How to avoid PayPal exchange fees when withdrawing money to your bank account [Hidden Trick]

hello IRA striving to get money out of

your PayPal account but you keep seeing

some conversion fees that your shouldn't

that should not happen for example for


let me show you how this happens if I

try to transfer money from my PayPal

account to my bank account so let me

transfer from my PayPal account in

dollars to my bank account which is also

in dollars and I want to transfer $100 I

will see that the bank account is

actually registered as IRA bank account

because my default currency for PayPal

is in arrows because I am in our ozone I

am living Arab but actually this account

is in dollars and paper will convert the

amount to Iris and my bank will convert

it back to dollars and because of these

double conversions I will receive way

less money than I actually said so I

found a method to get around this to fix

this you have to follow these steps

first of all you have to create a Visa

card that is in dollars so go to your

bank and ask for a Visa card that is in

dollars not just the bank account that

is in dollars but you also have to have

a Visa card that is in dollars after you

have this Visa card for me it was free

to get and has no monthly fees attached

to it so you should ask about this at

your bank if it is free also in your

case you're in luck and you should make

it so in my case it was free and I have

no monthly fees attached to this new

card I created so I created this Visa

Card added it to my PayPal account and

afterwards you have to contact

PayPal's support so when you contact

papers soup

you have to ask them to change the

default currency for your newly added

dollar card $2.00 from oils to dollars

because when you add your dollar card

your default currency for it will be

still in arrows and you have to contact

PayPal and ask them to change the

default currency from euros to dollars

and after they make this change in their

system you can retract dollars from your

dollar account in PayPal without issues

so let me show you how this works so

this is my dollar with a card and if I

retract $100 and hit continue you will

see that $100 and they only have a

transfer fee of two dollars 50 so this

is all you pay for this transaction but

keep in mind that two dollars fifty

remain for as much as $2,500 so if you

retract at most $2,500 you will keep the

two dollars 50 transaction fees so this

is a very low transaction fee if you

compare it with a double conversion that

PayPal would do usually from dollars to

euros and from arrows to dollars back in

your bank account

so the amount limit is limited

retraction amount is limited to $2,500

for Visa cards in my case I'm not sure

if this is also in your case but in my

case it is limited to $2,500 and if you

want to retract more you have to make

more separate transactions of 2,500 so

if you want to retract the $10,000 for

example you retract four times 2500

you will have four times the transaction

fee of $2 550 okay so this is or if you

want to know how to contact paper

support just google it and here it is

PayPal Help Center and if there should

be actually a contact as here contact

customer service and here you should

write to them that you want to change

the default currency form dollars to

sorry from euro euros to dollars for the

newly added card and tell them exactly

which is the card you edit they will

respond respond to you pretty fast and

they will make this change pretty fast

and you will be able to retract money

from PayPal to your newly created dollar

bank account afterwards you can retract

dollars from your bank from your visa

dollar card and retract dollars from

your bank physically so the bank will

give you physical dollars in your hand

and afterwards you have to go to an

exchange into a local exchange and

convert the dollars to your local

currency but if you can spend in dollars

you don't have to do this step

you can continue and spend in dollars

but in my case I have to convert it to

my local currency because I live in

Romania and I have run as a local

currency so I retracted the dollars from

my PayPal account and will it go to an

exchange and change the money there okay

so this is all for now don't forget to

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time stay awesome bye bye