everyone was telling me to use gloves

so I got gloves and I got a vest but

we'll use this later

can I have a question yes sir how much

okay imma collect cans all day on a

Tuesday how many can't you think we're

gonna get today how much money you do it

Kume give me a guess I guesstimate

I'm gonna say 100 bucks for this guy

Rohan's people will be balling right

that won't be home later than me I want

to go for at least $10 at least $10 look

this is gonna be your first trashcan

right here this is gonna set it off you

know if we get cancer it's gonna be a

good day if we don't and bro I don't

know I don't know what to tell you

I mean I'm not gonna go like swimming in

the dumpster forecast if they on top of

my get them and there was no cats in

there let's just go home can it's not a

god do it alright

look can you see that clear thing over

there on the floor what is that watch

what is that gonna be the first one whoa


hopefully that's the first one to hand

us that's it he all starts with one can

man they starting to warm up


there's a Starbucks

oh no dice man

I don't know it's not looking good

oh they took us about 20 minutes to get

our first can man the strugglers grill




leave 50 cents in there already


Kenny savagery you're drinking on

McDonald's coffee then I pay for the

sponsorship but you know I'm a free

shadow $1 coffee right there hey I'm

taking a little break right now

it's 8:01 been grinding for two hours

yeah look at that I got I got a Mountain

Dew can like hey I gotta get a right cat

look there's a good color here you know

I got about a whole dollar what I just

spent on the coffee so we're even right

now um Kenny Savage how do you think

everything's going right now your honors

opinion bro no BS honest honest they're

just going things are slow right now but

we just haven't hit our groove so we're

gonna we're gonna keep grinding and you

know keep hustling and do what we gotta

do so can I beat you can I be honest

with you I feel a little bummed out cuz

uh broader some people out there doing

this for a living and it's hard I

thought we were gonna have a whole bag

of ready yeah I don't but you know I was

pretty optimistic too I'm like you know

what we'll go in there Colet Halla cams

and come out with at least $15 I've done

we'll be lucky just coming out with five

bucks you know Bo oh no we're gonna

we're gonna make more than that look man

is that when you start anything new it's

gonna be challenging at first the people

that doing it everyday they know the

spots yeah that's right you know I'm in

the new town Hanford I don't know where

this part out yet I'm learning right now

bow I know you know we got keep rhyming

even though I kind of wanna stop I'm

gonna keep doing a kidney Sava I'm not

gonna let you stop it can I thank you

for the whole day so let's stop all

right come to think of it let's stop man

nah no I got give my money squirt all

right Kenny seven all right whoa I'm

walking everywhere cuz I got a lot of

haters in my previous video st.

