i said you hundred euros only once

probably you're not hearing properly

one euro is 19 swiss cones

oh that's two less right one of the

biggest scam

in paragraph is money exchange so today

i'm gonna

show you how this cam will be there so


present rate is twenty six point six

four check or an ass for one euros

so for one euros you will be getting

twenty six point

six four coronas so you as you can see

there's one exchange place over here

there's one over there so if you see on

the boats everywhere you'll be seeing

that 26.64 is what they are offering but

there's a lot of commissions hidden

hidden commission inside there but

they're gonna state that zero percent


so come let's check out what is the

exchange rate

that they're going to offer us

hello what is the 400 english how much

we get

one euro is 26.45

so it's 26.45

i sent you 100 euros only once probably

you're not hearing properly

currently 6 35 so so zero percent

commission right

and today's price you state here is



then you have commission here right

okay so you're gonna give 23.65

what is this zero zero percent

commission right it's only four thousand

seven hundred euros

okay who elections thousand seven

hundred euros

so basically this place which you saw

for 100 euros he's gonna give me 2

300 check cross that is like i will be

if i exchange 100 euros i'll be losing

12 euros in commission

so i'll be just giving 88 euros whatever

that i pay for

so for 100 euros i'll be paying 12 years

commission so if i want to get the

exact exchange rate what they mentioned

then i need to exchange the money for

1700 euros

what do i do for a shopping for three

days vacation four thousand seven

hundred euros in parallel

hello uh only exchange for 100 euros

yeah how much is it

is 19 swiss cones oh

let's do less right

idea online it says 26.59

the places below before me they sent me


so you're gonna be gonna give me

thousand nine hundred for 100 euros

thousand nine hundreds check clones for

100 euros

1 900. so this one is western union

and the funny thing is for me here 400


they gotta give me 1900 check crowns

that is like for one euro

they're gonna give me 19 check crowns

that's like

i can't even convert it and say how much

it is like i'm probably i'm losing

40 of my money


uh no commission right doesn't mean

so when you visit there are many

exchange places so be very careful

some exchange places tell you zero

percent commission like this one

and they give you 23 check crowns and

some of them will even give you 19


but the present rate is 26 check crowns

so one or two cents or even 10 cents is


but three or four check runs less will

be a huge gap

so be very careful while you exchange

your money

thank you