either youtubers this.jb coins and try

and show you the proper way to use a

coin star machine what options you've

got so that you don't lose money in the


a lot of people misunderstand this if

you put your coins in and ask for cash

they will charge you ten point nine


call it eleven percent of your money so

if you put in a hundred dollars or the

change you're going to get charged at

ten dollars see me eleven dollars so

you're going to get eighty nine bucks

back for your hundred dollars for the

change doesn't sound like a very good

deal does it you do have other options

though one is you can donate the money

to charity if you don't need the money

and you're just trying to get rid of it

what I do all the time or what we do is

we choose the e gift card there's no

like it says there's no fee so proceed

we show you this without getting thrown

out of here so if you use iTunes

Applebee's Starbucks Chili's Nike stop

with error let's see what else they got

this that looks like this store this is

all they've got on there if you use this

it's absolutely free you get a gift card

that comes out of the machine I we use

it for Starbucks we use it for on

machine we use it gives us the option

for Amazon so we either get a card for

Starbucks or we get a card for Amazon if

you got a family you go to Applebee's do

that or Chili's you know and convert

that money into a hundred percent of

your money don't give them 11 percent

because if it's 100 bucks you're out 11

dollars that's crazy so you're losing

money so this is a much wetter better

way to do it you get 100% of your money

and you get the satisfaction that you

you know you didn't get ripped off so

hope you find this interesting hope it's

helpful a little short quick one JB

coins until next time please like

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