How To Sell Your Clothes For Cash

okay we have a good old-fashioned

fashion question

this one says Lauren I was wondering if

you could suggest or know of where I

could sell clothing and shoes I'm

downsizing and organizing and figured

they could be of use to someone else

not high-end but new mostly with tags


I'll put that back here great question

so first of all kudos for cleaning out

your closet it's a must to get rid of

things and find someone else that might

want them and hey if you can make a

little cash off of them even better I've

recently gotten to the habit of getting

rid of stuff I'm a bit of a fashion

hoarder if you will you can kind of see

it all around me but now I'm trying to

get rid of things before I bring new

things in so yay for you now what do you

do with them if you had high end items

or if anyone else out there does there's

amazing consignment stores so you can

look you know in your area here in Los

Angeles there's decades in Chicago which

is actually I mail my clothes there and

they sell them for me in Chicago this

place called luxury garage sale so we

have fancier higher-end items it's a

great way to get rid of your clothes and

make a few bucks back now if you don't

have really high-end clothes you can

still make some money here's a few

places that I know are in Southern

California they may be other places as


one is wasteland 2 crossroads and 3

Buffalo exchange so I'm sure I think

actually in the East Coasters Plato's

Closet like I'm sure there's other

places like that but those are some to

check out and you can look for one

similar now here's the secret the stores

like that because they're super annoying

you'll go in there with all of your

clothes you'll think they're beautiful

and super cute and they'll make you feel

like garbage about it they're like oh

what season is this you're like honey

it's old that's why I'm getting rid of

it but they're super snooty about it and

a lot of times they won't take your

items or they'll offer you like

pennies on the dollar it's just

insulting so here's what you do a little

secret from Lauren oh look I have a prop

one moment shopping bag from a high-end

store okay can we see this here

Barney's bag take your regular clothes

and put them in a shopping bag from

somewhere that's more high-end when you

walk in dress cute

wear your most fashionable outfit walk

in there confident happy positive and

they will think that your clothes or

more more special and stylish than they

actually are

this actually works like real talk

I do it all the time for like jeans and

t-shirts and things that I have that I

you know don't have room for them

they're not good enough to go to a fancy

place I put them in a fancy bag and I

dress myself up fancy and they're like

oh my gosh you're such a fashion plate

this stuff must be fashionable too and

they give you those big dollars so put

that in your pipe and smoke it that will

help you maximize your closet cleanse

put some more money in your pocket so

you can go shop for brand new things

hope that was helpful if you enjoyed

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