How to sell gold to get the most cash ? Where to sell gold ?

selling gold for cash is not a bad idea

in financial hardship you may be in a

situation that you just need to make

your bill payment wand extra cash or

simply just couldn't make it to the

payday at this situation cashing gold

can be one of the fastest solutions gold

buying business is growing in millions

of dollars in the u.s. since gold prices

hit $1,900 in 2011 this inspired today's

gold hunters strike in hundreds to open

up new pawn shops to buy gold and sell

maybe you have already seen cash for

gold signs around the city finding the

real experts among the gold buyers can

be burdensome if you don't know what

your gold is worth then you may risk

selling it to shady businesses here is

the list of things you should know

before you take to any particular pawn

shop or any gold buyers first you must

do your research online before you take

your gold anywhere today's modern

technology allows anyone to get all the

information about any local business

online not leaving your home

choose the store that has more customer

feedback and reviews second you ought to

find out purity of your gold look at

your items jewelry coins rings etc and

check its purity usually it's marked

with 10k 14k or 18k etcetera or its

marked with numbers like 417 585 or etc

these numbers show purity of gold for

example if you have a ring made with 10k

gold it means the ring has 41.7% pure

gold in it so the higher karat is the

more pure gold it has it means that you

should expect to get more money for your

gold as its purity goes up if you can't

find any mark or can't figure out

whether it's gold or not then you can

just take it to any gold buyer shop and

get it tested there you can also order a

testing kit online

jewelry's purity needs to be checked by

testing processes such as an acid

scratch test electronic tester or x-ray

fluorescent scan presence of stamp is

not enough since fraud has become more

common in the current gold rush

one might find illegitimate markings on

jewelry quite often third you need to

look up a spot price you can use

websites like gold price org to find out

current the gold price which is usually

given a dollar amount per troy ounce if

you are in gold buy and shop an

associate can weigh your piece of

jewelry and coins for you it is your

call to ask the jeweler to explain how

they do appraisals let's say you have a

gold bracelet that has 14k mark on it

and it weighs 10 gram a shop is offering

you $100 you can ask how much he is

paying for each gram and what percentage

of market spot pricey is offering you

even can find out your Gold's value

yourself by using simple math 10 grams

of 14k bracelet as 58% pure gold

so 58% of 10 grams is five point eight

grams so your bracelet has five point

eight gram of pure gold next you look at

the spot price online price is for one

troy ounce of gold as there are thirty

1.1 grams in one troy ounce the spot

price divided by 31 point 1 brings out

the price of gold for each gram this way

you know what your gold is worth before

you even visit any shops for a quote the

reason you want to do this kind of

calculation is that you will be able to

spot which shop is offering a fair price

well established reputable businesses

pay at least 75% of the market price

then they sell it to refiners for over

90% of the market price if they don't

tell you what percentage of the spot

price they are paying then it's a red

flag if your jewelry has stones or

diamonds then you can ask to get paid

for them the most stones have no resale

value or hard to find a buyer

however diamonds are worth a good amount

of money you can negotiate a price for

diamonds usually gold buyers offer you

to remove the stones and give them back

to you since they are paying only for

gold these are some tips that you can

use if you're looking for places to sell

gold it is always a good idea to choose

the one that has more customer reviews

and feedbacks make sure that

establishment is permanent and wreck

of all ask plenty of questions and make

sure that they are being transparent

about how they determine the value of

your gold these techniques help you get

the most cash for your gold silver or