What are the BEST Cryptocurrency Exchanges for US CITIZENS?!

what's up guys you're on the Voss coin

YouTube channel i'm bossk and today

we're gonna be talking about the best

cryptocurrency exchanges for US citizens

because to put it simply there's

different criteria buying and selling

crypto currencies things like Bitcoin

and aetherium or is simply more

difficult for u.s. citizens thanks to

the good ol US government compared to

most other countries we're gonna talk a

lot about fiat or USD basically dollar

on-ramps basically how do you turn your

dollars into cryptocurrency what are the

best exchanges for doing that we're also

gonna be talking about a crypto currency

debit card you quite literally turn your

cryptocurrency into dollars on this

thing and spend it at any store you want

to walk into Lowe's Home Depot Best Buy


swipe your Visa debit card sell equip

the equivalent of your cryptocurrency

right into dollars and now you're

checking out in the store doing all of

that just within one platform we're

gonna talk about signup bonuses what do

you get for signing up with these

different cryptocurrency exchanges and

basically like what's the best welcome

bonus we're we talking about the top

crypto currency exchanges guys crypto

comm finance u.s. coinbase Gemini Kraken

shape-shift cute coin maybe I've just

named a lot of the exchanges where we

talk about in this video but I'm gonna

rattle them off and cuddle in order that

I think is the best and then the most

prominent features in all of these

crypto currency exchanges stop talking

let's get into the video but if you're a

follower of the Voskhod youtube channel

you may know about the ten seconds of

tails tails are beautiful shiba inu are

Doge and while she's simply freaking



alright guys I've been talking a lot

about cryptic comm recently it's also

involved with this debit card here that

I was showing you guys and simply put

with kirt um you can buy selling pay

with cryptocurrency there's also a $50

signup bonus while I'm bringing this up

you can't use their exchange based off

their website if you're a US citizen

sorry but all of the buying and selling

of cryptocurrencies are built into their

application that's right guys so quite

literally you can buy sell and pay

cryptocurrency all through this app

right here off your iPhone or Android


you can also stay cryptocurrencies in

this device basically that means put

them lock them up in our interest on

them and a whole lot of other features I

could go on and on but this video is

going to be a concise one so I'm trying

to rattle off the individual features of

each exchange here one of the big

promotions they have going on right now

is the fact that you can buy

cryptocurrency with a 0% fee with your

credit card or debit card depending on

your bank some banks block them like one

of the banks I use is Capital One and

they will not let me buy any

cryptocurrency with my credit card

oddly enough I can buy with my debit

card so hey 0% fee is pretty sweet and

then the instantaneous way to buy

cryptocurrency again we talked about

their card it's really cool that they

offer a Visa debit card that you can use

to basically transmute your

cryptocurrency into dollars and use it

at any local stores depending on how

many of their MCO coins you were staking

you can get bumped up in the reward tier

there is no requirement to get their

first card and you get one percent cash

back on everything you're spending you

stake 50 MCO you unlock the signup bonus

any a 2% cash back and a 100%

reimbursement on Spotify I'm gonna go

all Billy Mays on you but wait there's

more if you stake 500 MCO and don't get

me wrong this isn't a small sum of money

we're getting towards $3,000 there but

you get 3% cash back on all of your

spending and a 100% reimbursement on

spotify and netflix ok 3% cash back on

all your spending is pretty wild you

take some of the top you know big bank

credit cards you can buy the most of the

time the best percent cash back you're

getting on everyday purchases will be

1.5% this is double that anyway we're

clearly into crypto calm in their app if

you want to learn more

about it and sign up and get the $50

signup bonus so we've got a link in the

video description below right there

where you can go ahead and do all of

that and we're also gonna have more

links on the video description below to

basically sign up with all the services

we're talking about today and get the

Associated Welcome bonuses so I would

say that I think crypto comm is gonna be

the number one crypto currency exchange

for a US citizen as far as ease of use

and additional features again like their

crypto arm program I mean they even just

started taking some etherium in there

yesterday earning 5% and just like that

you staked your theorem and I are only

five percent Interest crazy and one more

note about credit calm and staking your

coins on our platform basically so this

is something that personally gives me a

lot of just faith in their platform and

courage because simply put they have

extended their insurance coverage to

three hundred and sixty million after

securing another 100 million policy okay

so that is something that many projects

many exchanges and many whatever do not

have in place okay so 360 million I've

got several thousand on there I'm hoping

that if things really hit the fan that I

would be able to get my several thousand

out of that three hundred sixty million

dollars in their insurance fun speaking

of a theory of it's currently trading at

two hundred fifty dollars and this is

only Gemini exchange there's gonna be a

top option for residents of New York

which historically have a very hard time

