Don't Go Broke Converting your American money for Cuban pesos|| Which is best Euro Vs. Canadian


hello everybody I'm welcome back to my

youtube channel and we can be talking

about exchanging money for your Cuban

trip is it best to exchange your money

and the American dollars and euros or

Canadians now number one if you exchange

your money in American dollars just know

that they're going to find it sucks the

hell out of you and you're not going to

have a lot of much the most popular way

to exchange your money is to exchange it

to euros or exchange it to Canadian

money now you have to do your due

diligence and do your googles and check

the exchange rate daily about y'all will

definitely check the trend for euros

versus Canadian for like Oh be good to

to see which one is your best pay at the

time because as you know the exchange

rate always changes and the American

dollar is like always especially when it

comes to euros for Canadians the

American dollar is a little bit stronger

so that's what you need to compare to

see how much money you're going to get

for your bank and then also how much

money once you convert it to a Cuban

money how much you're going to get so

there's multiple ways that you can

exchange your money you can change your

money at the bank you can change your

money add on any exchange rate places or

you can change your money at the airport

so personally I just change my money at

TD Bank because TD Bank had the cash on

hand and I didn't want to wait because

if I would have went with Bank of

America I would have had to submit an

order and then it became like within the

next two or three business days and I

didn't have time for that I get ready

antsy and I just want stuff done so I

didn't feel like I don't think I was

safe to be sent of money vml like I

don't know

and that was I believe for Bank of

America at 7:15 convenience feel like

you have to pay and then fatigue bank at

7:50 as well and you get your cash on

hand because they have at certain

locations in which is think you can also

order the money but it will come to the

bank it will be mailed to your house as

opposed to think of America they're

going to ship the money directly to your

house one of my friend she had exchange

her money at the JFK Airport at travel

racks and was able to exchange her money

from American money too

rose and she got how money right before

she bought and got on the plane so now

is it better to exchanger us ballast for

Canadian money or is it better to

exchange in u.s. dollars for euros so

personally with me I was the only one

other group to exchange our US dollars

the Canadian money and I started out

with four hundred and ninety seven

dollars in sixty five cents and I

received six hundred and fifteen

Canadian dollar

let's compare okay like I said I started

out with four hundred and ninety seven

dollars and sixty-five cents and I got

back six hundred and fifteen dollars my

friend she went to travel routes at the

airport and she exchanged five hundred

sixty six dollars and nine cents and she

got back four hundred and fifty two

dollars and euros we actually in Germany

at the air plea was going back to bed

and whether or not we should exchange

part you have our money here to compare

whether or not it would be cheaper and

to the city going to the banks or

meeting people whatever case may be

let me decided no let's just not waste

on let's just exchange all our money

come I 650 Canadian dollars was

equivalent to four hundred and fifty two

not four hundred and fifty one cook my

friend her 452 euros got her back 458

cool so if you look at it she got back

more than me but if you go back from the

beginning from the American dollars she

exchanged seventy dollars 69 rounded up

seven dollars more than me and only we

see seven cool more so in actuality if I

would have exchanged five hundred and

sixty six dollars in exchange data and

Canadian money then I would have been on

top so during my trip during my time in

February the best rate was to converted

to Canadian and then correct your

Canadians and make sure that you budget

your money when you get using your seats

number one put aside your cab fare to

get back to the airport

number two set us up all your cab fare

so that when you go and you want to

visit different locations you have all

that set aside and then set aside money

for souvenirs you're going to be so mad

if you do not bring back anything from

Cuba because honestly cubicles are one

place that I just wanted to buy

everything usually and less

that's person because I'm just like oh I

could just go to Canal Street and get a

futon with keychain and get or whatever

Jamaican flag Chinese flag or whatever

the stuff is important but with Cuba no

these others actually draw everything

that is for so I'm going to turn about

what the author said that it was 14 of

them and that they hand paint everything

and as you can see like it's just so




like it's like wow this is really like

it's authentic I guess not manufactured

in China so that was really really

interesting so I hope that my story

helps you offer your future trip to Cuba

and that you are able to maximize the

amount of money that you exchange and

you can have a phenomenal time thank you

for watching