$4,000 in Coin Star and paying NO FEES, Cash for Cash. NO GIFT CARDS!!

what's up everybody it's me Z my brother

John and today the kings of ending are

in San Francisco to finally deposit all

those coins that we collected so today

we're going to show you guys how number

one we avoid paying fees for the coins

our machine we're going to use and

number two just how many coins it takes

to jam the coin star machine so let's

get to jamming already everybody so we

have arrived at our destination here to

deposit our coins and the way we get

around from paying fees to the points

our machine is by being a part of a

credit union I can't speak for all

credit unions but our specifically

doesn't charge us any fees for using

their phone star machines so I would

check in with your local credit union

and see what kind of benefits they can

provide for you

so I've only got two bags on this dolly

and I am struggling so you can imagine

just how many coins we've gotten these

bags and he's got his own dolly over

there so see you guys on the inside

Oh God








hey Dad









a 68 75

- OH all right everybody that completes

our coin deposit for Tuesday total comes

out to four thousand three hundred sixty

nine dollars and fifty two cents and

that's just coins also want to mention

that we saved four hundred thirty six

dollars by not having to pay that fee

for being a part of our credit union so

like I said check out your local credit

union to see what kind of benefits they

can offer you and if you guys liked what

you saw today again like subscribe

comment let us know what else you want

to see bye