Rome - How to withdraw money in Italy (Day 3.5) - vlog

don't ever you're traveling obviously

you need money there's a lot of free

things that you can do and there's a lot

of free ways to get from point A to

point B but typically you're going to

need money barter doesn't work that well

so it's never fun when you don't have

money for a trip either you don't have

enough money to continue another leg of

your trip or you don't have enough money

to even eat it's a real bummer

it's 9:00 a.m. we're off to find another

ATM and attempts to get some more money

I spent the entire night last night one

to six different ATMs to try to get any

amount of cash and all whom wouldn't

work so I spent the entire morning

calling and they said the head there's

nothing wrong with the card and it

happens in Europe apparently anyways

gonna try to get some money otherwise

we're gonna be poor though this is not

the first time we've traveled nor is it

the first time I've had to withdraw

money from my ATM card but it is the

first time that I've called the bank

told them that I was travelling exactly

where I was traveling when I was

traveling and when I arrived in the city

I was unable to use the ATM card so I

decided to use my credit cards which I

also called an advance but those weren't

working either

just one be clear when you keep your

money with the bank you're basically

letting them borrow your money even

though they pay you interest if it's a

savings account or even if you're

getting some sort of return in order to

sign up for account at the end of the

day you're paying a bank to hold your

money so that they can do investments

with your money so it's really

frustrating when you should have access

to your money and they do just don't

give you access to your own money so we

finally been able to put all money it

took about seven hours the money out of

our account but we finally have money

having money while travelling sucks

obviously you don't want to spend

several hours trying to withdraw money

and you definitely don't want to spend

several hours arguing with a bank to

withdraw your own money but at the end

of the day if you can't get your money

your entire trip is put on hold until

you can get some money

in most amusing part is we went to like

probably about ten banks and every

single bank has crazy security you can

always have one person go through the

door at a time and seals off on both

sides plus little equal bus pretty

freakin crazy makes it really hard for

anyone to steal money obviously and the

other place that we saw with their

lockers so you have to put all your bags

and everything your your cell phones and

everything before you guys to get in

basically looks like the embassy

the security in Italy for banks is just

mind-blowing I've been to banks in a lot

of places in Asia what would be

considered dangerous areas in the US and

I've never seen the level of security

that they have at Italian banks I'm not

sure if it's because they get robbed all

the time or if it's just because they

enjoy having a lot of security