but Reyes you're driving everywhere you

wasted so much gas why my prove you guys

wrong today I'm gonna walk everywhere

before you Oh at the other day I'm have

like a six pack already bro say your


hi my name's Martin for California so

mark I just met you right now we're

walking I was actually gonna hit that

gas station right now I just hit it up

um how long you been doing this

collecting cans and bottles January 2016

I started doing it really and then

you've been doing it ever since

we're doing ever since yeah that's my

truck uh la like today Tuesday it's a

slow day for Kansas ladies you need to

stay put usually I hit this parking lot

one more cordula

and I go to target every day about

everything really

so that's the average $10 every day

every day so you may live out your car

never much I've been there man's on that

if you mind me asking what's your plan

what would you like your net steps to be

my next steps be is do a good job

yeah good job maintain my

to a house an apartment but right

now can is what something you survive

it's which helped me survive father

daily on a daily it's out there it's

free money people throwing it away you

know as well you know I mean you look

fit broke think you know the walk you

must help a lot walking does help stay

you know same fed away from the drugs

keeping you so busy myself I'm gonna go

collect some more cans let's see I'm

gonna try beating $10 man all right man

youtubers just want to let you guys know

that hey man stay up and you're down and

out Man 3 money on the ground everyday 3

money right there are any people just

throwing it away when use it we spices

can't pay me for my time and I thank you

very much and I appreciate it they

hopefully help you out man it will right

you guys have a good day way alright man

what can I kiss this whatever it should

be up by next week what did you have in

the morning in the camera man oh I never

sleep well you woke up in the couch



told me just go for it every time they

see me they say it is so why you so mad

at me last

but there's so many rappers that they

all started color

battery somebody will end up dead in a

bourbon no I'm gonna run accounts now

now that we can I got the whole you know

a little bit better gas stations for

sure that's where the nickels are at

Mambo I'm kind of lost already


nah man somebody's been here before

somebody beat me to it because most of

their trash cans have a lot of trash in


no cans and bottles nah somebody beat me

to it there was a there's a bird it was

was it earlier the first bird gets a

warm what is it there something like


earliest forget some worm now I don't

want to say it wrong contribute a whole

bunch of people in the comments

correcting me because you know they're

smart the early bird gets too warm well

there's a bird who woke up even sooner

than I did if I don't get no cans from

the park this somebody has territory



definitely no shopping centers like this

three good spot for Nicholas





that's it

got something not a lot so game plan is

a my ear a little bit then I'm going

back to the gas stations and back to

Walmart it should be lunchtime by the

time I get over there so you guys might

think Reyes

you're collecting cans would you eat

well when I used to be homeless this is

a lie gallon water a dollar fill it up

for like 35 cents and then peanut butter

and jelly sandwich

we dollar jar of peanut butter and jelly

and one dollar loaf of bread and free

spoon from McDonald's cuz you know I'm

loving it so two sandwiches water a

little break let's get back on the grind

so to be fully transparent I did get a

ride back to Walmart where we all

started because I need to get my lunch

if any of you guys give me about getting

a ride to Walmart when I've been walking

all day

dang 11 it's busier now I'm gonna go

back I'm I hate Walmart on my head the

fast foods on my head the gas stations

and let's see if we could get more

Nicholas oh you know I'm trying new

hustles you just want to know what my

Mets hustles are gonna be maybe in the


you're why you bought it you think your

boy grades don't got no other skills bro

you guys don't know my backstory

I'm from Mexico man we got survived

always look at that guess what I'm

making guess what I make


nice Wow

let's see it's a doggy with a long tail

with a long - what I was trying to go

for kangaroo but you know I'm still

practicing I can do that


bloom in the darkness a to Yemen and

that's the reverse that never rehearsed

jumping in first lunchtime at a gas

station the jack pilots counted together

one nickel


seven seven nickels

that's a savage put them in prison with

these buses spinning and excited I

believe in I'm on a mission super funny

is that like well filer trash bag people

look at me like they mean mug all of

your knows that we're just walking

around and people just start looking at

you when you make eye contact they look

away has ever happened to you oh yeah

all the time

I'm right all the time no one has ever

the whole day no one has make eye

contact with me because I should carry a

bag of cans with me all the time man I

love it when nobody just all day every

day but you know what it's because of

society we live in a society where

pretty much people who pick up casts or

homeless people they're invisible

regular people don't see him anymore

they just walk right pass up I don't

even know if that's a good thing or a

bad thing

but for me I like it when nobody looks

at me just mind my own business

it's one o'clock I'm gonna be shut up on

this with you I did my route again in

the gas stations the parking lot I got

some buh but in the meantime I was

thinking where else am I gonna get

cancer and then he hit me find a road

that has a lot of traffic that is close

to agriculture like this because there's