buying and selling cryptocurrency

because of New York's registration and

the relevant bit license that exchanges

are required to acquire for transacting

with US citizens of that state

Gemini does have a welcome bonus as well

if you use our code you will get ten

dollars for signing up with them and

buying or selling them 100 dollars in

cryptocurrency they have a nice exchange

and there's it's a pretty

straightforward and it's always been an

enjoyable experience I have to say

without a doubt my favorite feature of

the Gemini cryptocurrency exchange is

that they have free wire transfers

normally a paid service no limit and you

can wire transfer not only in for free

but out for free and I don't even think

there's any limit I mean I've wire

transfer down just a couple hundred

dollars off of their cryptocurrency

exchange that means I'm getting it into

my bank account same business day and

while we can talk cryptocurrency this

and decentralization that at the end of

the day I still have to pay my mortgage

and they only

dollars and if I can withdraw some money

from cryptocurrency instantaneously

there and get it into my bank account to

make big important payments like that

that's a big deal that's a big appeal to

me and that alone along with just their

exchange working properly all the time

and being great option for New York

residence is just gonna be the simple

fact why I think they are the number two

ranked exchange for US citizens right

now coming in at number three we think

is the Kraken crypto currency exchange

first off Kraken has done a lot for

cryptocurrency in general and they kind

of stick up for the little guy in more

instances than one we've been using

Kraken since 2017 when we got into

cryptocurrency and we really enjoyed it

then but cryptocurrency was going crazy

then no exchanges could handle the

influx of users the volume and

everything like that and back then

Kraken actually unfortunately got really

slow to use so we had a period where we

kind of spoke out against Kraken and

since then they've enhanced their

servers enhanced their site in their

exchange and there are no problems

logging in and trading withdrawing

depositing cryptocurrencies or anything

like that one of the cool functions

they've got the comment following suit

with places like crypto comm that we

talked about earlier and they have a

staking function here which is pretty

cool to see so you can stake tasers

right now on their platform and they're

gonna be offering other coins at stake

there soon I do want to say if you are a

citizen of Washington state as well as

New York you will not be able to use

them next up but we're gonna talk about

coinbase everybody's heard of coin base

you search by Bitcoin this is probably

one of the first results a lot of

people's first crypto currency wallet

ever is gonna be on coin base a lot of

their first Bitcoin buys is gonna be on

coin base and you know for better and

worse we were one of those okay so coin

base is a fine exchange okay that the

only gripe I would say that I have is

gonna be with their fees they've

recently added a staking portion similar

to what we talked about on crypto comm

and Kraken and you can stake us DC which

is a stable coin and by doing so you can

earn one point twenty five percent I'm

not trying to show crypto comet on ER in

this video guys but you can earn 12

percent staking us DC in their app you

can also staked a Zoe's here which is

cool to see and anyway the point I'm

making with this is it's nice to see

them adding these

and adding more functionality to their

crypto currency exchange but the reason

that they are number four here on the

list and I think still a fantastic

option for buying and selling

cryptocurrency is because of coin based

Pro formerly known as G Dax coinbase Pro

is it's literally coin base and it's

kind of all built into the same system

with a fraction and I literally mean a

fraction of the fees okay

half a percent half a percent as opposed

to 1.5 and 4% fees over there on

coinbase just selling an $8,000 Bitcoin

and that's $300 is wild forty bucks that

hurts $100 hurts more $320 hurts a

freaking lot one of the big appeal is

also of coin base and yo4 ever see

people talking about coin base is that

if you get your friend to sign up or you

watching this video and you use our link

and you sign up you will get ten dollars

in Bitcoin for free when you buy or sell

hundred dollars more of cryptocurrency

on coinbase similar to Gemini's exchange

that we talked about however we've never

got a gemenon referral which means

either no one's ever used our link or

it's just like not crediting us next up

I want to talk about Finance us okay so

behind Anse over the last year simply

kicked us investors buyers we citizens

users whatever out and you can't use by

names calm anymore

however they launched by Nance us it's

like financed with a way less options

and so it's quite literally a watered

down finance but that's okay because I

have high hopes for finance us and let

me tell you why it's part of the finance

ecosystem they have a ridiculous amount

of money and as you can see right here

on their exchange they still actually

have a lot of coins on their exchange

already and most importantly they didn't

launch with a ton of coins and they have

been steadily adding coins and you know

whether you like alt coins basically

these other cryptocurrencies and

whatever you know that's up to you but

the fact of the matter here is that I

want to see more and more

cryptocurrencies on every crypto

currency exchange and if people choose

the buyers down there whatever that's

their choice I just want to have the


and really it's just as simple as that

