How to Open a Swiss Bank Account in One Day (2018)

how to open a Swiss bank account in one

day in a financially unstable world with

unpredictable government's the choice of

a public or a private bank can make the

difference between protecting your life

savings for the next generation or

losing everything you have overnight I

help clients from all over the world to

open a Swiss bank account with one of

the top Swiss private banks I will

propose you the best Swiss private bank

among 200 banks in Switzerland the bank

has to be tailor-made to your needs and

your expectation based on my personal

introduction to your future Swiss bank

your account can be activated in one day

in case of urgency computer one partners

Swiss banking we fight for

your money I meant a couple to the owner

of the boutique law firm kaput important

errs and the founder of Swiss banking

law has become the place where

successful international business people

find tips and solutions to protect their

assets do you know that 30 percent of

all global private assets are managed in

Switzerland all the owners of 30% of all

bankable cross-border

assets in the world cannot be wrong

opening a bank account with the private

Swiss bank is not the same as opening an

account in your home country you cannot

walk in any bank down the street with

your driver license and ten dollars in

your hands

Swiss private banks are very selective

in dealing with new clients which are

not introduced by somebody they trust a

minimal deposit of five hundred thousand

dollars is a must otherwise there is not

enough money to diversify your assets in

a secure and differentiated way to not

go alone in a private Swiss bank it can

be sure that the junior banker with no

experience will receive you and you are

just a number without proper

introduction if you are

well documented and well-prepared to the

questions of the banker urease to be

rejected or even worst to be blacklisted

the level of compliance within the bank

has become very high and sophisticated

if you walk alone in a bank the risk is

very big that you're rejected based on

compliance reasons in case you are lucky

and accepted you risk to be the victim

of a product potion a product Porsche is

a banker who looks for his own interests

selling as much risky product as

possible to increase his bonus there are

many such bankers who are in a serious

conflict of interest situation a

possible copy a short CV a utility bill

and some documents showing the original

funds are not sufficient anymore you

have to respond to the questions of your

banker but your answer must be limited

to the essence avoid mentioning

sensitive industries such as gambling

gaming real estate time on business

nightclubs and other critical industries

do not lie to your banker

otherwise your is to be reported for

suspicious activities the unti money

laundering laws have become very strict

cross sport the regulation of changing

every day based on the OECD automatic

exchange of information the account

opening procedure has become even more

sophisticated many clients have lost

money due to misleading advice or even

worse they have been convinced to invest

in some speculative investments or

structured products they do not

understand and they lost everything

never buy products you do not understand

buy always products you can sell in the

market on the same day P liquid always

avoid casino investments I will produce

you to senior banker which takes your

call also during the weekend or out of

office hours he will give you peace of

mind to you and to your family he will

advise you on how to invest in the right


how to diversify and how to protect your

investment in the market if the market

goes crazy my bankers have very long and

successful track records they have

already proved to invest successfully

you will learn how to use classic and

conservative Swiss asset management

strategies your assets are here to be

protected for generations in the benefit

of your children the account opening

process starts in my office I check all

your information you have disclosed to

me I checked you reputation we Google

and little check before the bank will

check you in Google and world check

tailor-made to your situation I propose

few banks and you make the final

decision I've write a memo and the chart

for the bank and I personally know

routine your bankers are always busy but

based on my introduction is no problem

to arrange a meeting after is ok you fly

to Zurich

not before we will have a successful

meeting with the senior banker because

they like to work with somebody they

know and they trust based on my support

you will have many benefits and you have

a privileged treatment the senior banker

has the competence to negotiate lower

Commission lower pricing lower minimum

balance less restrictions you will see

that your transaction are executed very

fast and hassle-free very simple your

transaction is followed and supported by

your privacy in your banker your senior

banker has the authority and the

charisma with him his own bank to defend

your interests his opinion counts in his

bank that's why you need him furthermore

I will supervise your banker in case you

have complex transaction or I will give

you a second opinion

in connection with a difficult issue

after my introduction to a top Swiss

private banker you can be sure that your

account is immediately activated and

aperitif now you are in a position to

take benefit from all the advantages

find Swiss private banking can offer if

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