Cashing In 5 Gallon Bucket Of Change! No Fees With Coinstar!

what is up YouTube and welcome back to

another awesome video guys check this


we have a ton of boxes of open coins

here that I need to return to a coin

star to get my money back and I also

have a five-gallon bucket here so what

we're gonna do is put all of these coins

into that bucket get a twin star and see

how much we got guys let's do this



all right guys got the bucket pretty

much full as you can see there's just a

little bit space left so what I'm gonna

do is open up this bag that I would try

to take back to Bank of America and dumb

and we'll just dump this in there just

to finish it off that's pretty cool

that's pretty much there guys all right

let's get over there to the point star

but first I'm gonna need some strength

to lift this bucket so super Ram peanut

butter give me strength all right guys

we are here I got the bucket in the car

I don't know how I did it but now I

gotta get it out of the car it's gonna

be fun let's go


check it


doesn't look like there's anything in

there today let's go ahead and do this

image go ahead in the shoes he give cart

so there's no feet go down let's see I

think I'm gonna go with

because points

alright here we go guys


alright that a lot we get one

all right guys we're about halfway there

let's keep going so guys you hear this

different noise it just switched buckets

I thought he was gonna say Emma and cool

but you just swish buckets so left out

we are down to the very last one dump it

in how much are we going to be at what's

the total gonna be

that's it and I'm going to go ahead and

get the rejects

Callister those rejects in one more time

almost done let me get quiet

made the people stick it out a lot

all right I think that's gonna be it

guys you picked out the rest all right

so we are done so we are gonna get our

Amazon gift card for $210 and 92 cents

let it catch up hit OK confirmed for you

gift card thank you please rate the

quickly to finish thing alright so we

got our voucher right there for two

hundred and ten dollars ninety two cents

we better grab our rejects whatever come


which is quite a bit and I will check