Best Crypto Exchanges 2021: My TOP 5 Picks!! 🧐

let's face it there are a lot of crypto

exchanges out there

gone are the days when you were strapped

for choice today

the choice is overwhelming this is not

only a challenge

for those new to crypto but it also

means those who are currently using

an exchange constantly have to wonder if

they really do have

the best deal fret not

because this video is going to give you

exactly what you need to know about the

best exchanges on the market right now

my name is guy and today i'll be going

over my top

five exchange picks i will cover their


pros and cons and compare them side by


all that is to help you assess your

options and pick

the right crypto exchange for you


now before i get going i need to cover

my ass

don't let this queen's english fool you

i am no financial advisor and that means

that this video

is for educational purposes only

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houston we are ready for liftoff

now i'm sure that many of you are like


and are that crypto guy in your

friendship group

yes i know that means that you're the

guy that your so-called mates make fun


when those crypto markets are in the

toilet however

when those markets are blasting off then

i inevitably get asked the question

guy what's the best crypto exchange

every single time i turn around and just

tell them that they're asking me the

wrong question

and that a better one to ask is what's

the best

crypto exchange for me after all

we all prioritize different things so

there really is no

one-size-fits-all answer here with that

in mind

i want to be straight up and just say

that these exchange picks

are in no particular order

first up i have coinbase pro which is an

advanced trading platform

operated by the folks at coinbase so

that begs the question who are these

coinbase chats

well they were one of the first

companies to enter the crypto exchange

game back in 2013.

