Wera Minute #7 Money in Mexico To exchange or not exchange and much more!

all right hey guys it's Trisha from my

Trish advisor and today I want to talk

to you guys about money I get a lot of

questions about money exchanging money

where to exchange it if we should

exchange it and some of these questions

quite honestly a little bit bother me

first off in the state's not some rude

but a lot of people if a Mexican comes

to the United States they expect them to

speak English and spend in dollars but

then people from the states come to

Mexico in my opinion expects Mexicans to

speak English and take their dollars so

the reason I'm kind of going over this

is I feel like a lot of people are

unsure about money I'm sure about the

exchange they're not sure where to go

and they honestly don't really feel

comfortable having a different type of

money in their hands so first off where

to exchange first off should you

exchange yes absolutely

you're in a different country spend

their money look at their money I'm

gonna show you here in a second but look

how pretty it is take the dollar out of


so it's colorful it's different sizes

and it has a lot of history on it where

to exchange and on me like I said feel

it it feels different it's different

colors I mean it's nice when you look in

your bag you can see if it's green it's

200 if it's pink well two types of pink

but you don't really see the thousand

peso if it's pink it's probably the 50

peso in my case so anywhere to exchange

so I I exchange usually Casa de cambio

which is the house of change you can do

it before you come or in the airport but

they usually charge you in the casa de

cambio about a peso to two pesos per

dollar so for example today I think the

exchange is right around nineteen point

five or twenty in the Casa de cambio

you'll get it for about eighteen or

seventeen well probably eighteen point

right now so that means 18 pesos to the

dollar for easy explanation one dollar

equals about 20 pesos so 20 pesos to 200

that would about be ten dollars more or

less but just to kind of give you that

idea so that's the first couple of

things now I want to talk to you little

specifically more about the money so

I'll show you here all right so here is

most of the money laid out so there's a

lot of history on this these bills I'm

just gonna kind of give you some basic

information okay so first off on the 20

his name is Benito Juarez see him right

there and on the back okay

the 50 Jose Maria Morelos and what I

love is look at that you can see right

through this is actually my favorite

bill because of the butterfly okay guys

I'm gonna mutilate this name okay

that is well cotton cotton cotton and

each one has a quote - okay thank you so


okay so eNOS de la Cruz again kin en

tous 500 everybody knows this woman

Frida Kahlo and her lover Diego Rivera

again another course which is actually

one of my favorites and last Miguel

Hidalgo now this is the male pesos the

thousand pesos this is about $50 more or

less and this is very rare to find in

fact I had to put a post up to find one

I used to collect these but then I ran

out of money so I needed to spend them

alright so that's kind of the overview

of the bills and then we have some of

the coins here so this is the ten peso

so it's gold on the outside and silver

in the middle you can see the nice

emblem sorry I have the greatest camera

then five pesos so this is about a

quarter okay two pesos listen to the

birds aren't they pretty

there's one that says Richard I can't

I'm gonna record it one day and this one

is what is this one a one peso and

there's cincuenta centavos which is 50

cents 50 cents of it and there's even he

said the PS and that was which is 10

cents it's even a little bit smaller

now I just wanted to show you the size

so yeah so you can see 20 to 50 to 200

to go down 500 and then the dollar is

almost I think exactly the same size as

a thousand pay so that's a little bit of

an overview about the Mexican money in

the exchange so really my my biggest

advice to you is exchange the money see

it feel it get used to it

train yourself when you're on vacation

to spend the money no matter where

you're at each each place has a lot of

history on their bills so I didn't go

through all the history I think this

video is already gonna be five minutes

long so see you guys soon and hey follow

along I've been working on some new

things I'm gonna do some new videos

coming up and I've taking some

professional pictures and I'm really

excited to share with you guys so stay

tuned and we'll see you soon okay that's

a wait a minute

like five minutes I guess hmm hi guys