Australia Travel - Currency Exchange


so you're thinking about coming to

Australia the first thing I do is when

it comes to money is just bring with you

$200 in the strain currency I'll just

change that before you leave home

because changing money at the airport

is expensive you'll need 200 about $200

to get yourself around be able to grab

something to use the public transport

which is it's going to be handy to have

just don't change it at the airport or

faculty you get really horrible rights

here and you you really gonna lose out

you're gonna need a card with the chip

in it so if your car doesn't have a chip

in it you're gonna find it a bit

problematic if we still do have a CMS

with cash machines that have maestro and

cirrus but I definitely suggest if you

if possible up take your card to a card

with the chip even when you're looking

to changing money go to the banks they

give the best rates and there's always

about four or five next to each other

they're in shopping centers and suburbs

you'll never find it hard to find a bank

but our banks are ready open Monday to

Friday so you're gonna have to make sure

if you're coming in on a weekend you

might have to use money exchange and a


the shopping center you always find

places to change money traveler's checks

aren't widely used he they are accepted

mainly at the banks some exchange places

will take them but they really just

don't want they accept it you can't just

go and sign them over to whoever you

want credit cards and debit cards the

best I'm not sure about the place that

you're going to be paying but it's only

$2 to make a withdrawal out of any ATM

machine or cash machine in Australia so

you just have to look at whether what

your country charges you for that

foreign transaction but I definitely

just stick with cards where possible

because it's just so much easier you're

going to have less problems and like I

said just chase funny banks and you

won't have a problem