How to Quickly Turn Coins to Cash (free)

hey guys I'm gonna show you how to

quickly turn coins into cash if you have

a bunch of coins laying around and want

to turn them for whatever reason and two

bills this is a good trick to know so

this trick is actually really easy all

you need to do is go to a store with the

self checkout machine I have five

dollars worth of quarters

I'll show you in the video how I do it

and I'll explain what I did after

so if you have five dollars worth of

coins all you have to do is put over

five dollars worth of items into you

scan it into the self-checkout machine

and then from there you would put all

your coins in and don't complete the

payment just cancel it and then once you

cancel it it'll spit the cash out

instead of giving you all your coins

back so that's the end of the video I

hope it helps somebody you guys don't

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and share the video that would be really

really awesome I would appreciate it

alright guys see you later