Nashville International Airport (BNA) - Guide for Arriving Passengers to Nashville, Tennessee

This is Hipfig's Travel Guide on Nashville International Airport with the

airport code BNA. Why should you visit Nashville? Awesome music scene, delicious

food, home brews of every kind, and southern hospitality. In this Nashville

International Airport Travel Guide for arriving passengers, we will cover arrivals

arrivals at this Nashville Airport, information about Nashville Airport,

ground transportation information, and travel tips for the first time visitors

arriving at Nashville International Airport. Did you know that Nashville's

connection to fiddles and buck dancing goes back as early as 1700s? In fact

Nashville's frontiersman and congressman Davy Crockett was known for his fiddle

playing. Nashville has grown over the years as the Center for country music

and has the nickname The Music City. Welcome to Hipfig's travelguides. Hipfig

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Asia, US, and Canada. This is the Nashville International Airport Travel Guide for

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Nashville International Airport with the code BNA also known as Music City

Airport is the major commercial airport serving the Nashville area. The airport

code BNA stands for the former name of the airport berry field Nashville. The

Nashvillel International Airport has one commercial terminal called the Robert C H

Mathews jr. terminal also referred to as the main terminal. This BNA main

commercial terminal has three concourses A, B, C currently with 42 gates. There will

be another concourse D anticipated to open in 2020 with six new gates

concourses A and B are connected to the main terminal on the north side and

share the north security checkpoint and concourses C and D are connect to the

main terminal at the south side security checkpoint. There are three (levels) floors

with ground transportation on the first floor, baggage claim on the second floor

and ticketing passenger drop-off and concourse access on the third level. Most

international flights arrive in concourse A. If you're an international

passenger and Nashville is your final destination follow the signs for

passport control and clear immigration, claim your luggage at baggage claim, and

clear customs. Domestic arrival passengers should follow the signs

directly to baggage claim. We flew from Seattle and when we arrived we

disembarked our Alaska Airlines plane. We waved goodbye to the friendly air hostess

and continued through the bridge way to the gate. We disembarked on level three

of concourse B. Once inside concourse B we use this facilities which were near

to our gate. We followed the signs for baggage claim and ground transportation

much of concourse B looked new and renovated with many stores and


signs at Nashville International Airport are in English, Spanish, and Chinese. It

was about a 10-minute walk from the main terminal from our gate. As we walked down

the corridor to baggage claim, we walked past many local food and retail stores

favorites like Tennessee whiskey house

as we walked towards the main terminal just before the exit , there was a rotunda

with a food court which was closed as it was past 10:00 when we arrived

if you are connecting to another flight there are monitors located every few

feet in this Airport. For your information there's also a lactation

room in this area. It's located behind Noshville at the food court for nursing

mothers and there's a baby changing station there as well. Free Wi-Fi is

available throughout the airport. Further down there is the north security

checkpoint and we exited there to the main terminal

at the main terminal we continued to follow the signs for baggage claim and

took the escalators down one level to baggage claim. As of 2019 BNA is

undergoing a major expansion and infrastructure upgrades and as you can

see in this video. Baggage claim area was under renovation

at the time of our visit

even with the construction, from this point you really feel the energy of

Music City. Advertisements for concerts the old Opry and the Museums of famous

country music stars were posted all over the place in baggage claim

there are even rotating Gibson electric guitars rotating around in glass cases

by the way Gibson electric guitar start around $1500

Did you know Nashville International Airport offers free year-round live

musical entertainment at the airport check on their website for more


in the baggage claim area baggage carts are available for rent using cash or

credit card at the machines. By the way if you're in need of foreign currency

exchange then it's available on the third floor at Wright travel it's open

from Monday to Friday 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00

p.m. and Sunday 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. You can also call 615-275-2660

615-275-2660 for more information. There are also ATMs located

throughout the airport. The machines can take most types of cards including Cyrus

money and most Visa and MasterCard

once we picked up our luggage from the luggage belt we started heading towards

ground transportation on the second level

baggage claim floor. There are doors which lead you to the ground

transportation for private car pickups and airport parking shuttles. Signs are

clearly marked on the exit doors

back in the terminal there are signs for ground transportation on the first level

ground floor. All ground transportation is available on the first floor of this

Nashville Airport which includes taxi, ride app pickups, hotel shuttles, buses

and rental cars. We were renting a car so we took the escalator down to the ground

floor aka the first floor of this main terminal. The car rental ticket counters

are located at the bottom of the escalators but the cars are located in

another building. Keep walking out of this main terminal building and make a

right for ground transportation or left to the rental car garage. Signs are

clearly marked. Nashville International Airport offers many options for

transportation. Most ground transportation pickups are located at

the new terminal garage on level 1 aka the ground floor. After exiting the main

terminal make a right, it's a bit of a walk

follow the sidewalk with the pedestrian canopy to the terminal garage

keep following the ground transportation sign

you can't miss the building at night it's very brightly lit with electric

blue which symbolizes Nashville as the Music City. This new state-of-the-art

terminal garage offers five levels of covered garage parking and ground

transportation in the parking garage. On levels 2 & 3 you'll find the EV

charging stations, on level 2 the tire inflation system, and custom art

installations at level 1 next to the information office. Once you reach the

parking elevators you'll be in the terminal garage level 1 which is

dedicated to ground transportation. Ride app pickups for lyft and uber and limos

pick up curbside at section a; and taxis and commercial and hotel shuttles and

buses pick up at section B of the terminal garage. The first pickup area we

encountered was for uber and lyft which is the first time we ever saw them have

priority in any Airport. It's probably a reflection of times changing. the next

section is for taxis, just line up in the queue for the next available taxi

the next pickup area was for prearranged shuttles and hotel shuttles further down

there is a bus pickup area. WeGo public transit is available to downtown

Nashville. A route schedule is posted near the pickup area. WeGo public buses

depart Nashville International Airport to downtown Nashville weekdays about

every hour starting at 5:45 a.m. The fee (fare) for each way is $2.00 currently in 2019

look for the front and side signs of the bus which clearly read 18 airport, 18 Elm

Hill, or 18 Airport Express. For more information call 615-862-5950

615-862-5950 or check with a customer service booth which is open

from 6:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.. We had a rental car so after picking up our car

keys we exited the BNA main terminal on the ground level and made a left

we follow the sidewalk with the pedestrian canopy to the Car Rental

garage which is in another building. It's about a five minute walk and we noticed

that there is a lot of construction going on in this area. Keep following the

signs to this nashville airport rental-car garage

once we got to the airport rental car garage we saw that there are elevators

and escalators to the parked rental cars. At Nashville Airport this is a large 1.2

million square foot building. There currently houses nine rental car brands

we took the escalators up, found our rental car and wwer ready to go and

explore this great fun city Nashville. International Airport is a modern

airport ready to welcome new visitors to Nashville. Happy Travels! Go to for more information or go to our hipfig travel channel on YouTube and

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