trading on their change looks just like

finance it's the same platform and

essentially you know you got buying and

selling in the exact same formats limits

markets top limits and it's as simple as

that like by nice commas which we have a

tutorial on that this video is not a

tutorial just an overview of the

exchanges the fact of the matter is the

only reason they're really on this list

is because one they've done a good job

since they've opened here and the other

one of the newer exchanges to open in

the US and I and I'm very happy to see

like an exchange presence here in the US

pushing to just make cryptocurrency more

accessible and adding more Fiat or USD

on-ramps okay every exchange we've

talked about today is gonna have USD

Fiat on-ramps which is great to see and

I think with finances basically

limitless financial backing there's

almost nothing that they couldn't do if

they really wanted to or at least throw

a lot of money at a lot of things so I

hope that they will become you know more

interesting and offer more programs and

more incentives to use their

cryptocurrency exchange but if not you

know the guys it's kind of

understandable you may be thinking

bosque is that it that's the five

exchanges well I want to have a couple

honorable mentions here so first I want

to talk about shape-shift I think

shape-shift is another one of those

companies that's really good for the

cryptocurrency ecosystem as a whole one

of the main reasons I know about

shape-shift is because myself and so

many others use this platform so

freaking much into the 2017 bull run

when there was no kyc involved every

exchange we've talked about so far has

kyc and unfortunately now shape-shift is

no different but let's say you've got

dogecoin and you want to turn it into

Bitcoin you just go to their site and

this is how it used to be you just go

their site you click click and you click

quick I don't have addresses handy so I

can't like walk you through it exactly

but basically it gives you a minimum and

we do the quick option it tells you what

the instant rate is so you don't pick a

value or anything basically you send it

there they trade it in their platform

and they send you back the coin you want

that used to be crazy to just throw in a

site click click and do that and like

you actually got your coins back and

didn't get scammed for better and worse

now you do have to go you do have to

create an account

you have to go through kyc to utilize

their platform it's still a good

platform and I think their platform has

like a more futuristic and like I don't

know it just seems a little bit more

immersive when you use it anyway I just

my point is I think it looks cool but

the fact of the matter is is once they

implemented kyc it just became a lot

less interesting if I have to go through

that process it's more intrusive maybe

I'll just end up using a crypto currency

exchange do you think a platform like

this is really accessible for new users

the other exchange that I want to

mention in today's video for US citizens

is gonna be cute coin so there's

definitely some cryptocurrencies that

we've talked about here in the channel

that are only tradable on cue coin for

US citizens or really like the only

option for US citizens and I think you

coin is a good option for getting some

of these less commonly are less popular

you know by exchange you know adoption

crypto currencies for example we've

talked about energy before and they

recently just opened up a deposits again

on their platform for trading energy on

their new 3.0 platform but the point

here is that I mean this is really like

one of the only options for US citizens

to buy and sell these these coins we've

also talked about mining Walton chain

WTC and selling that this is where I

dump my WTC because it's quite literally

one of the only options I have for

selling Walt and Shane and that's why

I'm actually so happy and thankful and

grateful that cute coin is is even an

option for me you can also has a lot of

options on the kind of earning staking

front they have their land

Kulik soft staking and cue coin bonus

with their own kcs basic you coin token

there but to be honest I'm not

personally comfortable leaving my money

on an exchange like this especially one

that could not allow US citizens really

at any point I don't want to sound like

I'm no crap talk and cue coin or

anything like that that's just how I

personally feel this is a cryptocurrency

that I personally use to put coins in or

put Bitcoin in and buy other coins and

then I take it out I don't leave my

coins on this exchange and the potential

staking rewards on something that I

think is like a little a little more

obscure like this personally isn't worth

the risk to me but it may be to you so

yeah guys those are my favorite

exchanges for a US citizen I'm a US

citizen and

this is where I buy sell trade pay stake

whatever with cryptocurrency this is a

financial advice I'm just showing you

what I'm doing some of the things that I

use and utilize and it's just that make

my life easier and more enjoyable as a

crypto user based out of America so you

know again I've had great experiences

with all these platforms I've talked

about and I kind of shed some light on

just how I personally utilize them and

they're obviously gonna be additional

ways to utilize them at different perks

and bonuses and all that associated with

all these cryptocurrency exchanges but

if you're wondering what are the best

cryptocurrency exchanges for US citizens

here in 2020 and looking like it's gonna

stay this way moving forward well here

they are so if you enjoyed this video

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