DO NOT Exchange Your Money In Italy | Venice VLOG


this is


hey guys good morning everyone with a

mess tray Italy and we are going to

Venice right now mystery the place where

most people like budget travelers like

us would stay the night because that

nice is Reisman seems to stage and we're

gonna check out Venice tomorrow and

today okay oh it's green so we decided

to wait for a bus from here from Main

Street to Venice is about 12 minutes bus

right so it's not very far away and you

can save a lot of money doing this all

you need to do is just wait for bus

number two from history and you can take

you all the way to Venice

thank you

so guys we are already here in Venice

unfortunately the weather today is

really great look at that so foggy so

foggy so sad but I think it would not

diminish the beauty of the city too much

yeah hopefully in Dolomites the weather

would be much better yeah I will mean

purposely to see Dolomites and not

Venice Venice is just a short stopover

to be honest anyway this is


this is possibly one of our most

unprepared vela because we didn't really

expect to see much of Venice in this

trip our main purpose here is to see

Dolomites but one thing I can tell you

is that the architecture here is so

unique everywhere you see is like a

mural that's waiting for you to take so

I'm worried that I ran out of SD card

memory because then every Ally is so

beautiful and so magical and imagine if

the weather is perfect it would have

been even more beautiful than this and

Wow look at that guys

yeah everywhere


and you

and these right here ladies and

gentlemen is what Venice is famous for

look at this Grand Canal so huge in so

many gondolas and so many ships and all

oh my god so beautiful look at that

in case you're wondering how much it is

to get on the gondolas it's about 80 to

100 euros for the whole gondola but just

now we were talking to one of the person

that is taking care of the gondolas and

he gave us a discount of up to 60 euros

for the whole gondola because there was

only two of us so yeah 60 year-old be

the lowest price you can get for us

that's the lowest we can get so let us

know if you manage to get a cheaper

price than that let us know in a comment

Amira one negative part about Venice is

that there's a lot of tourists here even

though it's low season supposed to be

low season right now and also the canal

kind of smells it smells funky and you

can see that fungus they're not fungus

it's like seaweed probably not sure what

that is and it's the gondola


you didn't like


and we're in the last part for the day

this Piazza San Marco is possibly the

biggest Plaza in Venice

this reminds me a bit of the bazaar in

Iran so that's like a lot of shops at

little pop-up stores and the site is not

pop up it's like a proper retail store

but they sell like mostly rout souvenir

and then there's a museum at the end


listen some


you can't from here it is quite crappy

when it comes to paying for things that

you buy because most shops don't usually

accept credit card or debit card so you

need to make sure you bring a lot of

euros with you because the exchange rate

here and I in Venice is also very very

horrible one pound is 0.9 euro that's

crazy right because if you see online

exchange rate is one pound one point one

euro over here if you exchange one but

you only get 0.9 euro which is really


guys just so you know we try to exchange

money here in this money exchange they

didn't let us know that there's a nine

point nine euro service charge the

highest amount of service charge that

you can ever think of when it comes to

exchanging money we unfortunately we

sign it and then only we realize that in

the end the exchange rate that we're

getting is 0.74 instead of zero point

nine five so yeah guys be careful

because that's a service charge of nine

point nine euros per exchange I don't

know guys is this normal because we

asked around the other money changers

around Venice all of them said they

happen 19.9% service charge for all

transactions which is a lot never heard

of in UK never heard of definitely in

Malaysia in Malaysia if you have that

kind of service charge nobody will have

exchange money anymore strange that has

got to be the most expensive money

exchange we've ever done in our lives

but new society it's okay because we're

gonna try the best visa you're a Burnie

according to some people review this is

the best bhai in the whole of Italy you

see one of the best visa I've had around

the world the thick crust used to be

good so I think we're gonna try the

thick crust and not the thin crust but

we're gonna try both so let's see


can I try the cheese only we have the

thick crust okay yeah let me try the



hardest across is extremely good why is

good is because is crispy you can hear

the sound crispy outside and soft on the


amazing look at the cross the Pisa just

know was so good it helps us to forget

and I am money changing experience so

yeah everything's good again


you remember battery from the

Netherlands video and Amsterdam video

click here if you forgot I hope you

didn't forget about Nina and just now we

have already eaten pizza but we're gonna

eat the second dinner so because there's

always first in a second


guys be careful with this squid ink

inspector T do not order this especially

if you're going for a date because that

will be the end of the day let me show

you why


show your teeth okay guys and with that

is the end of the video already thank

you for watching all the way to the end

of this really long video I hope you

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