When to Exchange Money for Your Trip Abroad

can their fellow travelers mark here

with Walters room today we're in

Kilkenny Ireland answering some of your

questions and Lyn wrote us and Lyn says

or asks what do you recommend on getting

local cash we don't bother until we get

to the airport in another country am i

taking on risk and Lyn is lame I've had

this question quite a few times because

people want to know is should I get the

money before I go or or when I get there

or what should I do

look when you travel most of times

you're gonna get the best exchange rate

once you get there because getting money

before you go from your local bank most

of time you're getting a really bad

exchange rate okay so what we always do

is we get money off of our from our ATM

card our bank card from our local bank

when we get to that country whether it's

at the airport or the first ATM we see

at a bank we go and get our money that

way because we tend to get our best

exchange rate from our local bank debit

card versus going to an exchange house

or something like that because those

exchange houses you're never gonna win

they always win that's why I say on

average your best bet is take money out

with that ATM card from your home bank

now sometimes people think well I

wouldn't have some cash when I get there

just in case and that's totally fine you

can you know go to your local bank and

see if they can get you euros or or

whatever but it's not always a

possibility so what you need to do is

make sure you call your local bank and

your credit card companies and let them

know you're gonna travel so you can get

money out when you do go and make sure

you have that pin number okay because it

does make a difference and another thing

I do is I usually keep some cash with me

just in case for a u.s. dollars or euros

I always have those with me wherever I

go just in case I need to exchange some

money as an emergency kind of thing but

usually I don't exchange any money I

just use my ATM card and do that so then

and all of other travelling friends that

have asked that question I hope this

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