How EXPENSIVE is ZAGREB (Croatia) | Croatian Currency

hi I'm rock and I recently came back

from Croatian capital city in this video

I'll explain to you how expensive is

Zagreb when you are in Zagreb prices for

taxi food coffee and other everyday

things will cost tens and hundreds and

they can look very high you know but

don't worry they are presented in the

local currency called Croatian Kuna or

one euro

you get around 7.5 Kuna and for 1 US

dollar you get around 6.6 Kuna to better

understand prices I will first explain

Zagreb's position and its economy then

we'll look at accomodation prices next

we'll cover the costs of public

transport with some practical tips then

I will cover admission for the main

attractions next we'll check the prices

of food and coffee and at the end I'll

give Zagreb a grade based on how

expensive it is on one to ten scale


GDP per capita is placing Croatian

economy on 55th place in the world its

capitals Agra is the largest city in the


Zagreb is the center of transport hub

and its leading economic center almost

all of the most significant creation

companies media and scientific

institutions have their headquarters in

Zagreb in recent years

Zagreb is becoming a more and more

popular tourist destination in 2010

Zagreb was visited by 600,000 visitors

and by 2018 the number of visitors



Zagreb offers many accommodation options

with plenty of hotels apartments Airbnb

and budget-friendly hostels there should

be no problem finding the right housing

for you but there are two peaks when the

accommodation offer could be limited and

prices will increase the peak summer

months of July and others attract the

most visitors to Croatian coast and

since Zagreb is the central transport

hub of the country some of them also

decided to explore Zagreb the second

peak comes around New Year when Zagreb

is hosting one of the best Christmas

markets in Europe and a prominent

international sports event with the

world's best male and female slalom

skiers for the Ski World Cup but in

general the prices of accommodation are

affordable in the area around the

historic city centre you can find

budget-friendly hostels from 12 to 25

euros per night decent Airbnb place will

cost you around 50 euros and prices for

a four-star hotel with breakfast are

between 50 and 150 euros


from Zagreb airport to the city center

you can take a pre book transfer taxi

the airport bus or the public bus price

for a transfer of one to three persons

is about 260 Cunha's taxi is around 150

to 200 Cunha's depending on your final

destination but remember to agree upon a

price before taking the trip a ride with

the airport bus is 35 una and the public

bus is 10 kunas if you buy the ticket

from a newsstand or 15 poona's if you

buy the ticket from the driver taxi from

the train station to the city center

will cost you about 30 kunis uber is

also available in Zagreb it's easy to

recognize public transport in Zagreb

since all of it is painted blue to use

bus or tram you need to buy tickets the

best option for visitors is a paper

ticket that is usable for one ride and

you can use it for bus or tram they are

available at newsstand in the proximity

of most stations or you can buy it at

the driver but in this case the price is

a bit higher public transport is split

into different zones and each requires

the appropriate ticket there are three

tickets available the 30-minute 60

minute and 19 minutes 30 minute ticket

at newsstand is for Kunis and 6 Kunis to

the driver a 60 minute ticket is 7 Kunis

at the newsstand and 10 Kunis at the

driver enter 19-minute ticket is 10

Kunis at the newsstand and 15 Kunis at

the driver after getting on you have to

validate your ticket in the machines at

the front or the back

if you are not able to present a

verified ticket to the inspector you

will get a fine from 500 to 800 Kunis

when you're in Zagreb you should

experience the right with the world

shortest funicular the ride lasts only

64 seconds and this is the oldest mean

of public transport in town tickets are


before entering the funicular and the

ride will cost you five kunas you can

also use a mini tourist train painted

blue that can take you to the main

tourist sights the mini train is on

wheels and it starts from the main ban

yellow cheese square it runs only on

weekends and it's free of charge


when visiting zagreb sites you will

realize that most of them are free of

charge even entrance to Zagreb Cathedral

or st. mark church are free of charge

the only tickets you'll have to buy are

for lockers checked our if you want to

go to the top of the tower ticket costs

20 kunas for different museums ticket

for this quirky and super interesting

museum broker relationship was 40 kunis

if you want the best views over the

entire city of zagreb you should go on

top of this skyscraper

it offers 360 views over the entire city

it's a bar and observation deck on 16th

floor of a skyscraper on the main square

the ticket costs 60 kunas or about 8

euros the ticket is valid for an

extended period so you can return any

time you want during your visit in



you can find most restaurants in zagreb

in its Lowertown restaurants offer food

from the balkans like Shabab chichi all

sorts of seafood from adriatic sea

typical croatian food from various parts

of the country or international cuisine

you can have dinner in one of the

high-end restaurants from 300 to 700

tunas or four to seven courses menu

there is also plenty of regular places

with great traditional local food where

dinner will cost you around 200 tunas or

a tree or Smeal if you prefer local

street food dining you can find

excellent places where a meal will cost

you from 40 to 80 kunis if you want to

see more about my Zagreb restaurant

experience check my video about the best

and the worst restaurant in zagreb

coffee culture is an essential part of

socializing in zagreb some city squares

and streets are considered to be

open-air lounges a cup of coffee usually

served with a glass of tap water in a

popular place will cost you between 12

to 16 Cunha's


on the worldwide cost-of-living chart

Zagreb is ranked 230 v on my how

expensive displaces scale from 1 to 10

where 1 means crazy cheap and 10 means

crazy is expensive I would give Zagreb a

5 indicating that Croatian capital is

not expensive for visitors one of the

reasons or Zagreb to be right in the

middle of my scale is the fact that for

most of its main sites you don't need to

buy a ticket and also the city of Zagreb

offers free Wi-Fi I hope now you have

some better understanding of how not

expensive Zagreb is if you liked this

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