Become a Millionaire Overnight? Currency Investing? (Watch the End)


really quick video today about becoming

a millionaire investing in currency and

no tricks I'm going to show you how you

can literally become a millionaire

overnight now last week we had somebody

asking about currency investing and I

assume this was Forex or some other

similar type of currency play but they

were actually asking about a company

that was selling specialty currency so

literally cash money you buy it through

the mail it sent to you in a big box and

specifically in this case it was money

from Iraq and Vietnam so as the story

goes these countries have currency that

is highly undervalued and because their

infrastructure and their economies are

improving their money supposedly is

destined to gain in value

now as the US economy might start to

struggle the US dollar in turn might

start to drop in value and this box of

money that you have becomes worth a

whole lot more now obviously as the

company is selling you this money at a

premium they're motivated to give you

the best-case scenario now some

suggestions were that eventually these

currencies are going to be on par with

the US dollar making you extremely rich

so this is a brick of Vietnamese 1000

dong notes so it's 1 million dong and

those of you who are in the cartels know

that a single strap of currency you can

see there's ten straps in here is a

hundred notes and a brick is ten straps

and that stands the same for any

currency and your total brick value is

going to vary depending on the

individual size of the banknote so if

you've got a brick of US hundred dollar

bills you are doing okay so these notes

they're one thousand dong hundred notes

per strap ten straps making this 1

million Vietnamese dog a 1 million

dollar dong brick now if you have one of

these you can buy these anywhere you are

literally a millionaire at least a

millionaire in Vietnam now in the USA

the value is about a

dollars and I paid a little bit more for

the brick than market value because it's

an uncirculated brick it's completely

sealed but you can buy individual large

denomination notes for about as low as

$60 per 1 million Vietnamese dong now

some companies are also suggesting is

suggesting that in addition to the dong

the Iraqi dinar may at some point in

time revalue their currency which is

going to make anyone who is holding

these Iraqi dinars wealthy overnight and

these companies they use the same old

tactics one company founder Joseph

Joshua J Hanson told investors that he

was best friends with the president of

the IMF had a special contract with the

DoD and had a bank account with four

billion dollars in it now he was

arrested in 2016 made to return about

two million dollars to investors but

what I wonder is how do you raise two

million dollars from people when a

single Google search yields dozens of

warnings against this hard currency

scheme that continues to resurface year

after year after year so I just want

people to know if you've been told about

this hard currency scheme of how

sometimes there's this loophole or angle

where you can buy these currencies and

become wealthy overnight and it's

generally unsophisticated investors that

are gravitating towards it just give it

a second thought don't buy a ton of this

stuff thinking you're gonna become a

millionaire now is it fun to give these

as a gift sure is it fun to have this

sitting on your desk maybe

is it fun to finally call yourself a

millionaire without lying possibly but

the chance that the Vietnamese dog or

the Iraqi dinar ever goes anywhere near

the US dollar is highly unlikely in fact

despite the Vietnamese economy

continually of improving over the last

few years the currency has dropped even

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