Best Money Exchange Rates at the Mexico City Airport

have you ever arrived at a foreign

Airport in the different country you

need to exchange money but you're not

sure where to go to get the best

exchange rate in this video I'm going to

give you some tips on micro and risk and

I'm here at the Mexico City Airport



okay so you just arrived at your

destination at another country at the

International Airport there and now

you've gone through customs you've gone

through immigrations you've gotten into

the main terminal area you need to

exchange your currency for the local

currency where do you go where do you

get the best rates well here at the

Mexico City Airport I'm going to give

you some tips that applies here and may

apply to other airports around the world

as you notice right behind me there are

exchange places and so we're going to go

over there and take a look at the rates

and then we're going to walk around the

airport here and see where the rates are

the best okay so as we see here compra

means by then that in Spanish is sell

and so you're buying Mexican pesos with

your foreign currency here for the US

dollar seventeen point three Canadian

twenty three point nine

let's walk over here

it's not much better it's about the same

this one's about the same okay let's

check over here

this is the same 1730

a little bit better


here they have two different prices it

says 1730 and yet over there it says

1734 huh

so these are all about the same 17:34

1734 now what we're going to do is we're

walking a little bit further from where

you come out of customs and immigration

and look at this just a little bit

further we get a slightly better rate

1750 okay let's keep that in mind now

let's go upstairs

oh here's some more over here let's

first go over on this side

you're getting a little bit further away

from where you come out and look at this

it jumps to 1775 that's not bad


now let's go upstairs

I see a shop over here Casa de cambio

exchange place and again at 1775

but as we travel a little bit further

down here

now on the second floor in terminal 2 we

went from 1730

to 1780 so the further away you go it

seems to better the price you you can

get for your exchange rate now what

we're gonna do

is we're going to go to the main

terminal this is Terminal two this is a

newer terminal we're gonna go to the

older terminal which is for national

travel so within the country of Mexico

as compared to here a lot of it is

international although there's some

international over there as well but

let's go over to that side and see what

they have and check that out

we got to get out my documents I've got

to take a tram to get there



let's see what exchange rates would be


alright now I'm in the National section

of the airport

one and there's some exchange places

just up ahead

let's check out our best bet so far that

we saw in terminal 2 was 1780 now we

come over here and when we first got out

of the immigration as you recall it was

what 1730 here's the first one

look at that 1801

18:15 it's getting better

okay now it's varying 1810


Wow this goes down to 1790 poof

this one is 1830

of course if you're on vacation and you

got the money you've saved it up and

you're going hey we're just talking

about a few bucks here a few bucks there

then go ahead you know just pick the

first one and get an exchange right but

if you're adventurous if you want to

really get the best for your value then

I would suggest looking around whether

it's uh Mexico City Airport or whatever

International foreign Airport that you

are flying into okay here's eighteen

thirteen seventeen ninety five so you

get the idea

interestingly as you get closer just

down there is where you can pick up your

taxis and your private cars and and the

exchange places as you get closer people

probably thinking oh my gosh I got

exchange money and so they see an

exchange place to come over here how the

deals give worse look at this this is

the same as in Terminal one



I don't know okay here's one more and

we're back down to 1730 because like I

said we're getting close to where you

pick up your taxis okay so I'm gonna

head back cuz I got exchanged some money

and get to one of those that had a

better deal oh I'm gonna go upstairs


and just check sometimes I've seen in

the past cuz I've been to this Airport a

zillion times sometimes you can get a

good deal on the second floor I don't

know why but it's near the food court

you think it'd be less but let's go

check it out gotta go up these stairs

that's the foodcourt in the distance on

the second floor in Terminal one here at

the Mexico City Airport and then over

here check these prices 18 not bad oh it

goes down




again 18 was just pretty good now what

we're gonna do is we're gonna walk down

to where you check in for many of the

flights of the different airlines

traveling internationally this is on the

second floor

here we go down this ramp we

all right these are pretty good


eighteen five

18 for US dollars

all right I'm looking ahead and it looks

like they're right around 18 up here uh

here's 1810

is that it I think that's it so this is

on the second floor

at the next Co City Airport

well I hope this helped just to get an

idea of what to look for when you get to

the international airports around the

world is you can do your due diligence

check out the prices might not all be

the same for exchanging your currency or

the local currency I'll see you in


hasta luego