the company is based in san francisco

and has 35 million users

that have traded 220 billion dollars in


another fun fact is that coinbase's most

recent round of funding for 300 million


valued the company at 8 billion so yeah

this slot run a pretty damn serious

crypto exchange

so that brings me on to a key question

who can use

coinbase pro well the good news is that

coinbase is accepted in over 100


so the chances are that if you're

watching this video you'll be able to

trade on coinbase pro

this also includes my friends from the

us in any state other than hawaii

signing up to coinbase pro is pretty

damn straightforward however

the thing to know is that you need to

create a regular coinbase account

first and then log into coinbase pro

your login and password for pro are

exactly the same as your basic

coinbase account once you log into

coinbase pro you'll see a trading panel

like the one right here here you can

place a market or limit order and stops

i know that may sound complicated and

daunting to crypto newcomers

however i can promise you that it is

quite straightforward

if you want a step-by-step guide on how

to trade on coinbase pro

then be sure to watch my video right


another feature offered on this exchange

would be leveraged trading up to three


honestly i would not recommend using

leverage unless

you know what you're doing and the

comfortable trading spot markets

for many newbies this is a very fast way

to get to a place called

wreckedville not a place that i

recommend to anyone visits

when it comes to deposit methods it's a

little all over the shop at coinbase and

dependent on which country you're based


however major supported payment options

include bank transfer

paypal debit and credit card if you want

to check out which deposit options are

available for your country

then be sure to check out the link in

the description below

all that segues me nicely onto the topic

of fees

i know it can be tempting not to pay too

much attention to these

but trust me folks they do add up and

can seriously eat into your long-term


there are two main fees here deposit and

withdrawal fees

and trading fees let's look at deposits


the thing to know is that ach and swift

deposits are completely free

usd wires are charged at 10 and see per

euro deposits incur just 15 cents in


withdrawals are free for ach 25

for usd wires 15 cents for super


and one quid for swift the good news for

people wanting to withdraw crypto off

the exchange

is that this is entirely free

now if you are like most people and are

trading less than 10 000

per month then you'll be paying 0.5

percent in trading fees

yes that scales down the more volume you

do and you can see that fee schedule

over here

the next thing to talk about is the

range of cryptocurrencies available for

trading on coinbase pro

yes some people might use coinbase pro

to just buy bitcoin

and send it over to another crypto

exchange to buy more exotic old coins

however right now about 40 different

cryptos are available for trading

that's not too shabby at all now

i know all of us hope to never have to

use customer support

but it is something worth considering

when choosing an exchange

after all it's damn annoying if you have

a problem and you're left hanging for


at coinbase pro you can submit a support

ticket through their form

and they'll get back to you over email

however i'm going to level with you i've

personally had my patients stretched to

breaking point by coinbase support they

just seem to ignore me for days

so just be aware of that if you opt for

coinbase pro and pray

you never need to enter that customer

support maze

coinbase pro does offer phone support 6


and 6 pm pt however here's the bad news

these support agents cannot help with

any account specific queries

like order statuses specific

transactions or your account history

every customer support query i've ever

made has been linked to one of these


so this type of support might as well

not be there if you ask me

the next thing to discuss would be

security coinbase pro

holds 98 of user funds offline

those private keys are then split with


encrypted and copied to super secure usb


and paper backups these are then popped

in safe deposit boxes

scattered throughout the world so if you

want to keep your funds on an exchange

coinbase is pretty damn secure coinbase


also has fdic insurance for us dollar


this is the same insurance banks use to

protect customers

and what that means is that us dollar

balances below a quarter of a million


are insured by the us government good

news if you're a us citizen

and are holding us dollars on coinbase

oh yes

in terms of securing your account

coinbase pro has a host of security

features like two-factor authentication

now one major drawback that i need to

tell you about is the frequent exchange


at times of high market volatility that

can be insanely annoying

if there is a massive market move which

you can't take advantage of

finally coinbase pro does offer ios and

android mobile apps for those that want

to trade on the go

if crypto trading bots are something

that you're interested in then the good

news is that

most major third-party bot software


coinbase pro if you've been wondering

what cryptobots are

and which are the best ones out there

then you will want to check out my

dedicated video on that

right here so

now you know the ins and outs of

coinbase pro who is it for

well honestly out of all the exchanges

i'm going to mention on this list

coinbase pro is probably

the easiest one to use however you

should know that you'll be paying some

of the highest exchange fees out there

for that privilege and dealing with less

than stellar customer support

if you're new to crypto and are wanting

an easy way to get into crypto

using fiat then coinbase pro is

certainly worth considering

however there are probably better

options out there

for more experienced crypto dabblers

at number two i have uni swap

this is a decentralized market making


it's essentially an open source dap

built on ethereum that enables you to

swap eth for any erc20 token in a truly

decentralized way

all that is combined with a super simple

and easy to use interface

that also connects to popular web 3.0

wallets like metamask

so how does uni swap differ from

centralized alternatives like

