Money Exchange in Pune

figured I'd make a video on exchanging

money I got this card from a guy while I

was waiting in line at one of the

grocery stores and he told me some of

his exchange rates and they seemed

pretty good so I already had my money at

the time so I wasn't really worried

about but I kept my I kept the card he

gave me because doctor but Pat did

exchanging currency for me as well so

you can take a look at his I swung over

here it's two days before I leave so I

could easily use a little bit more money

I'm running a little bit short so I'm

gonna grab oh all right no no no no all

right come on

no no no no there's locations where this

is common no no no guys come on come on

come on come on come on no no no no no

no anyway I'm on boned garden Road B und

Garden Road and there's a mall here

these guys are gonna follow me for a

while I think say hi say hi hi no just

food but there's a if you walk up the

side of this strip mall kind of do

there's a couple floors of it but the

same card I showed you are our SB for us

they'll exchange money for you so should

I just walk through how to get here when

you're new here everything's kind of I

mean you're lost with everything because

nothing's familiar so you'll find

there's certain kids like out there at

that v-shape of the intersection there's

a lot of almost people that sleep on the

corner there and the kids are there

there all day all night they're not

terrible but they'll buggy a little bit

push the money I have some other videos

why you shouldn't give it to them

because you kind of make you situation

worse well you come up the flight of

stairs over to his office and I already

did this I'm doing a kind of another

walkthrough right afterwards they're

closed on Sundays I know that I've

already came here and they were close

once but it's right here you just go in

there's a table on the left the guy in

the back there yes hi doing a video he

will actually exchange the money for you

and it's really simple it takes a couple

minutes I'll take a picture of my

receipt so you can see how much $200

u.s. got me 12,500 rupees so you can do

the conversion at your own rate or

whatever the case is but I'll put a

picture of the receipt up so you can

actually see what it is and have your

own numbers

but I think that's about it

this place is relatively close to

Corrigan Park that's like a 10-minute

car ride or about a 45-minute walk maybe

a half-hour to 45 minutes depending on

where you're at I rented an apartment

right over here by mistake

I thought it was a hotel and I got there

I was some confusion because there's no

lobby or front desk or anything you just

it's one whole floor of the building and

they have like five or six different

apartments where everybody shares the

living room and kitchen and whatnot but

you get your own bathroom in your own

room so it wasn't bad by any means it's

just really confusing when I when I cook

this I think you he was always the

landlord guy who stayed there was always

offering to make breakfast lunch and

dinner too but he didn't speak very much

English so if any English at all so I I

just got my own food and whatnot so I'm

spotted again that's the famous spot

so I'm gonna go grab something to eat on

the other side of the building they have

really good pizzas like little personal

pan pizzas and they're like 100 rupees

which is like a buck fifty two bucks or


they're drinks like fruit drinks whether

it's pineapple or mango or shakes and

stuff like that they're like this guy's

got them right here for like 25 rupees

that you can I usually drink like two or

three of them so they got chai tea they

got all kinds of stuff so that's about

it for the video though I'm gonna grab a

drink and I'll put up pictures of my

receipt and whatnot so that's about it