a lot of traffic people just still two

cans and bottles on the side of the road

I am gonna wear this vest yeah there you


hey got our Walmart so if I get pulled

over I don't know we'll see what's up

and I am gonna get a brand new bag so

the game plan all the way over here all

the way over there and come back and

let's see how much we could fill up this

bag and just letting you know I did get

it right over here alright stop giving

me step into my circle with a person

that hurt me when I pull a flying purple

people eaters good invited mrs. peppers

of walking the diary

skin black Oh lubricant weapon kicking

like a Bronco head honcho spherical

presents game from the blood of a dead

rapper wrapped his body in the patch of

a grekes melon with the combat like

pronto psychic our kamikaze rockin body

armor when I change legs hard enough the

body box of bullets shake is made right

you got shook yeah oh yeah yeah yeah


picked up look at this this has to be at

least dolls and leaves so the side of

the road on a busy street and lonely gas

station gold mines just keep getting I'm

gonna put this in the car and get a new

bag we get loan to go this goes out to

the old G revs entrepreneur fans if you

find a bottle and it looks like lemonade

it's not eliminated haha oh man I'm

tired but you know what we gotta take a


look peanut butter jelly sandwiches free

advertisement to schmucker's Goomer

grape and jar of peanut butter and jelly

a loaf of bread will feed you for about

three days if you really stretch your

man here we go a sandwich for lunch take

a break i'ma walk you know what I don't

know Kenny Savage I need to ask you a


am I gonna be a chump if I called it off

early you know you know I'm hurting man

I've started to walk funny I'm something

get crabs

I don't know sure I keep going what do

you think tell me what do the fans think

our fans want me to kill myself that's

what they want they want me to go till I

drop send somebody else

but how man you know what am i eat I'm

gonna pick you up I'm gonna eat you

thirty minutes

and I'll let you know why I don't know

man I mean wow you know what

I'll get back at you in 30 minutes

I wish I could tell you Oh superhuman

but I'm not so I'm a walk this street so

I'm gonna walk this long street collect

many nickels that I can go to Walmart

and see how much I have my goal is to

hit at least $10 what didn't can't

establish you did we hit it I think so

you think so we hit ten bucks man all

right that's it and bounce keys Tim Balz

keys man cuz I mean I've been that

distance it's a.m. it's three o'clock

all right so let's get to it


trying to get the fourth bagful let's

see we can make it happen





what you got is it full my good man I

yell every more almost though alright

alright Mose

maybe by the end of the street okay

hopefully it's full and we'll see how

much we made today



pink and savage pool a little bit more

oh yeah looks like money to me brother

is it fool will anymore it's full now no

no question can you damage we gotta get

to that red house over there

red house okay literacy that's how far

away it is oh there it is

red Allison and zoom back see how far to

walk yeah we're about that far that far


I'm not I'm not giving up Kenny Savage

until I walk through that red house over


arte where we at man man we just passed

a bit half strain now the Red House

that's it man

waiting in the back and just do what you

think it's for not yet I think like two

more tall boys would do it man where can

we find two more tall boys

oh man kind of sound like we already saw

my head up hey sounds like you already

seen them right there

go finish it this go four inches back

strong what yeah look at that

this is uh there's a last five cents to

the ten dollar goal right here but

that's it man now it's overflowing I'm

done and you know what I wish I could

tell you I could go more but now I know

imma get some blisters on my feet cuz I

fell them already I'm getting this mark

sharp pain in my feet am I telling you

to quit your day job and go collect cans

all day know maybe spend an hour to just

walking around


see how many you could collect you know

and then just film in your backyard or

something let them build up but we got

four of these bags let's see how much

we're gonna get going to Walmart driving

cuz you know I walk too much already and

the country roads man that's where the

nickels are at I mean no competition

nobody bothering you of course I didn't

enter any private property

I want my vest for safety so I'm coming

cars could see me but hey you know if

you live in the country nickel City

right there over here Walmart they start

recycling do you guys know that the

problem is that you literally have to

take all your cans and bottles inside

and physically count them hey anything

for the ten dollar goal your Walmart if

you want to become a sponsor in my

videos let me know I got you guys yeah

I'm trying to make money moves over here




what was their goal Kenny Savage $10 10

bones them bones please let me show you

the wall Mauricio how much we got 935

man hello hey we said $10 bro we gotta

go pee I'm done that's it 935 and this

is what I think about it now am i

telling you to quit your day job and go

Calais aluminum and plastic no am I

telling you this is a perfect way for

making some money no what I am saying is

if you can't find a job you don't got

money and you got time in your hands you

gotta do what you gotta do to survive

people who collect cans and bottles they

have my respect now if you enjoyed this

episode make sure to press the like

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like this are coming and I'm curious

have you ever recycled how much have you

made write in the comments below

appreciate you taking the time to watch

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