coinbase pro well on uni swap there is


company holding your funds and instead

you're always in control of your own

crypto assets in other words it is


now i know that may not sound like a big


however try telling that to the poor

souls who had their crypto controlled by

the likes of quadriga cx

man gox or cryptopia the lesson to learn

from these centralized exchange


is that things can go pear-shaped in a

very big way if you trust the wrong

company with your crypto

indeed that's the key reason why so many

people in the crypto space support

decentralized exchanges

now here's something that a ton of

people don't know

in september of this year uni swap

actually reported

more trading volume than coinbase so

gone are the days when dexes were a

plaything of super crypto geeks

the upshot of uniswap's decentralized

nature is that there are no

country restrictions to speak of in

terms of unique features

liquidity pools are what makes uni swap

decentralized and are the mechanism

through which you can actually earn

trading fees with uni swap these are


pools of tokens which sit in smart


i go into all of that in my video over


another feature that privacyhawks value

is that there is no kyc to speak of on


so if you value that then this is the

exchange for you

because uni swap is non-custodial that

means there are no such things

as deposit or withdrawal fees instead

you'll pay

ethereum gas fees to send those tokens

to the protocol

and a 0.3 liquidity provider fee to swap

them now

i do need to give you a brief warning

about these ethereum gas fees

if the network is super congested then

these can cost you an

arm and a leg indeed in early september

this year

a straightforward eth to die swap on uni

swap cost a staggering

55 in gas fees

since then these fees have fallen to

more reasonable levels but

just keep an eye on those fees before

you make a swap

another thing to note is that uni swap

is solely an erc20

crypto decrypto exchange that means to

use it

you'll need to have at least some

ethereum or erc20 tokens already

there are no fiat deposits or

withdrawals here i'm afraid

in terms of supported cryptocurrencies

if you want to get your hands on an

erc20 token then chances are

it's listed on uni swap that's literally

hundreds of cryptos

however just be aware that you won't be

able to get your hands

on any cryptocurrencies outside of the

ethereum ecosystem here

next i want to talk about customer

support as uni swap is a dex

things work a little differently here

the best way

to get help here is by bumbling into the

uni swap discord group

and asking your question in the support

chat there

for those of you that are trading whilst

out and about uni swap doesn't really


a dedicated mobile app however you can

launch the app in your mobile browser

and connect to a mobile wallet

the uni swap ui is well optimized

seeing that uni swap is non-custodial

you might not think there are any

security concerns

however the key risk here is the same as

any other d5 project and that would be

smart contract bugs i've not heard of

anything on that front

but just be aware of that so

who is uni swap for well in my humble

opinion it's the perfect exchange for

anyone who is reasonably experienced in


and wants to keep control of their

private keys and not entrust their funds

to a centralized exchange privacy hawks

will also

love the lack of kyc however

some might find the lack of support for

crypto outside of the ethereum ecosystem

limiting and gas fees can sometimes make

the exchange

prohibitively expensive to use

my third exchange pick has to be binance

okay team the first thing to note is

that there are several versions

of the binance exchange you have the

likes of binance singapore

binance uganda finance u.s binance

jersey etc

etc the thing to know is that these are

different exchanges from

which you can think of as binance's

global exchange

if you're watching from the us then you

might want to watch my deep dive

into binance us right here

put very simply finance is the biggest

exchange in the world and processes


2 billion in daily volume so who can use

well if you're based in the u.s uganda

or singapore you'll have to use the

version of the exchange for your

respective countries

aside from that the only countries

blocked are those that fall under u.s


i'm talking about the likes of iran and

north korea here

when it comes to exchange features where

do i start

on binance you get access to the most

extensive crypto spot market in the


a suite of advanced trading tools

the ability to trade on margin and an

over-the-counter service to get you

better pricing without slippage

then there are a host of advanced

derivative products

these enable you to dabble in futures

markets with up to 125 times leverage

and to long or short tokens with up to

three times leverage

next you have crypto finance services

like binance earn which allows you to


bank busting interest rates on your

crypto the binance crypto card

gives you cashback of up to eight

percent oh and you

also have access to flexible

collateralized crypto loans

then there are exclusive initial

exchange offerings that you can take

part in on the binance launch pad

so yes there are a heck of a lot of

features to binance

when it comes to deposit methods all

crypto deposits are free

withdrawal fees are variable and

dependent on the crypto or fiat currency

you're getting off the exchange i've

popped a link to that in the description


binance also supports some of the lowest

fees for any exchange too

remember i said that you would get

rinsed for 0.5 percent in trading fees

on coinbase pro

well binance kicks things off with a 0.1


maker and taker fee pay that fee with


coin and you'll get another 25 off

trade a ton and you'll get further fee

discounts too

binance also supports a range of deposit

options for a plethora of different


however they have recently activated

visa and mastercard

deposits in addition to methods like

bank transfers

bank card fees for euros and gbp attract

a fee of 1.8 percent

whereas uk faster payments and sepa bank

deposits are entirely free

that brings me on to supported cryptos

in short finance is a bit of an altcoin


literally almost any crypto worth

getting is listed here

in terms of customer support binance has

