Cheapest Way to Cash Out Crypto from Exchange

hey guys was going on Vega here from

surfing ex-special forces and today

we're gonna be talking about cashing out

because a number of different exchanges

out there charge different fees

depending on the currency and to

maximize profits we're gonna take a look

at a couple things but I challenge you

to do your own research so that way you

can maximize your profits first off we

know the litecoin having's just around

the corner and that's possibly going to

increase the fees that we're gonna wind

up spending when we try to withdraw our

litecoin from whatever exchange but

moving forward I want to showcase

something to you

crypto fee saver comm is not a sponsor

of this episode however I do utilize

this website to identify what would be

the cheapest exchange or the cheapest

currency to use to pay the least amount

of fees coming from a mining perspective

it's all about getting the highest hash

rate at the best efficiency or reduced

power draw in this particular case we

want to maximize our profits while

minimizing the amount of fees we pay now

crypto fee saver does help us out in

just that in the opening page you can

see here that we can enter in the amount

the origin coin and a destination coin

that we were wanting to exchange to and

hit go but I like to come up here to the

top go to exchange fees and then sort by

fees by crypto or fees by exchange now

of course fees by crypto we can search

whatever currency we want to kind of

withdraw and see where the cheapest is

that we can include now there's only a

certain number of exchanges available on

this website not every exchange is on

here but if it one of your main

exchanges are here then just go to that

exchange and you can consequently just

look at what the different fees are per

the currency now if we wanted to

withdraw Bitcoin from our finance wallet

it will cost this 0.005 now this is just

a fee to withdraw our currency from that

exchange there's also going to be a fee

that you're going to wind up paying

when trying to convert that currency to

your local currency your fiat currency

euro US dollar so on and so forth

so to maximize your profits the exchange

in my personal opinion or my personal

experience is the one that's gonna hit

you the hardest for example if we kind

of look at the cost to withdraw a

Bitcoin from Finance it will cost us at

right now current market value five

dollars and forty three cents which is a

decent amount and we compare that

against high boo which is gonna be the

same bit tricks which is gonna be the

same crack in coup coin they're all

pretty much the same five dollars and 43

cents at current market value to

withdraw our Bitcoin from those

exchanges but if we look at the other

currencies there are different ways to

maximize now let's check out a theory

I'm real quick etherium at bye Nance is

gonna cost a 0.01

whereas in hi boo it's gonna cost a

0.005 now at theorem point zero zero

five is only at one dollar and eleven

cents while at bi Nance it will be two

dollars and 22 cents and every exchange

has a different amount for example bit

tricks will cost us a little bit more

than pie boo

but it looks like it will be less than

bye Nance cracking there's your number

there which is about the same as hi boo

and then coo coin it's gonna be about

the same as bye Nance this is a lot of

numbers and a lot of metrics to take in

so just sort by the currency you're

looking at or wanting to withdraw and

the exchange that you're utilizing what

can we do to maximize our profits well

if we look at X RP and litecoin litecoin

if we try to withdraw it it's only gonna

cost us and that's not the correct

number 0.001 litecoin which is nine

cents if we try to withdraw from finance

and hi boo is about the same bit tricks

is a little bit more cracking is about

the same point zero zero one and cue

coin the same thing

so litecoin what only cost us nine cents

to withdraw our currency from those

exchanges to whatever wallet we want and

whatever app or program excuse me

app or feature that we're utilizing to

exchange our currencies into our fiat

and XRP is the next best one that rivals

litecoin because if we look at XRP on

Finance it will cost us 0.25 which x RP

0.25 is only 7 cents however on other

exchanges it might cost us more on hi

boo it's less than finance but on bit

tricks it's 1xrp to withdraw from that

exchange which will be 31 cents versus 7

cents so each exchange has its own fee

based on the currency in the current

market value so before you exchange

anything you may want to do something

like this in the past instead of

withdrawing my Bitcoin to whatever

wallet that can help convert that

currency into fiat I instead exchange

that Bitcoin into litecoin then withdrew

it to pay the least amount of fees nine

cents and then converted that currency

like coin into fiat now because fiat you

know exchanging to fiat currency cost


for example coinbase charges 4% for

transactions when I calculated it the

$43 that I would try to exchange to a

fiat currency or US dollars would it

cost me a dollar 99 and while this

website does say 4% that kind of roughly

equates to 4.6 5% is what I saw when I

did my math but again that depends on

the current market value and the

exchange so I would challenge you to

look for the exchange that you like the

currency you're trying to convert or

withdraw and then make your decision

based upon those very

crypto fee saver can help you save money

but use it wisely and use it within the

confines of whatever your local

regulations are we're in this new era

where crypto is so new that the

regulator's are uncertain about it

the laws are being developed for it and

so there's a lot of uncertainty going on

right now a lot of exchanges the US

can't use and I know a lot of users

wound up using a VPN in order to use

that occur you know that exchange for

example by bid as you can see here is

not available and it's also not

available for US customers but many

people would use a VPN to use that

exchange to make trades so if you're

going to do something like that and

you're gonna be smart and try to find

loopholes and stuff like that be smart

enough to not get in trouble but I

always like to do everything within a

fine line to where everything is in

black and white so if the IRS or US

government asked me for information I

have everything backed up documented

electronically and by paper so that way

I can prove any trades or information we

don't know what this future holds for us

but we know it's a promising world once

blockchain continues to be developed and

introduced to the world so if you want

to maximize your profits and not get hit

with such a high exchange excuse me a

high fee using the exchange you love

then you can use websites such as this

and I'm sure there's many others out

there I just prefer crypto fee saver to

identify what would be the cheapest

currency to withdraw your funds from or

withdraw your funds to whatever program

utility app that allows you to convert

your currency into crypto so I wish you

the best of luck

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