How to fund Binance wallet and swap a coin for another.

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okay right now we'll be talking about

how to

deposit money into your banan's account

a lot of nigerians and i feel a lot of

africans or a lot of people

are finding it difficult to phone their


and also um swap

a coin for another so in this short

video i'll be showing you how you can

find how you can fund your account

and probably this to time i will

um quickly add it to this video how you

can swap

your coins um for coin a coin for coin


so just um pay attention now this is my

banan's app

uh i click the build and

now this is your dashboard this is your

dashboard when you just click bananas

this is your dashboard

as you can see this is my account to be


we are going to okay

um i think i'll be needing brush

brush all right now guys

to be sure this click this part to

to be sure if this is my account or not

now this is my account i just clicked it

right now

as you can see this account is

verified so my account is verified

okay now let's check my wallet let's see

how much i have

okay i have um

all together 209 dollars well

that's that's a small money now these

are the coins

i have purchased so far

these are the coins i've purchased so


so the coins are purchased so far

so these are my these are the coins i

have so far

as you can see now the beautiful thing


cryptocurrency is

its ability to always increase in value

now look at as you can see i have like i

said i have um

over 209 right now you see

when i bought all this coin all these

coins you see here

the amount of money i spent all together

believe you me guys if if i'm not


it will be up to a hundred dollar i used

in buying all this coin

like i think i i bought this coins

around february march

now we are in september

now you see from although it took time

although it has taken a lot of time i

know from march till september is a long


but look at from hundred dollars to 209

i need to keep on increasing do you get

so that's one beautiful thing about

holdings buying cryptocurrency when they

are little

small in price and then holding them

until when they grow higher in price

well that is not the tutorial for today

the tutorial for today is

knowing how to fund your wallet to be

able to buy other coins now this is what

you want to do you want to go back home

here you want to go back home click home

it's already visible it's already

is that that you buy with your card or

you buy

via p2p this is a peer-to-peer

do you understand for me i always buy

with my card because it's quite easy

once you click it let's see where hdt


you click via card look at it's already


my currency which is ngn

naira nigerian naira

now it's very easy now it's saying spend

so so amount of nera to get

either btc let me show you is that if

you if you want to if you want btc

fine if you don't want btc there are

other coins just click it you see

btc bnb busd um

ethereum xrp repo

silica and usdt so but most times

i buy is that i buy

bitcoin or buy bmb or buy ethereum

because these coins they are more easier

to trade

for other coins do you understand so

let's say for instance um i want to buy

i want to spend just 5 000

naira okay okay see they've given us

okay there's a minimum amount should be


six thousand that is if we are using

cards there is a minimum if you are

using card

six thousand error wow all right

let me just indicate for this tutorial

propose i've been indicating six

thousand there

so six thousand nia would get me


bitcoin now i already have

if you see this part this part is what i

have in my

balance i have only four naira because i

i deposited last as in i think i

deposited when

then after doing the transaction this is

what i had i had left

so this is the balance i have in my

naira wallet

in bananas do you get so i'd been i had

up to six thousand i would just click it

then it would take from it but as you

can see

it's not there amount exited the

available balance so it's not there

you get so right now it is with new card

then you click

next once you click next

see my name is already there smith card


expiry date and all these things it is


simple as abcd do you get me

so once you once you make your purchase

now once you make your purchase let me

show you because i'm not buying

i don't intend buying but i'm just doing

this for tutorial purpose

now once you make once you spend this

amount you will automatically get

0.001 to 85

bitcoin in your wallet now let's say for

instance you already got that in your


and you want to um trade

bitcoin for tron so let's see

let's see what you now need to do is

search for tron

what i just click now to bring out all

these alphabets here

let me show you what i just clicked this

was what i clicked

this was what i clicked as you can see a

to z

to bring that on the alphabet then

locate t

um c locate t

oh why is this stuff here move away

so look it's t

i see okay this is t okay st

so scroll down look for the coin you

want to buy

this is why bit um binance is awesome

because bananas have almost all the


all the um meaningful coins so this is


this is trx i've clicked through x so

what you want to do now let's say for

instance you already have

one 0.001 whatever

bitcoin the one you just bought now as

you can see it is showing you here now

that you can trade

crax for bnb like i said i love buying

bmb you can trade crx for btc

you can trade trx for ethereum you can

also trx for usdt

busd whichever but it is bitcoin we just

bought so we have let's say for instance

we already have

0.001 bitcoin in our wallet so you just

click this

once you click it terry x to btc

once you click it let's see where to

take us to take us straight to the

trading platform

to take straight to the trading platform

this is the trading platform

do you see now what you want to do is

um click this

amount of trx this

so let's say for instance if you don't

want to click all this if you don't want

to do all this maybe it is too

long just click this hundred percent

here if you click hundred percent

you see it automatically brings out the


of look at

as i clicked 100 now i have available

uh btc this is the availability i have

do you get me zero points is it one two

three four four zeros

is the amount of btc i have now when i

click the hundred percent i mean i want

to use

all the money i have on my btc wallet

hundred percent of it to buy drone now

look at the amount of strong

i could buy with that that is if i want

to use

all the money in my btc

um wallet that we just funded right now

to buy tron

so you click on represent it to

automatically give you the

amount of tron that would get you which

is this five

do you understand it so let's say if you

don't want to use all the btc you have

to balance you want to use half of it

click 50

as you can see only two

only two trx i can buy with that

so once you just do that just click the

buy button

total value must be at least let's see


total value must be at least 0.0001 so

meaning i can buy this i must buy

something of 0.0001

do you get me and if you remember the

amount we deposited was 0.001

so at the beginning i had such amount i

would have been able to buy

um tron now i'm just trying to let you


how easy it is

to purchase to swap any coin for any


on baynes do you understand me so first

of all

fund your uh your wallets your business


either with ethereum or btc or usdt

or bmb you can buy through your card

your nigerian card it

accepts every country now once you buy

once your btc is already your wallet

then you locate the coin you want to buy

once you locate the coin you want to buy

like i told you guys go to your wallet

locate the coin let's say for instance

let me just use any coin as an example

let's see this let's use this as an

example this

qtum just click it

once you click it as you can see it's

already showing us

qtm btc if it is qtm you want to buy

just click it click qtm btc and let's

say you already have btc in your wallet

once you click it you just what you're

doing now is you're selling

bitcoin to get qtum

it's just like forex do you understand

me and it's quite easy

now your available btc will appear here

do you get so if all the btc you have in

your wallet is what you want to use to

buy qtum

what you just need to do is click this

hundred percent

so once you click it hundred percent

automatically see this is the amount of

qtum we can get

do you understand it now is as easy as

abc i know this video has how many

minutes wow 12 minutes guys

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