you covered 24 7 with an online ticket


those binance customer support agents

will then get back to you over email

i have never had to wait more than 24

hours to hear back from them

when it comes to apps binance has gone

the extra mile with an excellent mobile

app for android

and ios and a desktop app for mac os

windows and linux so if you like apps

then binance has you covered

touching on security binance does use

best practices when it comes to cold


multi-signature wallets tiered access

and enhanced

cyber security detection systems however

the exchange did get hacked in 2019 for

seven thousand bitcoin

which was about two percent of all its

bitcoin holdings

what we can glean from this is that

binance holds about 98

of its users funds in cold storage

pretty much the same as coinbase pro

with all that being said users impacted

by the hack were all reimbursed by

binance's famous

safu fund we can't forget that

needless to say binance is supported by

every third-party trading bot worth


so with all that in mind who is finance


well honestly folks anyone who isn't shy

of dabbling in exotic old coins

my fourth top exchange has to be kraken


i'm not going to get into details on

this one as i have done a dedicated

comparison video

putting kraken in the proverbial ring

with coinbase pro

so if you want to learn more about that

then you should definitely watch the


right here

so that brings me on to my final crypto

exchange selection

and this one is for all you advanced

traders out there

it's ftx so who are these folks

well ftx is an exchange founded in may

2019 and is registered

in antigua and barbuda however their


are based in hong kong the exchange has

also raised eight million dollars in

external funding

and was incubated by alameda research a

quantitative trading firm

that trades up to one billion dollars a

day and manages

over 100 million dollars in assets so

who were some of those investors you

might wonder well one

was binance who announced a strategic

investment in ftx earlier this year

the key takeaway here is that ftx is a

damn serious crypto exchange with some

serious backers when it comes to

blocking countries

ftx doesn't accept residents of the

united states

cuba crimea sevastopol iran syria

north korea or antigua and barbuda so if

you're living in any of those places

then you are bang out of luck here

sorry in terms of features you first

have the bog standard spot markets with

dozens of different cryptocurrencies to

choose from

then you have the widest range of

perpetual futures markets that i've ever

feasted my eyes on then a host of


short and long leveraged tokens

volatility tokens and some really

interesting indexes

no joke you can buy a basket of [ __ ]

coins on ftx using their

shitcoin index or maybe you just want to

get exposure to defy easily by getting

that defy index

other interesting special tokens include

a trump 2020 token that enables you to

speculate on trump winning the 2020


if you're an options trader then don't

you worry ftx has also got you covered

with some sweet bitcoin options as well

oh yes the exchange also offers an otc

portal so those whales can get those

trades done

with minimal slippage a great deal if

you need to get large block trades done

so yes ftx has a whole host of features

geared towards the more advanced traders

out there

but what are the fees well

taker fees start at just 0.07

and scale down from there according to

trade volume

even better for the rest of 2020 maker


are zero and you can get up to a 60 fee


by holding various amounts of the ftx


you can see the discount schedule right

here i mean i wouldn't have used

microsoft paint to adjust the table but

each to their own at least it means low

fees for us hey

anyways what all that means is that ftx

is the cheapest exchange that i've

mentioned in this list

when it comes to deposits and

withdrawals for crypto assets ftx has

the best price possible

free however the thing to know here is

that if your deposit or withdrawal


exceeds your trade volume on the

exchange then you might be charged a 0.1

percent fee

so yes you probably don't want to

deposit here if you're not going to

trade much

now when it comes to fiat deposits

credit cards and wire transfers would be

the methods available to you

all the currencies here are supported

now i need to be straight up and warn

you that if you're withdrawing fear

using ftx then you'll incur a 75

fee for withdrawals under 10 000

so do be aware of that in terms of

crypto support

ftx doesn't offer the widest range of

cryptos for spot markets

however it does offer the largest range

of perpetual futures that i've come


and a ton of special futures products

like that [ __ ] coin index

so if that's what you're looking for

then ftx is a cracking choice

on to the support ftx has simple email

support options

i've honestly never had to use it if i

do i'll report back to you on that one

when it comes to security ftx operates a

cold storage protocol

so the majority of the funds are stored


for individual accounts they also have

two-factor authentication

and you can whitelist ip addresses too

finally as ftx operates a leveraged


one of the major risks is volatility and

that's why

ftx operates an insurance fund this

insurance fund acts as a reserve in case

liquidations of losing positions

cannot be done fast enough that

insurance fund currently sits at about 2

million dollars

and an additional 5 million ftt tokens

so a decent size buffer

so who is ftx4 well in my book the

exchange is for

experienced traders looking to use those

exotic instruments like perpetual


and leveraged tokens if that's your bag

you won't

find a better selection anywhere else

okay team that is my roundup of the best

cryptocurrency exchanges on the market

right now if you're interested in

signing up to any of them

then check out the links in the

description below

also i've spoken about exchange security

quite a bit here

however i don't recommend anyone keep

large coin holdings on a centralized


unless you're actively trading no matter

how secure an exchange might be

there is simply no substitute for a

hardware wallet to give you

that maximum security it's a tired


but it's always been true not your keys

not your crypto finally if you've

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