Cuba Day 2 - Money, CUC and CUP

say what true love is is being a buffer

so your wife doesn't get hit by two and

a half ton Cadillac


all right today's mission is getting

some money exchanged yes we are really

in trouble when we got into Mexico

you're going to see the flooding cream

that their airport we lost about 150

bucks I'll be on the exchange total

rookie error now the athlete who rolled

in bright-eyed bushy-tailed me they go

oh my money you so we're trying really

hard you just get a little bit done

yesterday at the airport and then we're

going to try to get a little bit more

today in Havana

plus they have two different currencies

here the cook cook and the CEP is

strange it's honestly I try to explain

us Darin about 17 times this is the face

that he does

it's not that hard I think users


going to a big big hotel after dude

where's Esther was in English in English

and he's dead around the corner here so

we're gonna go we need what

we got pesos Mexican papers so we've got

turned away from good liquor and being

told to go to a bank spend to the right

a little while

okay that line of a looks pretty

munchies we're going to whip over here

and try to pick on ya see how we go yeah

that looks like a technique wait a

minute I have a feeling just wanted to

be away it could just be a theme now the

two lol that was a drowsy but they do

have a half now on the break in the

middle so we waited for the troll 32:1 a

person's life hang on we need to panco

there's a bunch of dude like really them

dealing with euros and us piracy no

taking life the tourists until I say one

on and I had like we've denominations

for like because it looks so adorable

and fun looks are depleted waited we

waited two hours and a lot come forbids

and then we just gonna have a quick

little rest open about you know damn

good and I mean it looks like blue yes

pickle arrest the man we have a mission



all right so we pretty much pretty much

nailed our cats particular we walked

around went like three different places

and that's what you do here unless you

want to pay like five hundred dollars

and nine four agency hotel sort of thing

yeah we walk pretty much walking to like

different people power up the stairs and

like this

hello yeah like our then we pretty much

played a game of charades where we're

like pointing stuff with my Spanish

garbage right we are so anyway we're

going to move in there tomorrow

right now we're starving so we come got

this $2.00 to cook fifty let me clear

that in managing dust just think winter

probably England uh cincuenta again

pretty good look at it so much I'm on

look at this run around sure is

focusing because being a little plantain

we like fried banana chips amazing

amazing I saw one in my mouth so far

Cuba it's a little bit of hard work not

going to line but it's growing on me I'm

not going to be like I've seen it every

being I'm like I love it here

oh it's great amazing I think that it's

growing on it a little bit a little bit

over the next couple nights already

booked the counter another cheap food

sandwiches a little bit outside the

touristy bit kind of on that border kind

of gray area yeah we're moving tomorrow