Chiang Mai - Where To Get The Best International Money Exchange Services

so I could discount if I if I exchanged

money and massage to give this girl know

but this one is another super

money exchange I'm not sure if the same

company as the other one there are

hundreds of places to do your currency

exchange in Chiang Mai which one will

give you the best money exchange where

you get the best money exchange rate at

the airport when you land or should you

exchange your money inside the shopping

malls maybe on Nieman Road or perhaps at

the old city the night Plaza or near the

Papa gate where to get the best money

exchange in Chiang Mai well in this

video I must show you the exchange rates

in different money exchange providers in

the most popular areas of Chiang Mai at

the end of the video I'll tell you which

one of these money exchange provider

give you the best currency exchange in

Chiang Mai here are some of the places

I'll visit not in any particular order

all the money exchange rate in this

videos were recorded on January 15th

2018 and everything were recorded within

three hours if you are already in

Bangkok just watch this video the best

money exchange in Bangkok Airport I'll

have to link to that video in the

description so you can check out

right now I'm at the airport in Chiang

Mai International Airport and right now

it is four o'clock so

so busy by something

I'm on Nieman Road right now is around

4:30 p.m. and this is the first exchange

money exchange currency exchange

provider that's the first one as we

check it out

I see that

Street with neon light or there is in

Chinese and English let's check out this


that's that dirty

alright now I'll head over West Street

from here this one's a big one

all right they have a couple banks or

there as well as a private money

exchange providers and a few banks here

on Nieman loan and so this one of the

currency provider a bank in Niemann Road

on Nieman Road there are a handful of

money exchanger it's just like three

branches three four banks here and

there's maybe three or four private

money exchange provider here on Neiman

road all right so this Miami


there is money exchange provider right

here if you come here there is a very

good restaurant right here the white

cluster you omit this call mr. Tony it's

right there at the top Hecate so that's

the iconic pop agate in Chiang Mai

and I'm gonna walk down here I saw some

money exchange provider down here so

let's check it out

okay so it's been about hour 30 minutes

since I left the airport so right now is

five around 5:30 p.m. and you see the

neon light at the front there exchange

money exchange for provider okay so this

the first one I see their exchange rate

okay so this the second one on this road

I think it's the same company as the

last one

you have for money exchange providers

here around the back gate area by the

way I'll have the map at the end of this

video so don't worry I'll show you out

the location of the places I visit at

the end of the video so you can grab the

map and addresses thing I have one last

spot to go which is a person Lloyd

Wright Cole why Cole Road it's about

like ten minutes from here

and that would be my last or second last

one not sure all right so I'm here at

lie that's a lie quad Road

all right so that's the first one check

out this one so great

okay so just super rich in Chennai I

think that's the best place but let's

see guys blocking a view

but this one is another super

money exchange I'm not sure if the same

company as the other one

so you have to go in okay I'm not gonna

go in there

you can get massage and exchange in one

yes I saw him back to the spot where you

have Burger King

all right over there so you got breaking

on outside the road got McDonald right

there and Starbucks there is a money

exchange provider right next to McDonald

I'll check that out first

okay so this one across to you from here

let's check it out

just right it's right inside a massage


where is this place called

let's show this one

okay casually see her

watch your step okay so the next one is

cus C corn tie okay so this one is a

class street from the last one see the

rate let's see their exchange rate

and this one



I saw a couple of money extremists

provided her

if you keep on going straight to the

left there's a thai-style food court one

of my favorite restaurant in Chennai

it's located here follow the neon lights

it's right here how much is this

yes Donna


so I can discount if I if I exchanged

money and massage to get this out no