the San Antonio Police Department and

councilman Mike Gallagher are partnering

to bring you the SAPD safe exchange zone

program nationwide there have been

several cases of online transactions

between two private parties turning into

violent and even deadly encounters you

really just need to look up the keywords

online transaction crime to see and read

the disturbing stories as part of an

ongoing effort to prevent crime and help

our citizens feel safe the SAPD is

offering our public parking lots at each

of our six patrol substations as a

suggested location for these

transactions the offering of police

parking lots for these transactions has

already successfully occurred in other

parts of the country while our Lots are

public we will have marked areas with

distinctive signs where the activity is

most likely to be covered by our video

surveillance as an additional level of

safety our 24-hour man lobbies are open

for those who wish to conduct a

transaction there we suggest that

residents consider this a safer option

when arranging a location to conduct a

legal private transaction whether

arranged online or by other means be

advised that all transactions must be in

compliance with all local state and

federal laws our Police Department is

always willing to open our parking lots

and our doors to our citizens especially

in the interest of Public Safety and

personal security we're constantly

looking for ways to encourage our

community to feel safe welcome and

secure safe exchange zones do just that

to find the safe zone nearest you please

make note of the locations of our 6

substations North patrol at 13 030 jones

maltsberger Prue road at 50 20 Prue road

central Patrol 5 15 South frio West

Patrol 7,000 Culebra East Patrol 36-35

east houston and south patrol at 7-11

West Mayfield in addition to our safe

zones we ask that you keep these simple

safety tips in mind when you conduct

online exchanges they apply whether

you're on our property or not as you can

never be too safe insist that you meet

at a public place such as one of the

SAPD safe exchange zones at every

substation don't go to meet anyone alone

trust your instincts

do not meet in a secluded area don't

invite strangers into your home and do

not go to theirs be cautious when buying

or selling high value items perform the

transaction during daylight hours when

at all possible and if a deal sounds too

good to be true it most likely is tell a

friend or family member about your

intentions and where you'll be and take

your cell phone with you if you keep

these few simple tips in mind and use

our safe exchange zones you increase

your chances of assuring your safety

during an online transaction thanks so

much for watching this episode of s apds

did you know